Habs Can’t Get It Done On Patrick’s Night At Woodstock

So it was one thing that I was flatly turned down in my application this summer to be a flag guy before a game at the Bell Centre. I accepted that. But what the heck was wrong with letting me be one of those dozen or so goalies who skated out for the Patrick Roy ceremony? Before you know it, every kid in Montreal will have been on the ice for a Habs game, leaving the rest of us lugs out in the cold.


It was a love-in tonight for Patrick. Woodstock. Peace and love. The crowd cheered his presence for ten minutes. They wouldn’t stop. I wanted them to stop. It was starting to be as long as the Rocket’s. His speech, which mentioned that he hadn’t left the Canadiens the way he wanted, was sombre, almost church-like. As was his exit. I liked the Wendel Clark speech in Toronto better. Shorter, clearer, more cheerful, and to the point.


Imagine if Mario Temblay had shown up? It would have been as dramatic as almost anything that ever went down at the Forum. But that’s just wishful thinking. Of course Tremblay wouldn’t be there. And forget about the personal nature of this. Tremblay is busy being an assistant coach with the Minnesota Wild.


Anyway, it’s all over now. The sweater’s up there. Who’s next to be honoured? Maybe they could do a big night for Danny Gallivan.




There was also a game tonight. A big game. This was going to be the payback game after the 6-1 job last week, and after a Boston guy with a big nose had injured Mike Komisarek in a fight. Georges Laraque was going to settle that young whippersnapper down. I’m not even going to mention this number 17’s name for Boston. I’m not contributing to his fast-growing cult status.


The boys lost 3-2 in a shootout to the Bruins. It’s not good. But I see signs now of a semblance of a team. Their game wasn’t that far off tonight, not like it’s been on most nights. They were skating, they outshot the Bruins 35-27. They had chances. Big Georges tried to goad number 17 (Merle Cyrus or Miles Lucy or whatever), into a fight but the youngster wasn’t all that anxious. That was Georges contribution. Still no goals or assists for the guy though, who’s got the easiest paycheque on the team.


Alex Kovalev is having obvious problems. He continues to make three quarters of a good play, only to lose the puck somehow at the last second. So I guess you could say he’s almost doing the job. 


Monday the Islanders visit the Bell Centre. Normally I would make a blatant prediction, but like Toe Blake said, predictions are for gypsies.


Wish they’d put the big CH’s back at centre ice in the rink. Surely they could have incorporated the ‘100 years’ logos a little differently and left tradition alone.





2 thoughts on “Habs Can’t Get It Done On Patrick’s Night At Woodstock”

  1. “Maybe they could do a big night for Danny Gallivan.”

    That, my friend, is one of the best ideas I’ve ever heard. This needs to happen. Why don’t the Habs have a media hall of fame? (Gallivan, Dirk Irvin Jr., Red Fisher would be shoo-ins)

    As for the game tonight, Laraque played a great game. I think it’s time to put him on the PP, stick him in front of the net. That would make it more difficult for the penalty-killers to be able to spread out to the sides and to the defencemen.

  2. Lucic is his name and Mike Komisarek got beat up. If Guy wants to waste ice time sending out Laraque to play against first lines because his feelings were hurt they will win nothing. Laraque has never been able to skate and has what 20 goals in his career.


    P.S. Great Blog!

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