Habs, Bruins, And Being At Work

I’m at work, and tonight, regarding the Habs and Bruins confrontation, I’m doing things differently. The game is being recorded at home of course, ready for me to watch and cheer or complain about later tonight, and normally I would avoid the score until that time.

But I can’t stand to wait until later to see how the Habs did, and so I’ll be checking in with Canadiens.com throughout to see how things are going. I’ll still watch and write about it late tonight, but I’ll know beforehand how things turned out. It’s something I’ve rarely done.

I can’t stand the suspense, that’s all.

8 thoughts on “Habs, Bruins, And Being At Work”

  1. Be prepared to get pissed Dennis. I wonder if Marchand will get suspended again?

    I’m glad we did come back (you’d never see that under Martin) but we should have won this game. Gill cost us a goal and Kaberle screwed up again.

    I hate losing to these guys so much.

  2. Darth, I watched the boxscores and I see that Eller got four minutes, during which the Bruins scored. And he only played about 5 minutes, then took part in the shootout. Strange. I’ll be seeing this game in about an hour. (it’s 9:40 Pacific). There are several questions I need answered.

  3. The boys played well. I wish this is the SUbban of last year. No idea why Eller took a shot. Cunneyworth thinks goofy it seems. Pleks has so many breakaways, why didn’t they use him. and Max Pac had Tim ‘Newt Gngritch’ Thomas beat. Maybe better to use Peter Budaj for shootouts. He couldnt do any worse than Carey. And I would not want Marchand on my team. The little f**ker is such a weasel. I loved the emelin hit on Thornton. Too bad he didn’t get hurt. Maybe next time Alexie? And I cheered when Chara went down. Kinda felt bad but remembered how classless the bruins are and felt better. To be honest, Chara has been one of the classier bruins this year but that list pretty much ends with him. And what happened to Recchie? Did his medical practice get moved to a different city?

  4. Mayo, too bad Emelin’s check diddn’t crush some ribs.
    I think the shootout guys is a no-brainer. Why not just use the Cole line?

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