Habs Continue To Roll


Left to right – Danno’s brother Bob, Danno’s dad Frank, me in the black vest, and Danno.

The Canadiens jumped into a 3-0 lead but only seconds after I let the “shutout” word slip out of my mouth because I was feeling confident and slightly tipsy, the Red Wings scored twice in 36 seconds, added another five minutes later, and the game was suddenly tied.

Only because I said the “s’ word.

But the Canadiens would score two more, win the game before a loud and enthusiastic crowd at the Bell Centre, and with that and the chance to spend some quality time with Danno and his dad and brother, the evening was just fantastic.

Now though, I need my bed. I’ll continue this later.

13 thoughts on “Habs Continue To Roll”

  1. Great shot!! Great nite to be at THE BELL!! The rendition of O Canada brings goosebumps, with their invatation “to join your fellow fans—“Oh yeah DON”T GET IN YEMILEN’S WAY . Waiting for new-to-me species of birds identities today.

  2. A fine hockey game to watch live!

    1) why are players attacking Emelin’s balls?

    2) stupid question, really, but I just don’t know: if Vanek plays left wing and is asked to play right, does this mean he needs to switch the way he holds his stick? That would be awkward.

  3. Glad that you got to see a Habs win, Dennis! It was one of the stranger games I have seen all season. It’s not often that your team is up 3-0, as Montreal was after two periods, and yet you feel as though the other team is in complete control of the game. At one point, the Red Wings held a 35-19 advantage in shots, meaning that the Habs had been outshot 78-42 over the preceding 5+ periods. Then, after Detroit scored those three goals in succession, Montreal woke up and played its best hockey of the game. As I said, very strange. Still, it’s two more points, and now the Canadiens are four points up on Tampa, though the Lightning still holds that game in hand……..

  4. Ah, so it’s your fault the Wings scored Dennis. I’m going to pull a Therrien and have you benched. Tsk!

    On TV it sounded wild at the BC, I can only imagine how it sounded being there. I just wish Max had gotten his 40th because if he did I think the roof would have been blown off.

  5. I saw you wave to us!

    But you did miss a bit of comedy…

    I did turn up the sound for HNiACC pre-game, intermission, and post-game segments. It’s now comical with all the Make Believes coverage. Our guys are playing for home ice and all their moaning about is Phaneuf. PJ Stork drooling about Toronto’s potential big scoring night when Byfuglien is on the ice was wonderful, too. Jets out shot that blew and white defensive juggernaut by 18!!!

    I am envious of your evening. The Habs looked wonderful, save a few minutes in the third. Keep rolling, boys, Lightning’s going get struck four times by Montreal!

  6. What a game to be at! Euphoria, slight bit of panic, then euphoria again! Looks like you guys had a great time. Is there a better fraternity than Hab’s fans?

  7. Peter, I wrote my story and forgot to add a bird. I was so carried away with the Parti Quebecois thing.

  8. He doesn’t switch, Marjo. The Rocket shot left and played the right side. Vanek shoots right and it should be his natural position, but yes, I’ve heard he prefers the left side. It doesn’t really matter. And Emelin? He plays hardnosed hockey but he has a plate in his head and it’s not wise for him to fight. I wonder what these players would do if they had a plate in their head.

  9. They have to tighten up for sure, Ian, but at least they’re scoring some goals now. It’s was a good game, strange like you say, but really entertaining and the crowd was into it. It was a blast.

  10. Hey Darth, yeah, if Max would’ve got his 40th. I remember you telling me how loud the Bell can get, and this was for sure. The people at the very top were really animated. It was just cool to be there, and cool that they won.

  11. Mike, I did wave to the camera. Did you see it or were you just saying that? I can only imagine the Make Believes coverage. And the Stork farting through his mouth. And the beat goes on.

  12. Dishonest John, it was a great night for sure. A little tense like you say, then joy reigned supreme. Really fun.

  13. It was a blast Dennis. We all agree it was the absolute best time ever.

    My head exploded with joy and I’m still gluing the pieces back together again. 😆

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