Habs Blast Buffalonians

I’m so proud of the Habs today. They brushed off their 5-1 loss to the Ottawa Senators like pigeon poop on a new fedora, came out alive and well for this Saturday matinee against against a normally fine Buffalo Sabres squad, and played with fire and drive, even outshooting the visitors 15-1 in the first period.

It was 1-0 after the first, when the new and improved Rene Bourque, with his first of two, converted on the power play with just eight seconds remaining, and it became 4-0 after two when all kinds of great things happened, unless you’re a Sabres fan. In that case, things sucked.

Brendan Gallagher, from Alex Galchenyuk, gave the Canadiens a 2-0 lead, then David Desharnais with his first, finally, and Lars Eller, also with his first, just 28 seconds later, and the Habs had things well under control. To see the kids sparkle, to see Bourque continue his merry ways, and to see a couple of guys finally get those Steinways off their backs, and it becomes a tremendous way to grab two points.

P.K. Subban, in his first game in eleven months, was effective, hitting the post with a big drive in the third, and assisting on Desharnais’s second goal of the night, a power play marker that made it 6-1. Subban is so flamboyant, even when he’s rusty.

Carey Price was once again as stellar as can be and although not overworked, was steady and showed both his club and the Sabres that not much was going to get by him. No player can be more important than a good goalie, and we’ve got one of the best.

The Ottawa game soured things for a few days, but rebounding like this makes my heart soar like a San Benedicto Rock Wren.

The third period got complicated, at least for me. Rene Bourque made it 5-0 before Buffalo finally got on the board when the red-hot Tomas Vanek broke in, and I had to begin watching the clock for a quick exit to leave for work. So at this point, there can be no random notes, no scoring summary, and no real wrap-up to this at all. All I’m doing is trying to see the end of it before bolting to the car.

Gotta run. 6-1 Habs. A great day. Tomorrow, the big Habs-Sens rematch. Same time, same place.



10 thoughts on “Habs Blast Buffalonians”

  1. I had to leave early in the second period when we were leading 2-0.

    That’s one of the best game I ever missed.

  2. Het Dennis,My first full game this year,as I was in Vegas when the season started.I was impressed with the speed at which the Habs played,their young guns and older vets looked like the rockets on the Freemont Street big screen.I was very impressed with Mr. Price and of course his defense didnt let us down either,hope they can pull the same effort out of their toques tommorow.

  3. Just finished watching Canadiens Express.

    That was a really great performance by just about everybody on the team from top to bottom.

    If they keep on playing like this anything can happen…


  4. DK, Great game & effort by the TEAM & thanks for the tip of the Fedora to all us birders who follow your site!!
    Cheers from the East!!!!

  5. Certainly the best they have played against Buffalo in a very long time and just like the win over Brodeur it was nice to see them get the monkey off their back against Miller. With regards to Subban, I never liked the triple low 5 but to be told not to do it just seems wrong and to replace it with the unoriginal centre ice salute? Now that looks really contrived! The hot-stove talking heads said Subban didn’t play with his usual flair, well of course not he’s been told to tone it down and I’m sure he has no idea just how much flair he can exhibit. If this is what Subban can expect from the management and obviously some of his team mates then I would encourage him to seek a trade out of Montreal as soon as possible to a place where being allowed to play the game the way you can and enjoying yourself is not only expected but encouraged. Never thought I’d say that about my team.

  6. Good comment D-John. It’s a very fine line between toning a guy down and sucking the soul right out of him. PK has to play with flair, otherwise he’s not PK. I think the triple low 5 was cool, and I think most Habs fans feel that. And PK’s teammates better realize that with him there, the team is better. They need him. Jacques Plante wasn’t popular with his gang and Toe Blake, but he was a winner and they needed him, so they put up with his strangeness. Players aren’t supposed to be cardboard robots, they’re all individuals, and PK’s one of the most charismatic in the league. He’ll be a lesser player if he’s toned down, and that’s bad for the team, not good.

  7. Right on, Mike. It was a great game, and so much fun to watch (maybe not for Sabres fans though). Those kids remind me of days gone by. Just so exciting, and they’re getting points. I think the future looks bright for these kids, and the team.

  8. The first two periods were amazing. The Canadiens were flying showing just how good they could be. The third period was a bit odd, they seemed to let up their attack. They knew they had the game won and were just hoping to get to the end. Even Prust in his fight was very reluctant. He knew he overmatched Ott, was slow to take off his gloves and stopped punching.

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