Habs Complete Home-And-Home Task

It’s too bad the Canadiens rest until next Friday. They’re hot, and we don’t want any cooling off.

4-2 Habs, marking three in row now for the team we just recently wanted to send to a Siberian work camp. The boys now find themselves on a nice little roll, having first knocked off the Flyers, and then completing a successful home-and-home against the arch rival Bruins.

But I’m not even sure why I’m saying this. You already know this stuff.

That’s good shit. Going from the depths of hell to a place where birds sing and flowers grow, all within five days or so.

Lars Eller continued to show great puck-handling skills, except for the time he put it on Nathan Horton’s stick, who gave it to Milan Lucic, who put it by Carey Price, thus ruining a very possible shutout. But regardless of this one lapse, Eller played a fine and intelligent game, and also managed to score his first goal of the season after Brian Gionta had opened the scoring for Montreal on the power play.

Travis Moen assisted on Eller’s goal, and also tangled with Boston tough guy Shawn Thornton, which is music to my ears. Once again, Moen does his job, goes up against a big boy, and shows all concerned that he means business on a daily basis. Like I said in a previous post, if Moen can add toughness, along with a few points here and there, we’ll see Montreal’s smaller, skilled guys play with much more room on the ice.

It was also nice to see Andrew Ference, the one who gave the finger to the Bell Centre fans last year, take a stupid penalty for punching PK Subban in the face, and while he paid his penance in the sinbin, David Desharnais ripped one home on the power play. Smart move, Ference. You cost your team because you’re an arsehole.

Boston caused us some slight problems when they scored with the goalie on the bench and just 55 seconds left to make it a 3-2 game, but good old Tomas Plekanec found the empty net and drove the final nail into the Bruin coffin. Kind of a Halloween reference I guess.

The comeback trail is in full swing now for the recent sad-sack Canadiens, they’ve found their legs and their heart, and forget about them not making the playoffs, they’re moving up the charts with a bullet. Now it’s that long wait until Friday when they storm into the Nation’s Capital to play the over-achieving Senators.

Nurse some wounds, ice some bruises, hold some sharp practices, and come out flying next Friday in Ottawa. Then do it again the following evening in midtown Manhattan against the Rangers. The team Sean Avery used to play for, remember?

Keep this lovely winning streak going. And what’s that? Boston’s still in the basement? Geez I feel bad about this.

Random Notes:

Shots on goal, Boaston 28, Habs 27

Jacques Martin has told the press that Andrei Markov will start practicing in a week or two.

26 thoughts on “Habs Complete Home-And-Home Task”

  1. I said after the last game that Spacek and Gorges both healthy makes a world of difference. We need our strong Defensive vets making smart, confidant plays. And they are. They look like a solid team.

    The news about Markov excites me; but I can’t but wonder who’s going to lose their spot to him. Obviously Subban, Gill, Gorges and Spacek are safe. Would Weber go back on the offense, or would we lose Diaz? I’d say keep Weber on the blue line, he’s been playing great.

  2. David, I agree. Weber’s been playing well and there’s no need to rush Diaz, even though he’s done a big job for us. It’s also too bad Emelin has sort of lost his job for now. Both who knows doen the road with injuries. The Habs are playing with more heart. It’s funny how that works. They absolutley such for most of the preseason and mst of the season, then they become a completely different team. It can’t be because Pearn was let go, but there must be a reason. Whatever it is, they’re playing better. Boston doesn’t look great, and I though Chara was a big non-factor. I also hope a five day layover doesn’t break the momentum.

  3. You’re absolutely right, Dennis. Chara just looks like a regular big man out there. HE hasn’t done anything ground breaking and isn’t the monster that most people expect him to be.

  4. I bet Boston fans were really delighted with Subban last night. I loved it. They bitch and moan about his antics but the beauty of it is the Bruins fall for it and get themselves in trouble. If I were on the team I’d buy PK a drink just to say thanks and for the laughs.

    I just wish Pacioretty had scored. The crowd would have gone nuts had he done so.

    Eller is looking great and he’ll learn from his mistake without a doubt. I just wish Gomez wouldn’t come back because that means someone may have to sit out (unless the put him on the wing but even then…). God I wish we’d send him down.

    Two other pieces of great news: Gallagher is doing great and Leblanc looked awesome in his first game in Hamilton.

    Welcome back Habs!

  5. Dennis, the Habs still remain undefeated in the post Perry-Pearn-and-pink-pads era.

    Lars Eller is becoming quite the hockey player. The way he is playing, with such skill and intensity, nobody is questioning the Halak trade anymore.

    And what about that injured centre man? What’s his name again? Scott who? I only vaguely remember him…


    Paul Leka passed wrote one of the greatest sports anthems of all time. It’s a song the fans at the Bell Centre love to belt out when the Habs defeat the visting team. Leka passed away this month after a battle with cancer.

    This one goes out to the Bruins:

  6. I told you your Habs would do it to the Bruins …..

    Don’t they look great in 15th spot and my Leafs in 2nd (cross my fingers)

    So thats the origins of that annoying na na na noise …

  7. Hey Dennis, Well I must say,that was a great way spend a Saturday afternoon,watching the Habs kick the Bruins asses.I just loved when Gionta opened the scoring up and they never looked back again.Travis Moen did what he does when he’s not putting the puck in the net.Carey Price made things look real easy.I guess the bruins can now go back to the garbage dump we all call the “basement”.

  8. Hi Phil. I think when Chara goes, his team goes, so it’s great when he’s not going. (There’s a mouthful).
    We can now see the difference with the Habs. It’s when guys like Moen step it up. It shows other teams that we’re not little pushovers. I love that we show some muscle. It helps everybody. And it’s done without taking penalties like Dan Carcillo and others like him do. Now there’s no reason whatsoever why we can’t keep this going by taking out Ottawa and the Rangers. We’re moving up like a thermometer in a turkey.

  9. Darth, it makes my day when Bruins fans are upset after their team loses to Montreal. How great is that? Their misery is our joy. Thank you Bruins fans for being miserable and allowing me to be happy. And as my way of celebrating, I think I’ll just give the finger to Andrew Ference right now.

  10. Danno, those old 70’s video are so funny. But yes, it became one of the biggest sports anthems. That Scott guy you’re wondering about. Is it Scott Young, even though he’s dead?

  11. Yes Derry, it’s a fine day when we make Bruins fans and players feel down. Except for Diane. I want her to be happy even though she likes those bastards.

  12. That was a great way to spend a Saturday. After the loss to Florida, I can’t believe we beat the flyers and bruins. The shitty part is the bruins are cup champs. They weren’t a champ team last year and they aren’t this year and that’s the part that sucks. Their D is so slow and they all have cement hands. Did you see Boychuck miss the puck at the blue line with about 20 secs left on their 5-on3? The puck was moving so slow yet it got by him at the blue line. Pathetic him and their other D have stanley cup rings.

    The scary part is Gomez will be back. And I don’t like it that Emelin is a scratch but what can they do? I love the way Weber and Diaz are playing. Imagine when Markov gets back?

    Carey? Nothing to say. Simpley Priceless.

    And what’s with Thomas coming out with 55 secs left? I guess Clod Julianne was hoping to tie the game and go into overtime.

    Too bad Marchand didn’t try his antics with Subban last night. He’s pretty brave in beantown but not so much in Montreal. I thought Subban rag-dolled him pretty good in that fight and gave him the edge even though he almost french-kissed the ice. How come I knew he would make a fool of himself before fight even started. But he recovered well.

    They deserve the break folks. I think they just saved ou season. Way to go guys.

  13. Hi Mayo. I thought PK handled himself well after almost losing his balance. PK was fine but needs to tweak his technique a little. He should do what the Rocket did. Learn to box. When Markov gets back, Diaz might see quite a bit less ice time but I’m not exactly sure how that would work. He’s been doing really well. Not overly physical but smart. I don’t speak french so I didn’t know exactly why Thomas came in for those few seconds but I think it might have been maybe a stalling tactic. And again, I’m proud of PK. It’s the first time I’ve seen him rock and roll like that.

  14. I think Gill might be the one to sit when Markov comes back but who knows. What worries me is Gomez coming back because he’s going to ruin any chemistry this team has now. DD is a much better player because he WORKS and FIGHTS for the puck. Gomez gets it, gets into the offensive zone then kind of stands there thinking “gee what do I do now?”

    Eller looks a lot better than Gomez. Picture what Eller will look like in another year or so. He’s not even near his prime yet.

    I hate having this long wait AGAIN until our next game. Damn NHL schedule.

  15. Gill is kinda scarey when he is caught near centre ice.Maybe he needs to drop 50 lbs? Please, Gomez, don’t come back and Darth’s comments about DD and Eller are bang on. Poor Gomer, he gets hurt and team starts winning. The guy can’t catch a break. He’s a loser playing or not. Maybe he needs to change sports or become a commentator. Expect JM to screw this situation up by playing him on top two lines.

  16. Mayo – Gomez will come back and immediately be put on one of the top two lines. I have no doubts about it. I wish he would be made to earn a spot. Instead he gets to coast and collect another massive paycheck. I can’t wait till his gone.

    Gill’s problem may be the fact that he’s a new pop. Probably hasn’t slept much. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt for now. Kind of pissed that Emelin is being wasted though.

  17. Less than a week ago, I was thinking we were desperately missing Hamrlik’s stability and experience. Watching him putt-putt against Vancouver reminded me why I wasn’t worried when he left.
    Is Gomez really injured? Being on IR is less embarrassing than being the #6 centre (behind White). Or maybe Hamilton doesn’t want him either?

    Dennis you’re right, the Bruins swapped goalies to stall as they had already used their timeout.

    Danno, that’s too bad about Leka, his song is a definitive anthem, especially as sung by Steam. However I think the version by the Canadian group The Nylons is a better song. And of course the best video version goes to Bananarama who still know how to sing it as 50 year olds.

  18. Hey Dennis glad to see that so many hab fans have stepped back off the ledge! I appologize if someone has already stated what I’m about to say; on the CBC telecast last night the panel was stumped over the removal of Pearn from behind the bench and they all thought it lacked class. Funny those guys talking about “class”, especially when they all wear their Boston Ts under their ties! Anyway everyting I have read about Randy L. coming down and assuming the responsibility for the defence has stated how energetic he is, how much he communicates with the players, talking with them individually during the game. Does that sound like someone we know? The team has lacked this type of leadership since we lost Captain Kirk. Martin stands back and jots notes, okay that’s his style but the team showed over the last few seasons that having someone talk to players during the game has huge benefits. The special teams play and the defence were Pearn’s responsibility and they were struggling. Maybe PG saw this and recognized that the energy guy was on the payroll and just needed to come down from the pressbox! The improved play of the special teams and the defence would seem to prove him right.

  19. I wasn’t able to watch the whole match, but I was very pleased with what I was seeing.
    Eller has been stellar and is such a well rounded player.

    But I do have to say, I’m not that pleased with Emelin. Some of your other readers seem to enjoy what he’s doing. But when I watch him play. All I see him do is make untimely mistakes, and turns over the puck quite frequently.
    He doesn’t stand out to me.
    Now Weber and Diaz are players that stand out to me. They’ve really stepped up and have done a lot considering how inexperienced they are. Emelin should be sent back to Juniors and polish up on his skills. He has the potential but he’s just not suited for the big leagues yet.

  20. Darth, it never occurred to me that Gill might be the one. You could be right because of his lack of speed, but he’s a pretty important guy and it’s hard to imagine. And yes, DD works hard and gets it done, whereas Gomez does neither. Although he spits a lot if that counts. And Eller is getting better and better and is becoming one of our best players.

  21. Mayo, are you ever right. When Gill gets caught, he goes into slow motion., In fact, I’ve never seen slower legs.

  22. Chris, I haven’t seen Hamrlik play this year but we all know he’s been slowing down a little every year. I mean, he is about 60 years old, isn’t he?

  23. Dishonest John I heard those guys go on in their best holier-than-thou voices. I get really tired of these people sometimes. Whatever works is fine with me, and maybe Gauthier had a real reason. It’s worked so far, and it was nice to see Ladouceur talking in those scrums. Like Muller. Good point, DJ.

  24. Phil, Emelin has lots of pro experience, only in the KHL, where he was a star. He was expected to make an impact and never got it together. I think it’s been a bit of an overwhelming situation for him and we haven’t seen the real player yet. Like I said, he was a force in Russia. But here, Diaz has adapted quicker.

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