Habs Blow It

Is it too much to ask the Canadiens to wait slightly longer than the first period before going into a defensive shell to protect a lead?

It was going so well. Two goals by Maxim Lapierre, the one player, even more than PK Subban, who the orange greasers would love to stuff down the zamboni exhaust pipe. Carey Price was stopping them cold. PK Subban seemed oblivious to the cat calls. And the hometown crowd sat on their hands and were so quiet and depressed it made my heart soar.

But then, as they have on several occasions this young season, the Canadiens stopped trying to score and instead concentrated on keeping the puck out of the net. Naturally, play remained mostly in their end, and they allowed an inexcusable 21 shots on goal in the second period to their feeble five. 

They simply handed the game to the Flyers on a silver platter.

It became 2-1, then 2-2, and then, of course, 3-2 for the wrong team, all because the Habs forgot to put on any pressure after the opening frame.

And what could have been. Lapierre came within half an inch of a hat trick when he hit the post, and more importantly would have made it 3-0. It also would have made the crowd even quieter than they already were, which at that point resembled a seance.

Lapierre did his two-goal damage with help from Benoit Pouliot (two assists) and one helper from Jeff Halpern. Scott Gomez added….nothing, Brian Gionta chipped in with…..nothing, Andre Kostitsyn……., Cammalleri, Plekanec…… They all swooped and swerved and not much of anything else.

They would have looked okay on Battle of the Blades, but this was a hockey game.

We’re learning in a big way that we can’t rely on the guys we thought we could rely on, at least so far this season. It’s been the journeymen who have kept this team high in the standings and thank goodness for them. As far as the big money players on this team go, patience is wearing thin in my little house by the sea.

Yes, what a disappointing night, all because the Canadiens decided to go into a shell way too early. Is that what you’re teaching them, Jacques Martin? Couldn’t it have waited until say, midway through the third before defence overruled everything else?

Kind of reminds me of the conference final last year.

Random Notes:

Roman Hamrlik hit the post late in the third which would have tied it. But I’m grasping at straws here. 

Next up – Wednesday when the LA Kings pay a visit.

Shots on goal – 45-31 greasers.

Valeri Bure and his partner Ekaterina Gordeeva won Battle of the Blades on this night.

5 thoughts on “Habs Blow It”

  1. Dennis, teen heart throb Justin Bieber played the Bell Centre last night and I’m told he performed with way more energy and intensity than most of the Habs did after the first 20 minutes of play.

    His fans adore him. They absolutely love him.

    Scott Gomez, not so much.

    Here’s an interesting stat for you. When Gomez plays 18:40 or more, Canadiens are 1-6-0. When he plays 18:39 or less Habs are 12-1-1.

    I think Gomez has been given enough time to turn his game around. But he still plays like a disinterested robot. He skates his pre-programmed plays and tosses the puck in a pre-determined area – resulting in yet another turnover.

    It seems anyone who plays with him goes stone cold. So now Jacques Martin has to make a tough decision about Gomez because it’s no longer just about him it’s about the entire team.

    Last night was a disappointing loss. It was disappointing because it was a game that could easily have been won had the right strategy been followed.

    Twenty minutes followed by 40 minutes of assuming the turtle position does not cut it. I am hoping that Jacques Martin learned his lesson last night once and for all.

    I was afraid after we went ahead 2-0 in the first that things would start getting ugly. And they did. But not because the Flyers decided to goon it up. It was because the Habs decided to play not to lose instead of playing to win.

    Justin Bieber can skate. Maybe he can lace them up and play centre with the Habs.


  2. Good comments, Danno. Gomez is….Gomez. He used to be good, right? With New Jersey. And I love your Justin Bieber references. He’s about the same size as many of our guys, maybe a little bigger. Maybe a bit tougher. And he’s only one assist shy of Lars Eller! I’m the same as you – I felt it was only a matter of time before the Flyers took over. Montreal almost begged them to do it.

  3. I’ve got a couple of bones to pick today. 1st – why are the Habs suddenly surprised they sat on a lead and didn’t show up to play in the 2nd and 3rd? They did it only 2 games ago vs. Nashville when – again – they didn’t show up to play THEN, and then copped to it the next day also. So… every 2nd game or most of it off then? WTF is this BS lip service repeat? Can’t blame Jacques for the bag skate, since Habs took almost 2 full games out of 3 off, but I doubt it accomplishes anything just the same.

    2nd – WTF are these line combos? Pouliot and Darche down to the 4th line now and the Mighty Pyatt up on Halpern’s wing? Yeah, look out now. The former PhD line has a new scorer… oh wait. NOT!

    Why is Jacques pulling apart the 2 lines that WERE WORKING CONSISTENTLY – AK-Pleky-Cammy & PhD? Explain the logic to me please? I’m not comprehending at all.

  4. tgy…………. it is merely to secure the non offensive game plan which proved to be very successful…………………… but good times are ahead, (the next post on dennis………com.

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