Habs Can’t Solve The Goalie

It was one of those nights that seemed like it was going to be slightly tough beating the enemy goalie. And it was. In fact, Tim Thomas wasn’t beaten even once as the Canadiens fall 1-0 to the visiting Bruins, and that, combined with me laid up sick, made my night a complete exercise in misery.

Montreal went 0-4 on the power play, including a four-minute high-sticking call to ex-Hab Benoit Pouliot, and also including a Bruins penalty with just 1:39 left in the game, which should have opend the door for home team dramatics. But try as they may, Thomas shut the door, and that, with Boston checking furiously throughout, was too much for the Habs who just couldn’t light the lamp.

What a win it could have been for the Habs. They could’ve leapfrogged over Boston into the promised land. But they couldn’t score, even though they outshot the bastards 33-18. The heck with aspirin. Give me some morphine.

Once again, Erik Cole played with vim and vigour, and I’ll say it again, I had no idea this guy can scoot like he can. He can skate as well as anyone in the league down the sides, and reminds me of a younger Teemu Selanne. But even with Cole scooting and others moving the puck around, Boston stuck to their system, stayed with their men, closed gaps, and let Thomas do his thing when called upon.

That’s basically how those Beantowners won the Cup last year. It’s not because it’s a star-studded lineup. It’s because they play a tough-checking game and hope Thomas gets in a zone.

We won a back-to-back series in late October against these guys, so a 1-0 loss tonight, as great as it would have been, shouldn’t be looked at as a total bummer. The Habs played well, had their chances, and a bounce here and there could easily have shown a different result. The Bruins know it, their fans know it, and we know it.

Random Notes:

Alexei Emelin played a hard-hitting, tough game, and is exactly what Montreal needs against teams like Boston. More and more we see that this is a guy who can add another dimension to the team, and I’m hoping he finds himself solidly entrenched in the lineup. He hits hard and he hits clean. And he plays heads-up hockey.

Andrew Ference scored the lone goal of the night, and even though he didn’t give the crowd the finger, he probably wanted to.

Over in Pittsburgh, Sidney Crosby, with two goals and two assists, is now tied with Scott Gomez in points.

Next game – Wednesday in Raleigh to say hello to the Hurricanes.



34 thoughts on “Habs Can’t Solve The Goalie”

  1. All things considered it wasn’t a totally horrible game but still, a loss still sucks especially when it’s against them. There were some pretty bad no-calls tonight. There were a lot of hooks and slashes that weren’t called at all.

    I also think Thomas was blessed tonight. The guy made some good saves but we had some chances were the puck just slid right past the open net. If that damn bounce at the end hadn’t have happened, Pacioretty would have tied it.

    I think a fight broke out as well in the stands. Near the end of the game everyone was looking to the side were Thomas was. They didn’t show it on tv but I bet some drunken fools got stupid.

    Sorry to hear you are sick. If it’s the same thing I have (I’m at the tail end of it) then it’s not too much fun. Dry cough, the works. My ears are blocked right how so it’s like I’m deaf. Meh.

    Well, this was a let-down. Damn.

  2. Hi Darth. It seemed like a fight in the stands. Some arrogant Bruins fan rubbing it in and somebody telling him to shut up and sit down and or he’ll come down and make him sit down and then the Bruins fan does a Ference and then the Habs fan pours a beer on him and then the Bruins fan tries to pee on him and then all hell breaks loose. Or something like that.
    Yes, a disappointment and we came close many times. I just had a feeling from about after the first period that it was going to take a lucky bounce to beat that prick. But it didn’t happen.

  3. After the first period I had a sick feeling in my stomach. It had that feel to it didn’t it?

    Wouldn’t it have been nice if Gomez actually scored tonight? Tied the game or got the game winner? Imagine the hockey sites then. He’d be story number two after Crosby (god I wish we had him).

    Nothing bothers me more than a loss to the Bruins. This is going to bug me for days.

  4. Bugs me too, Darth. So many despicable characters on that team…Lucic, Ference, Marchand (although he behaved tonight. Maybe he’s maturing). And here’s a question. Do you think Subban is playing well or not? Do you think he’s been reined in? Or do you think he’s been just fine?

  5. For some info on that fight sounds like it was fairly bad:


    Subban hasn’t been himself this season. We see flashes of him that are like last year but he’s definitely toned it down. He’s better lately than he was a couple of weeks ago though but I do miss the old Subban. It may be because of our roster problems he’s trying to do things differently and as a result it’s messing with his usual routine.

    It may also be that the league has wised up to him and he needs to adapt his play.

    Nice to see Pouliot is still a massive screw-up!

  6. Darth, Pouliot was no help whatsoever as a Hab. I’m surprised Boston picked him up. And maybe you’re right, Subban is more conservative because he needs to be right now.

  7. from what i saw of the game they played a full 60 min. which is a good start…..i love eric cole, even tho he looks like glenn anderson with his stache. can’t imagine this team without him……………. hmmmmmmmmmm if they could only free up a meesly 7 million bucks with a bit of a line up adjustment we could get another eric like player. HOW GREAT would that look??

  8. Hobo – I would love to see that. we just need one more player in the front like Cole and we’d be ok. The 7 million is being wasted. The cash could get us someone so much better. What a crime.

  9. Don’t worry Hab fans …Tim Thomas will be 38 next April …He wouldn’ be around

    that long….

    Do you think Price will stay with the Habs when he is a UFA .. He is from

    Vancouver and am sure the Canucks would like ot see him back home ??

    Also Eric Cole is very impressive

  10. Leaf Fan, Price isn’t going anywhere. He’s the franchise right now. He’s our superstar. There’d be a riot if he was allowed to go.

  11. Darth and Hobo, Molsons needs to lose this money and get on with it. Get rid of that guy. Last night was a good example. Again, he doesn’t do a thing and we needed someone to step up. Gomez is dragging us all down.

  12. dennis
    subban is a young sophomore d-man, a tough position to be in. tougher than being a rookie. he is going to make mistakes. his strength is his flamboyant approach. there is a price to pay for that style initially. it’s a tough call. how much do u rein him in without fukn him up and forcing him to be a player he is not. i am willing to live with the mistakes he makes as he negotiates the learning curve. that curve seems a little wider than for a more conservative player.

  13. Leaf Fan – I think Carey will stay but it’s going to cost us a mint to keep him. He’ll probably go for a contract like Pekka Rinne’s contract that he just got.

    We will also have to pay a fortune for Subban. That’s why Gomez will have to go sooner rather than later. Subban and Carey are RFAs this summer and we should be able to keep them after we lose some salary. Getting rid of Gomez would help. I know that Gill, Spacek and Moen will probably go. Andre K will probably go as well. Sending Gomez away on a catapult next summer will give us a few bucks to play with. I just hope they spend it wisely.

    And Dennis, sure they may lose money but they’ll make it back in a month in beer sales from grateful fans wanting to toast them for finally making that decision!

    It was also Gomez’s mess up that lead to Boston’s game winning goal. He was a little half-assed and before he knew it, it’s in the net.

  14. I think the game was lost on account of two things – Martin and Gomez. Martin, because he plays Gomez on the power play when the odds of him scoring are extremely remote. Gomez, because on top of being ineffective up front cost us a goal when he failed to cover his man Andrew Ferrence.
    When Kostitsyn comes back from his groin injury, Martin should reestablish that good line of Kostitsyn, Eller and Moen and give Gomez a one-way ticket to the glue factory.
    Price and the yound D were great. The offence had punch too – if only Timmy wasn’t so damned lucky we could have won this one.
    In spite of my little rant against the Gomez & Martin Comedy Hour, you can chalk this one up as one of the better games we lost so far this season.

    Now lets crush the Canes tomorrow night.

  15. Holy Crap!!! $7,357,000 for the next year and the year after for Gomez….

    Price is going to demand $8,000,000 ..He the best goalie in the world..

    You got to pay Subban at least as much as Scheen on the Leafs ($3.5 m for 5 years) Subban is better than Scheen for sure ….

    No one will want Gomez (even the Leafs cannot be sucked in , I think) . Habs
    could send him down and eat his salary (Leafs have Jeff finger at $3.5 m playing for the Marlies. But I am not sure if Molsons could stomach a player on the Bulldogs being paid nearly $15,000,000 for 2 years in the AHL. Rumour has it
    your favourite Leaf Komiserak was to go to the Marlies at $3,500,000 a year .

    The Leafs could afford it considering a potential offer of $2,3000,000,000 (Thats freaking BILLION) was rumoured last week for the purchase of Maple Leafs Enterprises ….

  16. Actually those figures are wrong. I’m not sure how the math works but his contract was front-loaded so the bulk of it was paid up front. I believe the actual cap hit this year is about 4.5 million (or is that next year?). I think his cap hit is still high this year and it’s the last year it will be that high – that’s why it will be easier to ship him off after this season. If they keep the guy for two more years then someone needs their head examined.

    We’re stuck with him for this season. I will be so glad when he’s finally gone that I’m going to have a drink to celebrate when he is.

    Toronto could afford it but I doubt they’re that dumb. No one will take him…except us…who keep giving him chances, pats on the back, prime minutes on the ice, power play time, etc. People all over the NHL are laughing at us.

  17. What a bunch of stupid morons. Idiots.

    Mike, yeah he’s laughing all the way to the bank. What does he care? He’s rich like hell, already won the Cup, so big deal. So much for his pride.

    Compare him to Crosby (tears don’t fall from my eyes) where Crosby keeps going and going and all he’s done so far isn’t enough for him. But I guess we should be happy since Gomez is actually “trying” now. Aren’t we blessed.

  18. No, that isn’t true.

    To see it you must go into one of the caves in Europe where the cavemen used to draw stories on the wall. I’ve been told it’s quite thrilling to see. The drawings don’t exactly look like Gomez but I’ve been assured they are him.

    Ogn-Nark the 4th was quite thrilled with his goal and decided to depict it on the walls for future generations to see that a miracle once happened.

  19. Good points, Hobo. His learning curve is wider because he’s far from being conservative. I very much want him to be a superstar, a Norris trophy winner. So I want him to dazzle on a regular basis. I guess I should be patient.

  20. Leaf Fan, I’m convinced they’ll find a way to pay Price a whopper of a salary. They found a way for Gomez, so why not Price? Komisarek became such a bum. It used to bother me when he was a Hab and whenever he was interviewed, he’d call the interviewer “buddy.” It just rubbed me the wrong way. He’s also a guy who takes stupid penalties and passes to the other team on a regular basis. He belongs in the minors.

  21. Darth, it’s a shame it’s become o bit of Bob Gainey’s legacy. The guy who took Gomez and his contract off the Rangers’ hands. It’s embarrassing to us for sure. I’ll be glad also when he’s gone.

  22. Danno’s, that’s wild. I wonder what happened. Years ago my first wife and I were standing outside the Forum in the crowd, and a car pulled up, a guy jumped out, and punched somebody in the face, then got back in his car and drove away. My wife was disgusted and I guess I was too.

  23. That’s right, Mike. Gomez sitting in his mansion, getting paid a couple of hundred thousand bucks every two weeks. I can’t take it.

  24. Darth, I’m worried that if he finally scores, the sky will fall on us. Or maybe we’ll be hit with pigs flying. And if he does score at some point, will it be one goal for the entire year?

  25. Dennis – PK will win a Norris or two one day. I have no doubts about it. Just like Carey is going to win a Vezina or two as well.

    One thing I really want to see as well though is one of our guys winning the Maurice Richard trophy. Pacioretty is capable of it, but it looks like Gallagher may be the one to get it if he tears it up here like he is in Juniors now.

    I wanted to reply to your scrapbook post but comments are disabled. The glue probably died on you and the page went flying out. You may need to check where you stored it because it must be around there somewhere. Did you see it fairly recently or has it been gone for many years? If so, it’s probably long gone.

  26. Darth, thanks for pointing out the comment thing. For some reason, the “comments allowed” wasn’t ticked but I fixed it. Weird.Gallagher’s getting rave reviews again in Vancouver with the Giants. Just wish he was a tad bigger but he could be a star with the Habs.

  27. Darth, about the scrapbook page, I’m not sure how long it’s been gone but I noticed it about four years ago. And if don’t mind, could you try the comment thing again. I don’t know what happened.

  28. I think part of the reason Subban is playing more conservatively is so that he will be considered an all-around star defenceman. A perennial Norris candidate, not a one-dimensional power-play specialist. For next year, I’m not too worried about his salary. It will only be his second NHL contract, so I think it will be around $2.5-3M/yr, definitely less than Spacek’s $3.833M who won’t be re-signed.

    Price on the other hand will get a huge raise; at least $5M and possibly as much as Rinne’s $7M. We’ll need to unload Gomez’s $7.357M/yr cap hit to make room.

    I know I’ve said it before, but I do think he may be tradable at around the deadline to a team that doesn’t care about his cap hit. After this year he only has $10M of salary left on his contract. To a team hovering at the minimum cap it saves them almost $5M. Yes it’s ridiculous to say only $10M for him but some GM may think he’s worth it for his experience or that he may improve in a new city. This may also be the reason why he’s getting PP time. If he can get around 40-50 points he may even look worth it if the GM hasn’t been paying attention.

  29. Danno, I’m not surprised that it was a Bruins fan taunting, but still, it wasn’t cool by anybody and it was ugly. But he should know better than to go into a rink full of passionate Habs fans and start taunting. Not the smartest thing he’s ever done. But I don’t like the whole thing and I’m glad it doesn’t happen often.

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