Habs Cheerleading

I’m sick of hearing about Henrik Lundqvist and I agree with P.K. Subban when he says Lundqvist has been good but also lucky.

We need a few breaks around this guy’s crease. He’s not superman. A goal here and there, the odd very weak one, and the attitude changes drastically. The Canadiens would realize he can be solved, and the Rangers would become not quite as comfortable when the puck is in their end.

And then there’s his hair and fashion sense people go on about. Stop talking about that. I’ve got a truly cool part on the back of my head where’s there’s room to paint or tattoo a CH on. Having great hair is overrated.

Donald Trump has lots of groomed hair and look how hideous he is.

How hard is it to be a zillionaire living in Manhattan and dress nice? I’d have an incredible collection of plaid shirts, I can assure you.

Even TSN analyst Ray Ferraro was saying yesterday that his wife was drooling over the guy when she saw him on TV. Hell, earlier this year when Lundqvist was on I pointed him out to Lucy and told her this was the guy all the ladies like. She said she didn’t know why and I was more handsome!

I’m sick of hearing about this guy. Light the lamp behind him. Crash into him. Hurt and embarrass him. Have a shot break his mask, smash his face, and turn him into a Brad Marchand look-alike.

It’s all about this so-called “King” freaking Henrik and there’s only one way the madness can stop. Start bulging the twine behind him.  C’mon Vanek and gang. Shoot and plunder.

And while your at it, get nastier. This isn’t Woodstock. Butt end Kreider in the gonads. Smash Brad Richards through the boards and out onto 7th Avenue.

Win tonight and the series can be yours. Send this “King” and his overachieving subjects to the gallows. Off with his groomed head.



12 thoughts on “Habs Cheerleading”

  1. Well, Dennis, Lundqvist does have me under his spell too. I want our players to hurt him badly but when he lifts his mask for a sip of water, I turn to mush and whisper come to mama, Henrik, come to mama…

  2. Marjo, you’re not supposed to admit that. That’s kinda like sleeping with the enemy.

  3. ‘ Off with his groomed head.’ You said it all for all of us brother! They’re gonna do it too, win. Our Habs.

  4. King Henrik take note…

    “Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.” – William Shakespeare

    Sorry Luck-vist. But I hope you fall down and break your crown tonight. You’re due for a shellacking.

  5. It was 28 years ago today…

    Patrick Roy recorded his first career NHL playoff shutout in a 1-0 Montreal win over Calgary on May 22, 1986

    May history repeat itself.

  6. I am sick to hell of hearing all about King bloody Henry … get some traffic in front of that big schnozz of his and he’ll look pretty mortal soon enough

  7. I’m sick of that bastard too, Travis. He’s getting all the attention, but only because he’s had it easy. Time to change that.

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