Habs Chip

When we were in Las Vegas recently with our Russian family, I took them into a second-hand store there, and Denis started going through this big box of old casino chips that were selling at twelve for six bucks. And look what he found – a Habs chip of all things, which he bought and promptly gave to me outside the store.

Denis then made his magic on the computer and shows both sides of the chip.

4 thoughts on “Habs Chip”

  1. Dennis, Bob Gainey cashed in all our chips after he made that infamous trade with the New York Rangers for Scott Gomez.

    Those must be some of chips Glen Sather dropped on the way to the bank because he was laughing so hard.

    Is Gomez gone yet?

  2. Danno, I’m going to start saying “Sather’ the way Seinfeld says “Newman.” And maybe the chip is a lucky chip! Maybe it’s the missing piece of the puzzle and we were led right to it in Vegas by the Habs gods. I think this is what it is.

  3. That was quite a find by Denis. If this is one of the chips from Sather’s $40M bonanza dump on Gainey, this chip must be worth a lot. How many chips could Gainey have given him? I’d say it’s a minimum $50K chip, but more likely $500K.

  4. Did anyone see McDonagh last night? Doesn’t that make you sick to your stomach? Gainey – what the hell where you thinking!

    I wish someone would change Sather’s cigar for an exploding novelty one.

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