Habs Blast Struggling Sens

It’s not a time to gloat.

Although beating the Ottawa Senators 7-1 is indeed a lovely thing.

But the Habs were playing a team in trouble, with a coach (Cory Clouston) on the cusp of becoming unemployed, with a captain (Daniel Alfredsson) barely noticeable, and with two goaltenders (Mike Brodeur and Brian Elliot) not exactly having a stellar night. Not to mention Alex Kovalev.

It’s a team in turmoil, these Ottawa Senators, which the Habs took advantage of. Now, if the Canadiens can score more than a few on Saturday against a better outfit, the Anaheim Ducks, and then next Tuesday against Philadelphia, maybe I’ll gloat then.

However, it’s a night to be enjoyed for Montreal players and fans. Seven goals is a nice round figure, although I was hoping for eight or nine.

We’ll take it. It doesn’t happen often, the last time being November 13th when the team surprised the Carolina Hurricanes 7-2, so these blowouts are few and far between. We’re used to two or three goals at best.

But I’m not gloating. I prefer to say I just really, really enjoyed what happened tonight. 

Random Notes:

Tomas Plekanec was flying, scoring two goals – one on a big shot, and the other on a breakaway where he, a Flying Czech, looked like a Flying Frenchman of days gone by.

Many played well, which is usually the case when a team scores seven times, and it was nice to see Max Pacioretty with a goal and an assist considering the last time we saw him he was being wheeled out of the Buffalo rink strapped in a stretcher with an intravenous tube attached to him.

Saturday with Saku Koivu, Maxim Lapierre, and their Ducks visiting. I won’t feel bad if the Canadiens only score five this time. I’ve said it many times – when it comes to Montreal scoring, I’m a greedy bastard.

13 thoughts on “Habs Blast Struggling Sens”

  1. With the lineup we are forced to put on the ice due to injuries wins may be hard to come by so they have to take advantage of teams when they can. No one feels sorry for you so too bad Ottawa but better you than us.

  2. That’s right, Dishonest John. Ottawa would loved to have clobbered us 7-1 so we’ll take it and enjoy it. Just hope there’s more scoring left over. Maybe they like the feeling of it so much that it’ll become contagious. Big game against Anaheim on the horizon.

  3. I thought Price looked pretty in control of everything coming his way. I wasn’t too disappointed to see #25 writhing on the ice from Pacioretty’s stick. Would have preferred to see him laid out by a Subban hit than a stick. I like Gill the way he sticks up for his teammates.

  4. Thank you Denis. Montreal had it going and Ottawa didn’t. (Denis is in St. Petersburg, Russia).

  5. Dennis, we can finally breathe a sigh of relief after battling back and winning another nail-biter…. Ohhhh wait.

    I’m so used to saying that. Forgive me.

    It was nice to us completely dominate in every aspect of the game to the point where it became relaxing and laughable. I can’t remember the last time that happened.

    I almost felt sorry for those Sens fans. Almost, but not quite.

    The only slight downside is that Price was deprived of a well-earned shutout by a defensive miscue when Chris Kelly scored in the first period.

    PK, AK,Patches, Subban, Pouliot Gionta and Plecky (who scored twice), all combined to make Montreal look magnificent and to make the Senaturds stink.

    Clouston. We have a problem.

    Hear that? It the sound of Montreal zooming past the Rangers in the standings. And we’re only one point back of them Bruins.

    Now I’m off to Montreal to watch our Habs pluck the Ducks.

    Stay tuned…

  6. Was out late taking the air last night, air that had quite a lot of Guinness in it as luck would have it, so they were already 2 up when I got in. Watched through to the end of the 2nd. They had a four goal lead. I had to retire to my bed. I felt confident that they wouldn’t chuck the lead away. Can’t think why.

    Watching Plekanec and his machine like drive it was money well spent to keep him even though it was partly what led to the Halak/Price situation. He’s a diamond.

    While the Sens are undoubtedly struggling it’s good to see that level of performance with 4 out of Hamilton plus Eller and PK. And also a good game to give the young ‘uns a chance to find their feet.

    But you’re right Dennis, tonight will be a much stiffer test.

    By the way, while I’m honoured to be quote of the day, that’s Mayo’s line which I was merely requoting in a tone of incredulity so it should be his name up in lights.

  7. Blue Bayou, you’re right, it was Mayo. But I believe more than one person should state that Powell River ferry employees are the world’s best ferry employees so you saying it too is fine. And for me, Guinness is too dark and strong. But I’ll drink it anyway.

  8. That’s a good point, Hobo. I suppose they must have begun their decline if they wanted him in the first place.

  9. I was incorrect last week when I said a visit to Ottawa was a good rest. Ottawa is sometimes an exciting fun party place.

  10. Christopher, I found Ottawa difficult when I first moved there when I was about 23 and knew no one, but later on when I had friends and things to do, it became a great place and I miss it often.

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