Habs Blank New Yorkers

The line of Erik Cole, Lars Eller, and Alex Galchenyuk did major damage, each racking up a goal and an assist, and Carey Price earned his second shutout of the season as the Canadiens rebounded after a dismal collapse on Thursday against the Islanders to hand the New York Rangers a big 3-0 skunk at the Bell Centre.

But you already know that and I really don’t have to repeat it. I’m just trying to fill space, that’s all.

Six points from the above mentioned trio, and Lars Eller in particular enjoyed a terrific night. But the team in general played well and took care of a battered Rangers team who were without a bunch of guys, including Rick Nash and Michael Del Zotto. But who cares if they’re battered? Most people never seem to mind when the Canadiens have injuries so the heck with New York’s problems. Looks good on Fonzie Tortorella.

Montreal had Brendan Gallagher back in uniform after his slight concussion, but Rene Bourque was out with the flu, which he probably caught from Carey Price or PK Subban, who went through it a few days back. Hopefully Bourque, a guy who has been reincarnated this season, will be fine by Monday when the team travels up the 417 to Ottawa to meet the beat-up Senators. But again, who cares if Ottawa is beat-up?

Random Notes:

The fourth line of Travis Moen, Colby Armstrong, and Ryan White earned their money in fine fashion, and I feel every guy on the roster showed up on this night, even though they managed just three shots in the first period, which happened to be the number of shots the boys got in the first period the last time they played the Rangers. The question now lingers – Will Tortorella say anything nice about the team that beat his?

Shots on goal – Montreal 18, NY 17.

Habs in Ottawa Monday and Toronto on Wednesday. Really need these games. The Sens are hurting and the Leafs are as despicable as they’ve ever been. Maybe more so.

Max Pacioretty was hit hard by Ryan McDonagh and for a few minutes looked to be snake bitten again, but he was fine and shortly after got payback with a nasty check to McDonagh. The Rangers D-man, who went to NY as part of the Scott Gomez deal in 2009, might be eating ice cream for awhile.



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  1. Dennis, while I don’t like to see anyone injured, I do feel that Montreal has paid more than their fair share of dues when it comes to that and you’re right, no one had sympathy for the Habs when they lead the league with man hours lost. So to hell with ’em!

  2. Hi Tyg! Yes, we’ve had more than enough over the past few years. Hab haters rejoiced. So we can’t feel bad about other teams. Ottawa’s in bad shape and we need to take advantage of this. Then it’s on to Toronto…….

  3. Dennis Kane, you really are the finest commentator on all things Habs and it is a bloody shame Mr. Geoff Molson hasn’t appointed you to the position of stick boy yet.

    As nasty as it was, Patches payback hit to McDonagh was the turning point in the game which swung the momentum in favour of the Habs.

    Hey. If the refs don’t do their jobs then payback or justice will arrive in another manner.

    I just loved the look of disgust on the face of TortElvis as he left the building.

  4. The Rangers post-game panel was all over Patch’s hit and LEAPING into McDonaugh. They were calling for a multigame suspension (they also said Clowe’s stunt should not be a multigame suspension). Considering the NHL’s offices are in New York and NBC must have them in the playoffs, I expect bad news for Max.

    FYI, an example of the #1 organization in sports carries over to their radio broadcasts. I silence my CentreIce package announcers (always the other team’s feed) and listen to TSN690’s call. Last night I had some message the broadcast was available in Louisiana. A quick email asking why to the station was promptly responded to and I was listening to a pro-Montreal call. I wonder how many other station would care about a listener like that?

    Now, on to Ottawa. We owe them big time!!!

  5. I read some stuff from the Rangers fans pov and it’s pretty interesting. What McD did was ok, it wasn’t anything bad, but Pacioretty is of course the evil player who should get a big multi-game suspension.

    I glad Pacioretty did that. He’s almost decapitated by McD and no one says a word so good for him and Ranger fans can cry me a river. Picture what some of the guys would have done in the old days as payback.

    Dennis, I need to ask this very important question:

    There is a song the Habs play every game that I’m dying to know the name of. I heard it’s the ‘Russian Song’ but do you or anyone know what it’s actual name is? It starts slow then builds up quickly and goes faster and faster…not much of a description but they’ve played it for decades.

  6. Oh my– the ultimate Sat nite—Leafs lose& my boys WIN — both wins last nite on home ice; the roar of the crowd is music of The Who’s magnitude!!! I read some things about Prust & like him even more; seems he wants to contribute more to the team than just fighting–‘ole ## 22 would be PROUD. Coach Thornbush seems to have sucsess shuffling his lines. Will come in handy should injuries OR suspenions happen. Seems Pac ain’t taking any crap along the boards anymore!!! On a highlite reel –did I see a little smirk on his face? Is Boton on the schedule soon?? Wait till NEAR future when the pre-game ceromonies have the 2013/14/15/16 HABS passing the torch!!! We ONLY hang STANLEY CUP BANNERS FROM THE BELL RAFTERS. Sorry folks South mid west Ont. is a lonely HAPPY place for a HABS fan these daze and if YOU –my family of sorts-will tolerate my “visits” it would ease the isolation. Enjoy your Sunday.

  7. I had better watch what I say pertaining to Therrian’s style of coaching is concerned.
    Who would of thought that the Hab’s and the Ducks would be sitting 2nd and third in the league.

  8. Ian, they’re doing so great but it’s still to close. They need to open up some space so we can breathe easier.

  9. Peter Hab, we love your visits. You’re a welcomed member of our family and I’m sure Thornbush would agree. When I own the team there will be a job for you. I haven’t figured it out yet but it’ll be a good job.

  10. Darth, I’m glad Pac did it too. It shows in a big way that we won’t be pushed around. I also think that when the time comes, Pacioretty would make a good captain.

  11. Good stuff, Mike Mc. I’ve seen examples many times that the Canadiens organization is as good as it gets.Thank God Harold Ballard never got hold of them. Did you move to louisana, or have you been there for years, and did you go there to work? It’s very interesting. And you get to go to Mardi Gras, which is near the top of my bucket list.

  12. DK, I say F–K what Tortorella has to say. He’s as insufferable as Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots, legends in their own minds!!!

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