Habs Burn Leafs

Just when the young and smug Toronto Maple Leafs and their giddy fans thought the team was rockin’ and rollin’ toward new and amazing heights, they came up against the gritty Montreal Canadiens.

Suddenly, all isn’t so fantastic in Leafland, as the visiting Habs, finishing off a seven-game road trip that took them to winter wonderlands like Miami, Tampa, Dallas, Nashville etc, waltzed into Toronto and won 5-3 in solid fashion over the Toronto Kadris.

Alexander Radulov was sensational, as was Carey Price, but for me the real hero was Shea Weber, who pounced and trounced Zach Hyman after the Leaf forward flew into Price and sent him sprawling. Then, as the second period came to an end, Weber once again sought out Hyman and made his point even clearer.

That’s what we want, and it’s what I knew we’d get from Weber when he came over from Nashville. This is is a guy respected by all, he’s a big brother to some and a leader to all, and he needed to bend Hyman’s nose to say it loud and clear in Toronto and around the league that Carey Price is not to be messed with.

The team will protect Price, and the corner was abruptly turned after New Jersey’s Kyle Palmieri ran Price a month ago and Price took matters into his own hands. His teammates were embarrassed and criticized, but sometimes a team in the midst of gelling needs to learn a solid lesson.

And the Canadiens have.



Three wins in their first three games of January. Last season, the boys won just three in the entire month. I’m proud of these crazy bunch of beautiful bastards. A team held together with band aids, and they won’t break.

Just a tremendous showing in front of smug Leaf fans.

Random Notes

Habs were outshot by the Leafs 36-31, and were 2/5 on the power play (Scherbak and Radulov).

Nikita Scherbak, in his very first NHL game, scored his first NHL goal with just one second left in the first period to give the boys a 3-2 lead.

Max Pacioretty had opened the scoring just 20 seconds into the game, and Artturi Lehkonen added another befor e the Leafs stormed back to tie it.

Radu scored his power play marker in the second frame to widen the gap to 4-2, but the Leafs would soon make it a 4-3 game.

In the third period, Michael McCarron salted it away by bouncing the biscuit off Leafs goaltender Frederik Anderson, who was quite shitty on the night. Anderson is keeping up the fine tradition of mediocre backstopping in Cabbagetown. It goes back many decades.

No sense naming the Montreal injury list. It’s old news.

But if you haven’t heard, it’s Gally, Chucky, DD, Pateryn, Markov, Byron, and Shaw.

Next up – Habs at home on Monday to battle the Washington Capitals, then it’s back on the road to Winnipeg and Minnesota on Wednesday and Thursday. The wives must be lonely. (And if you are, my number is 604-555-1212. Call me.)

Photos – First – the art was done by me in grade two. Second – one of my old ads from crumbling newspapers. Third – My hockey coin collection. I have the other four teams complete as well. Fourth – the iconic Maclean’s magazine cover, with added script created by my friend Ed in Ottawa.

6 thoughts on “Habs Burn Leafs”

  1. Hey Dennis, I thought that was a pretty good game, despite being shot out. Mr. Price of course made some great saves and even some easy ones to go along with y hem. Gotta balance them out I guess. Mr. Webber looked big and tough when the falling leaves came around hi. Or Price. A good effort was seen tonite…take five guys …get ready for Monday nite.

  2. Yep Derry, they’re doing well. Not great, but the roster is thin. Pretty happy with the boys right now.

  3. Are we seeing more passing/keeping de puck instead of dump and chase as we enter de other zone? Seems our guys spending more time with de puck than by-gone daze. maybe dat why their more fun to watch! Seen from late 1st period to end of game. TV guys said maybe ice was bad cause both sides had trouble with puck bouncing etc. With dat in the equation, it was a fast, high octane back and forth game, that kept me awake and interested. Our young guys have added pressure of media & fan expectations——#25——-whereas Leaf youngsters don’t have that pressure—their rebuilding—–again. So I’ll give Leaf management credit for icing a very exciting up-tempo team……BUT NOT a Leaf fan!!!!! I’m surprised AND impressed at our boys holding their own with all the injuries, thus inserting call-ups and line juggling etc. And all this while Price is not at his top-notch form…..which he will return too. Last night we saw Weber take a bit of a “that’s enuff crap from you” roll, Big Mac and the other guy stand up for mates….would like one or two more “justice givers”. Really enjoy Radulov being a 30 +/- kid enjoying life and playing his game at the wazohot-bed aka The Bell. SIGN HIM!!!!!Great mentor for his younger countrymen on or soon-to-be on the team. Maybe us older coots will look back on this group as a positive turning point in the right direction. I support Bergeron—-Thornbush is still a ??? in my elementry grade opinion. Onwards and upwards folks!!! To all readers and writers on this post—and your loved ones—–may there be many”Red sky at night…sailors delight” in you life this coming y. Peterear. Dennis, THANK YOU for this site!!!!! Could you e-mail me your postal address as writing goes easier than typing for some things. peterrhe@hotmail.com Thanks

  4. Dennis I predicted the Leafs would come really close (or make ) to making the playoffs this year and I still lean that way. They have come a long way in a short time frame since the big management change. I actually thought in general they outplayed us Saturday night. However CP was good to great when he needed to be. His counterpart was less than average I thought. I do agree with all the positive Habs comments though and honestly think that the team has progressed from the disaster of last season. Radulov has made a huge difference I feel and Weber has also. If you watch him closely one thing jumps out after a bit…he makes quick short passes before the checkers can close in on him. He keeps the game simple. Just the opposite of PK. Anyhow good to see our once glorious team clicking along. Playoffs look a certainty I believe.

  5. DK, I thought the Laffs played a great game for 19 seconds of the first period and again for 36 seconds of the second period lol!!!
    GO HABS GO ?

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