Habs Will Clinch Playoff Berth. Don’t You Think?

Even though the Canadiens have yet to technically clinch a playoff spot, we all know they will soon.


Carolina, in 9th spot, sits five points back of the Habs right now.

We have to change the negative vibes happening now. They’re going to make the playoffs and who knows, maybe they’ll recreate the magic we experienced last year.

So I’m inserting this program photo to help get you in the mood. To kick things off with new positive energy.

15 thoughts on “Habs Will Clinch Playoff Berth. Don’t You Think?”

  1. Just think maybe it will come down to your Habs having to beat my Laff’s in

    the last game of the season…that should be an easy one .. or maybe

  2. Sure. Sure they will. And they will clinch it just before the Easter bunny arrives. Wait! Sorry one of those statements was a piece of fiction. Up to you to guess which one.
    I am sure they will make it but really tired of the way they they go about doing it. there’s more excitement in charging into the play-offs than this backing in routine. That in itself must be hard on the players to deal with even though they do bring it on themselves.
    Watching the Leafs / Bruins game tonight and am envious of the Leafs agressive, energetic play. I wish the Habs would show that level of intensity as win or lose it would be entertaining.
    I would not want to face this Leaf team with the season on the line on the last game of the season. They are the complete opposite of the Habs at this point in time. They believe in themselves and the way they are playing shows it.

  3. I have my doubts as to whether we will make it the way we’re playing. Would be nice. They sure are making a big deal of the Leafs chances which are slim to none I think.

    I just watched Jaro Spacek’s ‘Our Canadiens’ segment. That was the best one yet. The Pyatt was not good. He seems kinda mean to his girlfriend. And she sat in the front seat which I found funny. I can see why Spacek is so popular. The difference is he does show up and I haven’t been as harsh about him as Hamrlik. I hope Jaro is back for the playoffs. Hamrlik has been playing better these few weeks. Haven’t watched the Markov segment yet but heard that was painful. Plekanecs was boring but better than Pyatts. Cammy’s was not too great either. We have some pretty boring players I think.

  4. Mayo, I haven’t seen the Pyatt one yet but I’ve seen most the others, I think. Spaceks’a good guy. Cammy has a life outside of hockey and I’m not sure that’s a good thing. The Price one was good. Markov – he didn’t want to be there but it was a committment. At least that’s the way it looked to me.

  5. The Habs. Meh. They’ve become boring to watch. One would think they don’t WANT it.

    My favorites of Nos Canadien: Spacek, Darche and Plek.

    Did not like Cammy at all. All into marketing himself, that was very painful to watch. Markov kinda made me sick, too. Would not make a fun date.

  6. Spacek looked the most comfortable with himself. He does enjoy the challenge of playing and it showed in front of the camera. Hal Gill plays the same way, with passion and heart. But in front of the camera, he looked big and awkward but honest. I like big Hal. Cammy looked too much into himself and he plays like this too. He wants to score but he wants to look good scoring. He needs to change this about himself and play more like Gionta. Once he gets his ego and self out of the way he will be a changed player. A slight immature I think. I’d hope they profile Gionta and Muller.

  7. leafs beat boston……… why can’t we play with their enthusiastic attitude? .. ….jm ?…….. the higher the leafs go, the lower the bruin’s 1st round pick………. go leafs.

  8. It seems the boys have lost their enthusiasm, Hobo. And it’s up to Gionta or Martin and themselves to fix this. But something is wrong right now.

  9. There seems to be no fire in Cammy, Mayo. I think he’s one of these guys with too many other interests. He needs to sort out his priorities. At least I think this is the problem. Maybe I’m full of it.

  10. Marjo, haven’t seen the Darche and Gill episodes yet. And maybe there’s others too that I’ve missed. I’d like to see a documentary more along the lines of Dryden’s The Game. an inside look at the team as a whole.

  11. Don, I beloieve they’re in the playoffs. But they sure have any momentum when they begin. For me, this is the most worrisome part of it.

  12. Leaf Fan in Ottawa – I was hoping you’d join us at Liam Maguire’s the other night. Would have been great to meet you.

  13. I wouldn’t look to the Leafs for inspiration. They may be playing well now that the team has nothing to lose or gain. The players are also trying to ensure they won’t be replaced next year with a bunch of rookies. But come next year, they’ll revert to their usual losing.

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