Habs Buffaloed

The first loss we can take with a grain of salt. The second, as in tonight when the Habs dropped a 3-1 decision to the Buffalo Sabres, we don’t have to lose much sleep.

Three losses though, or four, and my patience, and maybe yours too, begins to wane slightly.

But I remind myself that many of the great teams over the years, regardless of who they were, had some preseasons when they were mediocre at best. It’s one of those things. But slowly or sometimes quickly, something magical happens, these great teams do an about-face, and their early losses are mostly forgotten.

It’s like an ugly duckling who blossoms midway through the school year and suddenly is the hottest number in the hallway.

There was a silver lining to this second straight loss – P.K. Subban, who skated like the wind, who looked like Alex Ovechkin as he wheeled around the Bell Centre as if he were on an outdoor pond with the wind against his back. P.K. showed tonight that he’s ready, he scored his team’s only goal, and we’re lucky to be living in an age when we can witness the evolution of a bonafide superstar defenceman.

It’s a day off for the club on Thursday, and then it’s up the road to Ottawa where they begin a two-day home-and-home series with the Sens. Now is a good time to catapult into the win column at the expense of the team many fans in the Nation’s Capital changed to after after spending decades being Habs fans. Ex-Habs fans deserve to lose.

Random Notes:

Peter Budaj played the first 30 minutes and looks, if first impressions are any indication, to be a decent replacement for Alex Auld as Carey Price’s backup. Budaj had better be good. Price needs more rest than last year if the team is going to go deeper than deep next spring.

But first things first. Let’s win a freaking game.



One thought on “Habs Buffaloed”

  1. It was a real downer losing again, but like last last night there were elements of the game that I liked. Pacioretty, Subban, Budaj, Gallagher.

    I also really like the Max-DD-Gionta line. Lots of great energy there. The moment Gomez starts to tank I hope DD is put on that line.

    Bummer that Friday’s game won’t be televised (least on RDS).

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