Habs Blow Lead, Habs Fans Used To It

I can’t say I’m angry, or down in the dumps, or even disappointed. I’m way past all that. I’m simply resigned to the fact that the Canadiens blow another, can’t score in overtime, and suck in the shootout. The script was already written. We pretty well knew how it was going to play out long before it happened.

The Canadiens blew a 3-0 lead and lost 4-3 in the shootout. That’s the long and short of it. The beginning of the end came when Vancouver’s Mason Raymond scored with his team shorthanded in the second period, which made the game 3-1 at that point, and “here we go” and “oh oh” were muttered, I’m sure, by several hundred thousand Habs fans who had been pleasantly pleased by the team’s effort up until that point.

I know I muttered. I’ve been muttering way too often lately.

It was a point, but the point stinks. It’s a point that leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Frederic St-Denis, with his first NHL goal, opened the night’s scoring, and that was nice at the time. The boys killed a two-man penalty and Raphael Diaz made it 2-0, and that was even nicer. Then, when Erik Cole fooled Roberto Luongo to raise it to 3-0, it was lovely and all that, but I don’t know about you, but I still had this lousy feeling in my gut that it wasn’t over yet.

Leads aren’t safe with the Montreal Canadiens. Any lead, even big fat three-goal leads.

Of course it wasn’t safe. It began with Raymond’s shorthander, the Canucks chipped away and scored again, and then finally the game was tied after Lars Eller took a cross checking penalty late in the game and Canucks rearguard Sami Salo beat Price on the power play.

I don’t care if anyone says the call was poor or improper, or deserved or not deserved.. The fact is, you have to stay out of the penalty box late in the game when things are close and definitely undecided. It’s one of the unwritten laws of hockey. It’s why many coaches lose their hair. It’s why Jacques Martin almost, but not quite, looked like he was breathing.

I knew Montreal wasn’t going to score in overtime. They can’t score at the best of times. And of course, Montreal’s shooters in the shootout – David Desharnais, Max Pacioretty, and Mike Cammalleri, failed miserably.

I really have nothing more to report. Oh geez, wait until Gomez gets back. Things will be different then.

Random Notes:

Shots on goal – Vancouver 31, guys in red – 23. Carey Price made several sparkling saves. But how many goals have you seen on shootouts that have beat him from slightly low on his left side? Seems like most.

Montreal went 0-4 on the power play.


Next game – Habs make their way to New Jersey for a 1:00 P.M. ET start. Where I’m at, that’s 10 A.M. It’s like watching a game played overseas.



24 thoughts on “Habs Blow Lead, Habs Fans Used To It”

  1. Dennis, I’m scared. I need your help and others to help me as well.

    There are a few things I saw on the internet and they have me confused and frightened. The first thing I read about was something called a pow-er pl-ay. Least I think that’s what it’s called. Supposedly having one is a good thing and it’s supposed to produce something called a “goal”. What the heck is that? I’ve heard of a “goat”, but a “goal”? Is that some kind of disease?

    Then I read about some odd thing called a winning-streak. I don’t know what the heck that is and I wasn’t about to look into that! I bet it’s something someone just made up to scare me.

    Then I read something called a “win”. What’s that? Is that good as well?

    I also saw a video of a man behind the bench of the Rangers. He seems to talk and move and it looks like he speaks to his players..doesn’t he know he’s doing it wrong? He’s supposed to stand there and write notes about what he just saw! The silly guy.

  2. Darth, wait’ll Gomez gets back.
    And about that coach in New York! I heard he’s illiterate so he talks a lot instead. It’s very sad. Maybe someday he’ll learn and then he can behave like a coach should, like Jock Martini.
    I’m just worried about how the cricket is doing in the West Indies.

  3. i read somewhere, special adviser bob gainey was talking to mr. molson regarding management and coaching changes………… bob, haven’t u done enough already? ………………… the next contract i sign, whether it be for a new truck or mortgage renegotiation i want to do it thru bob. i want bob to do my deal….. maybe a new harley….. anyone have bob’s # ?

  4. Hey Dennis, I got home from work and the game was three -zero,I thought wow,I’m going to win another five bucks from the crazy Canuck fan who bet me before I left work,what a dispointment.I can’t think of any other reason then Jaques Martin as being the problem,they have a better team then last year and this shit shouldn’t happen.They shutout the Canucks last year to make me 5 bucks and now they lose in a shootout after blowing a three goal lead.Things have to change.

  5. Hobo:

    1-800-butt-head (bob’s #).

    Tired of waiting for things to change. I wish I could change teams. Maybe Winnipeg (even has word win in it). Tired of re-capping who I thought played well and who didn’t. That doesn’t do any good anymore. Holycrap! What is wrong with all of us?? Haha, in hind site, this is kinda funny. Right before Xmas too. Please, Santa, fucking fire JM FFS,and kick Gomez in the balls.

  6. If there’s any silver lining it’s that we’re scrapping up a lot of 1 point games. Hovering around .500 isn’t great, but it means that there is always a chance for the Habs later in the season to make up for it. We’re not Carolina or Columbus, we’re not in a giant hole yet. Price has been consistent.

    And now we have another defenceman who with some actual experience. There is still a chance to get this season turned around. They keep bunching up on the ice, they aren’t using the space on the ice or their speed to score goals, which they absolutely should. They pick one decision, seemingly before the puck even drops, and then decide “that’s where I will be scoring goals from”; it usually seems to be around the point. They’ve got to be more unpredictable. The only unpredictable one on the ice is Price, God bless him.

    I liked St. Denis’s goal. I think he will be a key Hab in a few years.

    Oh, and Moen needs to work on accuracy drills. The whole team does in fact. The can’t find the holes the goaltenders leave for them.

    Well, good luck boys.

  7. Kaberle deal couldn’t hurt. Hopefully he can settle PP down as current guys couldn’t get her done. Only concern is we have him this year + 2 more years at $4.25M/year. Good thing is Spacek was 35+. But Spacek was likely one of top two as other D-men are pathetic, with exception of Emelin. Subban played a little better but is not the same. Likely due to JM screwing with his mind. Anyways, this trade seems significant to a team struggling like us. Sorry to seeSpaccek go as he was huge for us when he was healthy. Good luck to you Jaro. Tell Kirk to come back and coach in Montreal when he can.

  8. Didn`t get to watch the game last night, but I was checking on my phone every period and during the 2nd intermission I called that the Habs would blow the lead and lose in the shootout.
    It was just damn depressing when I saw that I predicted right.

    It’s just a dark time being a Habs fan. And having Gionta injured isn’t helping either. He’s one of three dependable players that the team actually has, the two other being Pacioretty and Plekanec.

    Let us all hope that the injury isn’t serious `cause God knows the last thing this team needs right now is an injury.

  9. Hobo, maybe Gainey’s legacy will be not as a great player but as the guy who brought in Gomez and others? How sad would that be?

  10. I feel your pain, Mayo. I’m tired of it too. And I do it after almost every game. I want to rave about them, not rant about them. It’s so much more fun.

  11. David, good point. They accuracy drills. These guys miss the net way too often. But I don’t like the Kaberle addition. Unless he can help on the power play. But he wasn’t doing that in Boston and Carolina and there’s no reason to think he’ll do it in Montreal. They need more changes than just guys on the downside. We need a guy or two on a big upside.

  12. Phil and David, I saw Gionta go to the room but I have no idea what the problem is or if he’s out for awhile.

  13. David, Gionta took a slapshot and he started to clutch onto his arm or his wrist, he left the game and never came back.
    Might just be precautionary but no news on it so far.

  14. it is too bad about gainey’s legacy and being remembered by his gargantuan mistakes in the management of this team….. but if he can negotiate a deal for a new harley where i can get a new one every year for NO extra charge i think habs fans will forgive him for signing a bone head coach with a 2 mil. buyout. that’s like a no trade contract for a coach…… as far as #11 goes? yer on yer own bobby boy………………. kaberle WILL NOT shoot the puck. if he is not good enough for the starley cup charpions at that price, he ain’t good enough for a piece o shit team like this at that price.

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