Habs Claw Back And Slay Sens

I made the decision not to do a game report.

Because I didn’t see the game.

It was a 4-3 shootout win for the Canadiens after picking away at a three-goal deficit, and I know what I read at Mike Boone’s live blog at Hockey Inside/Out and from an email from Danno who found the game on some obscure local Ottawa channel.

They both stressed very clearly that Scott Gomez played a really fine game. He assisted on the first of two Max Pacioretty goals, and scored the tying goal with the goaltender pulled. He set up nice plays, skated well, passed smartly, and probably feels great about how things turned out on this night in Ottawa.

It’s good drama and a screenplay needs to written. The underachiever, picked on by fans and media, comes off the worst season of his life, is embarrassed, and after promising that things would be different this year, goes out and plays his best game since……well….since Moses sported a brush cut. 

Of course he has to keep it up and his team goes all the way for this to be considered film-worthy.

Ricardo Montalban’s grandson will be playing Gomez in the made-for-television movie.

Danno writes that Max Pacioretty was flying. Max scored two goals plus another in the shootout, and also managed to hit two posts. Like I said the other day, every great team needs a sensational power forward, and the Canadiens have two – Max-Pac and Erik Cole.

Mike Boone gave high marks to young Brendan Gallagher, who has looked good in a Habs uniform, and whether or not he can up his game even more and stay with the big club remains to be seen. But regardless if he stays or not, the near-future looks very bright for Mr. Gallagher.

If computers hadn’t been invented, this sort-of-game report wouldn’t have happened. Thanks to Danno’s email and Boone’s live blog at Hockey Inside/Out.

Random Notes:

Habs outshot Ottawa 33-29, which is also good.

Next game? Saturday night when the same two teams clash at the Bell Centre.

Carey Price stopped 15 0f 18 shots, with Nathan Lawson blocking all 11 fired at him in the second half. Lawson also assisted on Max’s second marker.

This has to be a very satisfying night for the boys.



One thought on “Habs Claw Back And Slay Sens”

  1. Dennis, the local cable channel went dead at exactly 10:00 pm about a minute before Gomez scored the tying goal after the Habs pulled Lawson out of the nets in the last minute of play.

    Maybe the homers from Rogers Ottawa pulled the plug in disgust of their team’s inability to hold on to a three-goal lead.

    I wanted to see what lead up to that goal (which was kind of a garbage goal that bounced off Alfredson’s skate) so I looked for some video highlights of the game but no luck.

    Thankfully the signal came back for the overtime and the shootout.

    It was a real confidence-booster type game for the team. It’s just too bad not too many fans got to see it. The usual places for video highlights don’t have the highlight clips this morning either.

    I did find this one however…

    Jarred Tinordi fights Zach Smith in the video you will also see Pacioretty beat Sens goalie Craig Anderson with a great shot that hit the post.


    My three stars go to:

    1 – Max Pacioretty – who got two powerplay goals, hit the post twice and scored a goal in the shootout. Plus he was a big presence at both ends of the ice, playing with intensity, speed and skill.

    2- Nathan Lawson – for holding the fort and stopping the Sens from scoring any more goals for the duration of his time in nets after Price let in three goals. Also for his brilliant long bomb pass to Pacioretty who was waiting at the blue line which lead to his breakaway goal. Lawson was credited with an assist on that play. Most of all though, Lawson’s solid goaltending made the comeback possible.

    3 – Scott Gomez – for being the good Gomez and playing like he wants to earn his pay. He played well throughout the game and even tied it up with less than a minute to go in the third period.

    Honourable mentions should go to Erik Cole who also played a strong match and scored the winning goal in the shootout as well as Brendan Gallagher. Coach Jacques Martin had some nice things to say about the prospect but wouldn’t tip his hand about the club’s plans for the young right winger…

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