Habs Bust Loose In St. Paul

Habs 8, Wild 1. Yessiree

Is it too late to apologize to Alex Auld for saying several times in the past that he wasn’t a good enough back-up goalie?

And do you think people like myself who haven’t been paying a lot of attention to Ryan White should maybe start doing so?

Auld has just played five straight periods of excellent backstopping. He’s been more than solid, allowing just two goals in these five periods (one, a penalty shot to Mikko Koivu), looking poised and confident, and I’m more than happy to give him his due and admit I had counted him out before he really had a chance to prove himself.

Ryan White showed again that he’s no pushover with the knuckle sandwiches as he took on big Clayton Stoner and gave and received several good licks. White also scored a goal and added two assists which means, as was mentioned about ten times during the CBC broadcast, that White achieved the coveted Gordie Howe hat trick, meaning a goal, assist, and a fight.

It’s a great thing, and if you feel so inclined, you could also call it a Rocket Richard hat trick. At least I think so. Because not only did Rocket get his points, but he could also fight with the best of them. Don’t forget, he took boxing lessons and entered Golden Gloves tournaments as a junior. But I suppose I shouldn’t ruffle feathers so I guess we’ll just go with Gordie Howe hat trick.

No offence, Howe fans. I just prefer the Rocket.

The third shining light of the night’s big three was of course PK Subban, who scored three great goals and played with vim and vigour throughout. I’m thinking now that there should probably be at least a day or two of rave reviews for our young phenom before they start whining and wailing again about how he cheats.  

Our young stud’s star now shines even brighter, and may cause even his biggest detractors to watch the highlights from wherever they are and nod their heads in appreciation before they get back to their video games.

The Canadiens were a focused bunch in Minnesota and it wasn’t just the big triumvirate who caused the eruption. Benoit Pouliot assisted on Montreal’s first three goals and redeemed himself after being in Jacques Martin’s doghouse recently for a few ill-timed penalties. The Wiz notched a goal and an assist. David Desharnais had a couple of helpers, as did Mike Cammalleri. And Scott Gomez assisted on Travis Moen’s goal.

This team isn’t supposed to behave like this. They too small and banged up, aren’t they?

Jacques Martin and his gashouse gang has fooled them all.

Random Notes:

Next up – Buffalo on Tuesday. Thursday it’s Boston. And Thursday is also the day Luciena and I fly the big silver bird to Ottawa.

Did you see Carey Price on the bench drying Roman Hamrlik’s face with a towel?

One of PK’s three goals came when he took the puck on the right side, skated along the top, nearly going offside in the process, and then veering down the left side and banking it in off a Wild defender. There’s not a lot of defencemen in the league who would even think about attempting this sort of play.

12 thoughts on “Habs Bust Loose In St. Paul”

  1. Hey Dennis, Well you couldn’t ask for anything more…sound like a Toyota commercial eh? I think it all began with Puliots helpers,he is a nice hockey player ,just has to get his head straightened out a bit.I was impressed though with Mr. Subban,as always.This guy is going in the right direction,I hope he can keep it up all the way.Alex Auld played a great game ,sorry he never got the shutout,he deserved it .

  2. Great game, Derry. Just what we needed. Chicken soup for the low-scoring team. Auld was great, White, Pk, Pouliot like you say. Wiz. Almost everyone. Holy mackeral

  3. What a great game, most of the goals were works of art. Subban’s first was the best, but White’s, the Wiz’s and Pyatt’s were all beauties. Does PK share any hockey genes with anyone from Parry Sound?
    Virtually everyone chipped in and drove to the net or just fought for position to screen the goalie. Poor Nigel Dawes was the only Canadien who didn’t end up +ve on the night.
    And the fans, once again Hab fans were the dominating party. We need the NHL to provide statistics on the ratio of home and away fans for each game.

    Dennis I think we can let Gordie keep the hat trick. We’ve got the Rocket Richard trophy for most goals in the season.

  4. Oh and also scoring his first hat-trick today was Boom Boom’s grandson. How badly do you think Blake wishes he were playing for the Habs rather than in Nashville obscurity?

  5. Wow, we don’t get to enjoy many games like that do we? I have to admit to feeling a little bad for Theodore even though it’s been a long time since he played for us. I think someone higher up probably spoke to PJ Stock because ever since the intermission of a Montreal game where he and Milbury were just ripping into everything about the Canadiens and looking very unprofessional while doing it, it’s been much more positive much like tonight.

  6. White was awesome. PK was awesome. Auld was great. Desharnais, Pouliot, etc. The list is pretty long. We needed that. Let’s not forget that looked like a weak team. The best part was the young guys stepped up and they have been doing that since the beginning. Gionta, Cammy, and the rest have done a good job. Gomez is better these days but nowhere near an $8M player. I would prefer payign PK that money instead. He will be a rookie candidate and will use the last 10 games to cement his case. I believe he is a frontrunner regardless of what the idiot Don Cherry says. I haven’t watched him since and am not missing anything new other than senile brain farts. And lastly, I may have found some newfound respect for PJ Stock who was bang on with some comments about PK. Some idiot said his second goal was much prettier than his first which is absurd. I thought his ragging th puck needed skill, spped and strength. Why do we have sooooo many stupid commentators. Maybe we need people with degrees than idiots who simply played the game and cannot analyze properly. I would rather listen to intelligent comments rather than uneducated.

  7. what a joyful surprize just before starting my days work to turn on the ole computer and see the 8 -1 score. now that’s the way to start the work week. the box score looked like a perfectly written script from a DK blog.

  8. Dennis the Habs were wild while Minny was mild in the face of Montreal’s non-stop offensive onslaught.

    Again, the taxi squad did it without Pacioretty, Markov, Gorges, Spacek, Plekanec, Darche, Sopel and Halpern.

    PK, White and Pouliot were named the three stars of the game. But it’s a shame Auld didn’t get a star for his performance last night. I guess that’s only because there were too many outstanding performances.

    Sorry I missed the towel wipe from Price on Hammer.

    I knew something special was going to happen last night after noticing Jacques Martin crack a smile early in the first period. That’s so uncharacteristic of him. Maybe he was just farting.

    And now Montreal is just one point behind Boston, which has two games in hand.

    Next up Buffalo at the Bell. Then off to Boston for the game of the season.

    I hope West Jet has the on-flight TV tuned to the game for you and Luciena.

  9. Danno, what’s weird is that on CBC broadcast, Auld was named the 3rd star yet on their website it shows Pouliot. Both were very deserving.

  10. Danno, the best writers have the ability to affect the game. Dennis calls out Kostitsyn or Gomez or whoever and they immediately respond with their best game of the season. Stubbs writes that he’s had a pin for 5 months and Subban wins it soon after. Had he been more specific, say we need a hat-trick from Captain Gio, it would have been won sooner.

  11. Christopher, Dennis is the best in the business. The players know when Mr. Kane speaks they are listening to the future owner of the team — and they immediately pull up their socks.

    His track record speaks for itself. He gave heck to Auld, Kostitsyn, Pouliot and Gomez — and since then they’ve all upped their level of play.

    Okay, Gomez could still do more but he’s getting there. At least he’s sucking less now.

    It’s a start.

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