Habs Cancel Canucks


After the incredibly emotional pregame ceremony that focused often on Elise Beliveau in the stands, I didn’t really care what happened during the game that followed.

That’s not true. I did care. And the Canadiens came through by pulling off a fine 3-1 win, led by the new and impressive Galchenyuk, Gallagher, Pacioretty line.

Although it was Tomas Plekanec converting a nice feed from Sven Andrighetto which won the thing.

Maybe once Jean gets settled in his new digs he can help sort out a few things about his beloved team below. Grab Toe and have a serious sit-down. Chat about the power play.

Again tonight, a now normal 0 for 5 with the man advantage.Eleven goals in 81 attempts if I’m reading it right. And they also gave up a shorthanded marker during one of their so-called power plays.

It might take more than Jean and Toe to figure it out. Might have to call in the Big Fellow for that one. Or at least Rocket, Doug, and Boom Boom.

But tonight is not a night to quibble. The boys halted a three-game losing streak. New lines were in place and it seemed like possible new chemistry could be in the works.

The Subbinator subbinated. Carey Price came up with a sparkling save in the first minute of play to keep his team from falling behind once again in the opening frame. Gally snapped one home in the second to give his team a rare 1-0 lead. And Max found the empty net with half a second left in the game.

They did it on a night in honor of Le Gros Bill, with his women there to see. It was good.

All they have to do now is beat the Stanley Cup champion Los Angeles Kings on Friday. Maybe by then Jean and Toe and the others will have had that little chat.

Jean Soiree

7 thoughts on “Habs Cancel Canucks”

  1. What a week! good to see you back in the saddle and posting again Denis. And thank the heavenly hockey stars, the Habs pulled out that hole they’d fallen into. Lots of sorrow, but also the idea of the big guys up in the hockey rink above conferring speaks right to my own sense of things… God Bless Mister Beliveau and his family. As for Friday, the Habs are always a strange team and goodness knows they could do something awe inspiring and take out the Kings. And why not? having confidence in one’s team is always best.

  2. And the photo what a touching image… . something sentimental and sweet. Speaks to a lot of things. Your choice(s) as always are superb and get right to a heartfelt sense of people’s worth.

  3. Great ceremony to honour Jean Beliveau(my idol) too bad Rogers & Buttman couldn’t sense that ALL of Canada would have loved to see it live from start to finish, not a condensed taped version, shame on both their parts!! Just maybe Le Gros Bill was looking down, if you total both goal totals they = 4! His family will be worn out after being so stoic, I for one don’t know how they could handle all the stress so well & graciously.

  4. Thanks Bill. The guys played really well against Vancouver and hopefully it’s the beginning of a new chapter. Maybe Big Jean continues his leadership role even after death. Tonight against LA will be interesting for sure. What team will we see?

  5. The Canadiens are the best Christopher. Probably some hate them so much because deep down they know the organization is so solid and classy and their favourite team can’t measure up in many ways.

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