Habs-Caps. Setting In Motion The Power Of Positive Thinking

A poll conducted by CBC Sports of a bunch of NHL general managers shows the Washington Capitals are the number one favourite to win it all, followed by the Pittsburgh Penguins and Chicago Blackhawks.

The Montreal Canadiens are nowhere to be found in this poll.

I suppose it’s David facing off against the big, ugly, tooth-missing Goliath in the first round. It’s always a beautiful thing when TV analysts and GM’s are made to look bad in their predictions.

7 thoughts on “Habs-Caps. Setting In Motion The Power Of Positive Thinking”

  1. Carey Price got 2 points for 8th place in biggest disappointment category.

    The President’s Trophy winning Capitals are an easy choice with their high scoring offence. But it’s defence that wins in the play-offs and they currently have the 2nd highest goals against among all play-off bound teams.

  2. I’m with you, Chris. The Caps can be had. And it would be such a beautiful thing. Wow! GO HABS! Power of positive thinking!

  3. i know this is a little off topic but what about craig ramsey for coach. when he was assistant in ottawa, jm won best coach if you can believe that, in tampa with him assisting torts won the jack adams and a cup, in boston claude jullien won with ramsey there. a good peterborough boy, excellent defensive coach. if you can’t score at least keep the shots below 45 or 50……… WE must look ahead. i’m going to find someone and dennis can just insert him when he becomes stick boy.

  4. Craig Ramsay’s not bad, Hobo. Learned under Scotty Bowman in Buffalo. When I’m owner/stick boy, you might get hired by me in some capacity!

  5. The Canadiens can beat Washington. Theodore has been horrible against them since he left. Ovechkin hates playing against Markov more than anybody in the league, not to mention he loves Montreal more than any city in the NHL, and possibly the world. We just need to send the beautiful Montreal ladies to him, and we have it in the bag.

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