Habs Blow It

The Canadiens couldn’t bury the visitors when they held a nice 2-0 lead going into the second period and little by little the Edmonton Oilers chipped away, eventually coming out on top 4-3 after scoring four straight and timely goals to sink the good guys.

Now it’s Anaheim on Thursday and San Jose on Saturday, two teams at or near the top of the heap in the Western Conference.

The week looks bleak. Damn.

It had started out so well. The first period was a lively and spirited affair, back and forth, with Tomas Plekanec bulging the twine on the power play and Brendan Gallagher intercepting a clearing attempt and waltzing in to bury it and make everything right with the world.

But in the second frame, after a nice play by Alex Galchenyuk, the tide began to turn just seconds later when Galchenyuk was slack on his checking duties and allowed Ales Hemsky a clear shot on goal which got by Carey Price, and the Oilers slowly but surely picked up steam, tied it, scored a couple more in the third, and that was that.

Except for Gionta’s goal with two seconds left to make it 4-3. Gionta even waved his hands in the air in celebration for some reason. Not sure why.

Slip, slidin’ away. Two points that could’ve been.

Randon Notes:

PK put on a show a couple of times tonight and made things dangerous that rose bums from the seats. But it wasn’t constant and it didn’t end with the red light going on. Fun to watch, yes. But the team still lost.

Saku Koivu’s Anaheim Ducks come a quackin” on Thursday. The Ducks dropped a 4-2 decision to the Leafs on Tuesday night which probably isn’t a good thing any which way you look at it.

Lethbridge native Patrick Holland wore number 82 in his NHL/Habs debut and looked okay in his six minutes or so of ice time. Must have been a nerve wracking experience for sure. Holland is 6′, 179 lbs and came over as part of the Mike Cammalleri swap.



15 thoughts on “Habs Blow It”

  1. In addition to DD (sorry, Marjo), I have a new “pet peeve” player: Rafael Diaz. Honestly, is there a softer defenseman in the league?

    This has the makings of a bad, bad week for the team…………

  2. Diaz never seems to use his body. He’s like Kaberle. He’s very soft and this is exactly what we don’t need.

  3. No, you’re right, Ian, DD sucks big time now. And I agree about Diaz, although I think he sucked from way back when we played Ottawa in the playoffs.

  4. I agree about Diaz, Marjo. The bottom line is that I am very, very concerned about this team right now. I know that the past is the past, but there were days when other teams feared coming into Montreal–not the same way that they used to fear going into Philadelphia, but because it was almost a guaranteed loss. Montreal is now 2-3 at home, and this is in keeping with its play at the Bell Centre for the last few years. Good teams “protect their home”. The Habs do not. Yes, I know that a team can’t win every home game, but playoff teams win most of them. Let’s look at those five home games: Game 1) 4-3 loss to Toronto. Once again, a rival was more “up” for a game against Montreal than the Habs were. Equally distressing: Blowing a lead going into the third period. Carey Price looked shaky, but he has been good ever since. Game 2) 4-1 win over Philadelphia. I’m almost willing to throw this one away; the Flyers may be the worst team in the league right now. Game 3) 5-3 win over Columbus. The Habs blew a 3-0 second period lead before a late goal by Pleks gave the team a win over a Columbus squad that was missing its best offensive player (Marian Gaborik). Hardly an impressive triumph. Game 4) 2-1 loss to Nashville. Nashville is no powerhouse, and yet it absolutely dominated this game from start to finish. Game 5) 4-3 loss to Edmonton. Edmonton, even with Taylor Hall, absolutely stinks. So, without him, Montreal should win easily, right? Wrong–the final score was deceptive, as the Gionta goal which made it 4-3 was scored with three seconds left in the game.

    Bottom line: Other than Toronto, Montreal hasn’t played a good team at home yet, and it has still lost three out of its five games, with two western powers, Anaheim and San Jose, coming in to the Bell Centre this weekend. It’s way too early to push the panic button, given the team’s injuries, but there is certainly cause for concern–a LOT of concern.

  5. If we can’t hold up against Edmonton, we’re going down this week. We could have beat the Oilers AND the Predators. That’s four points gone. There’s an argument that we’re down a few men but other teams have injury lists as well. What ever happened to “No Excuses?”.

    Had we won those last two games, that high alone would have fueled the Habs to challenge what’s coming ahead. Sometimes you win with that high. Sorry to sound pessimistic but Thursday and Saturday are looking bleak.

  6. Ian and Marjo, definitely cause for concern now after their attempt last night which saw them run out of gas halfway through. They show they’re too thin when injuries come about. I always try to remain optimistic but I’m not doing cartwheels over the prospects of facing these next two teams coming up. Maybe they’ll get lucky. One thing’s for sure. Now is not a good time to put Budaj in goal.

  7. Budaj entered my mind too and I somewhat think the opposite, in that, if it’s kinda looking like we’re going to lose on the horizon against two power houses, why not rest up Price? With a rested Price we may stand a chance to win against the Rangers and the Stars??

    Who knows anymore. I’m just tiring of having a losing team all these years. My patience is thinning out. Why is it that no Canadian team has won the Stanley Cup in a while, like an article said a while ago? Because they fill in the seats no matter what??

    Phooey. I want a Stanley Cup.

  8. Marjo, I don’t think we should stop giving our best. Putting Budaj in is practically waving the white towel and I don’t agree with that. As tough as it will be, I think we should give it the old college try anyway. Price has been great and maybe he can steal these games for us.

  9. DK, I could see this coming when we lucked out against Columbus. I think we’re in big doo-doo!

  10. We’re gonna crash their net AND clear our blue paint for Price. Stupid me thought that meant this season. Nothing too exciting about shooting the puck in deep and then chase the other guys to ask for it back!!

  11. Peter, that was supposed to be the plan. I thought it was this year too. The kids do some of it, but not many others. Not yet at least.

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