Habs Blank Jets

Suddenly the Canadiens see themselves with a tidy three-game winning streak after shutting out the Jets 3-0 in Winnipeg, thus making the Western swing a big success with three wins in four games. Curse those Flames.

Carey Price was solid as the Rock of Gibraltor, David Desharnais enjoyed his finest game of the six played so far, and Daniel Briere shook the monkey off his back thanks to Michel Therrien, who had him out with the Jets’ net empty, and Briere didn’t miss.

Imagine if he would have?

But all this good stuff came with a price. Max Pacioretty did the splits that would make Baryshnikov envious, but unfortunately it also looked painfully serious and he could be gone for awhile. Maybe it just looked bad. We wait to hear.

Max hasn’t been the luckiest. He’s had a rash of things happen to him, from a Chara mugging to an emergency appendectomy to a Grabovski hand-biting, but he always comes back sooner than expected and hopefully he’ll continue this habit. Get well soon, Max.

The Habs were too much for the Jets in the first two periods and held on in the third, but Carey Price simply stopped everything as the boys were outshot 36-25, and how great it is to see our backstopper playing like he did tonight and in Vancouver. It’s a confidence booster for him, his 22 teammates, and 10 million Habs fans.

David Desharnais played like it was two years ago and was dangerous and handled the puck brilliantly all night. Of course there was that one time that he cruised in front of the Jets’ net with the puck and held onto it for about an hour before eventually losing it. It would have been such a thing of beauty had he converted.

But he didn’t and it continues to be a work in process. But maybe he’s on the right track.

Brandon Prust opened the scoring in the first, P.K. blasted home another bullet, and Briere hit his target in third.

It’s a beautiful thing.

Except for the Max part.

Random Notes:

Rene Bourque and Tomas Plekanec. It’s time, don’t you think?

Next up – back home to the Bell for a Thursday night clash with Columbus. Four straight would be nice.

5 thoughts on “Habs Blank Jets”

  1. I agree with your assessment–DD’s best game of the young season, though I too was left baffled when he turned a two on one into a one on three. Price’s best game as well; he was cool, calm and collected. The MaxPac injury looked absolutely awful. It has the looks of an ACL or MCL injury, either one of which can end a season. Let’s hope not………

  2. But DD redeemed himself when he swarmed in for a takeover in their zone, made a brilliant pass across the ice as his teammates brought it to the net (without a goal).

    DD is a play-maker. He fed the puck beautifully 2 or 3 times that could have been converted into goals but the guys he fed it to we’re unsuccessful. He played better in back-checking as well then the last five games.

  3. On your last point, we can definitely agree. He backchecked very well last night, including one play in the second period where his defensive play stopped a good scoring chance for the Jets.

  4. I just watched the game on Canadiens Express and it occured to me the Habs have won every game I did not watch this year.

    Maybe I should keep doing this…

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