Habs Continue To Rock

The Tampa Bay Lightning have been fighting for their playoff lives, trying to catch Toronto for the final wildcard spot, and were winners of their last four games.

Then they met the Montreal Canadiens.

Unfortunately for the Lightning, they ran into a team that’s looking mighty fine these days, and for the Florida-based team, their plans of postseason action just took a major hit after Alexander Radulov bulged the twine in overtime, and the Canadiens skated away with a 2-1 win, their fourth straight.

Rock and rolling at the exact time we want them to be. My chest swells with pride.

Montreal has done serious damage to Tampa’s hopes of catching Toronto (who edged Detroit on this night), but that’s what happens when the Lightning come up against a team now firing on all cylinders, with Carey Price doing his thing and the boys as a whole looking sharp.

Like a playoff team ready to make a large dent.

It’s a fine feeling to see the team play well when it counts. They give us hope, something that was lacking when MT was behind the bench. And after last season in particular, we deserve it.

Four more games for the Canadiens, and then the real fun begins. We’ll be looking for them to shoot down postseason enemies the way scary warriors shoot down monkeys on giraffes.

Just a tight, goaltender’s duel in Tampa, with Price at one end and Andrei Vasilevskiy at the other coming up big time after time. A sensational back and forth game, with wondrous play in overtime that finally saw Max find Radu, and Lightning fans filed out of the rink, got in their cars, and drove palm tree-lined streets to get home and drown their sorrows.

At least I’m assuming that’s what they did.

Random Notes:

The game was scoreless in the first, but the middle frame saw Phillip Danault stuff it home to make it 1-0 Habs. Tampa would tie it in the third by someone named Yanni Gourde, but then Max and Radu went to work in the three-on-three overtime.

Shots on goal – Canadiens 36, Lightning 22.

The Canadiens’ final four games will be within the next week, with the boys bombing over to Sunrise on Monday to throttle the Panthers, then to Buffalo on Wednesday to embarrass the Sabres, then home on Friday to meet these same downcast Lightning, and end it all in Detroit next Saturday.

7 thoughts on “Habs Continue To Rock”

  1. That would have been a 5-1 whitewash had Vassy not stood on his head. I’m glad to see the boys playing as a unit now. Radu took one in the ribs and then potted the winner. Nice.
    I’ll be shuffling off to Buffalo to catch les Glorieux handle the Sabres on Wednesday.

  2. Hey Billy, yeah, their guy did stand on his head and that’s another plus for the Habs. They were able to win even though the guy was great. Have a great time in Buffalo. I’m kind of jealous. My closest NHL hockey is in Vancouver and it takes forever to get there (two ferries plus driving), and it’s too late to get back home on the same night. So it turns into a very expensive couple of days. But I did see a pod of dolphins yesterday so there’s that!

  3. Radulov looks like a man possessed on the ice. Always a second effort and then some. Never ever quits on the puck. When he has that ornery look in his eyes you know something special is coming. His passion, the fire in his eyes and his toothless grin after he scored the game-winning goal in overtime PLUS Carrey Price skating all the way down the ice to give Radu a big bear hug tells me the team has great chemistry now. The Habs are a well-oiled machine and peaking at exactly the right time. The playoffs are going to be a real treat.

  4. It was a great effort by everyone, and Danno, for sure about Radulov. Whata breath of fresh air for a team that needed a big change this season. I’m so ready for the playoffs. We all are. Isn’t it great when the boys are playing well.

  5. You just tweaked my memory of something.
    Radu reminds me of John Ferguson with his bullish and awkward skating. Maybe the incredible Hulk?

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