Habs Blanked In Pittsburgh

It’s the breaks of the game. Ring a couple off the crossbar, the pucks skitters harmlessly away, and somewhere along the way (in the second period), Sidney Crosby buries one. Then, over the full sixty minutes the Canadiens aren’t able to beat either Marc-Andre Fleury or Tomas Vokoun, and it becomes a 1-0 Pittsburgh win over the Habs to extend the Penguins’ streak to thirteen games.

When you add it up, the bad parts consist of Montreal not being able to score even one goal, they lose their second straight, and the other team keeps their depressing winning streak alive and at 13 games. It would’ve been so great to stop this nonsense, but it wasn’t to be. The Canadiens are shooting blanks like Hugh Hefner right now.

Montreal has some firepower, we know that. There actually are guys with good hands, but remember recently when the team missed the net at least twenty times in one night? They don’t seem to be as erratic now, but the danger level around the net doesn’t seem to have gotten any higher either. And saying the other team’s goaltender was just way too hot isn’t good enough anymore. That’s just a cop out. You have to find a way.

Where’d the gunslingers go? And wherever you are, could you please hurry back in time for the Boston game.

But having said all that, some of the blame has to go to the crossbars.

Random Notes:

Montreal outshot Pittsburgh 37-25 and in general, played a very solid game. Price was good, new addition Jeff Halpern was great on faceoffs, and Ryder had his moments. But the guys aren’t scoring – one goal in two games, and it’s pretty hard to win without goals.

I’m so glad no one is putting pressure on Alex Galchenyuk to be better. It’s obvious it’s a tough time for him right now, this isn’t junior anymore, and I think most understand that he’s a kid in school and down the road he’ll graduate with honours. But right now, he’s the equivalent of a pimply-faced grade niner, and that’s fine. In the years to come, he’ll be big man on campus.

Boston in a few hours. We need Max and Plekanec and P.K. and the gang to come alive.


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  1. Dennis, if this scoring drought continues maybe Mike Therien will have to give the guys a little motivational speech like this one:

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