Habs’ Big Line Big

Tampa Bay was given an overdose of MEDs tonight – Max, Erik, and David, as Montreal’s top line scored four of the team’s five goals on their way to a 5-2 romp over a fairly lousy Lightning team, a team which has allowed more goals than any other in the league. (TB has allowed a whopping 275 goals. Montreal, as an example, has given up 223).

This is slightly unusual. I’m so used to being disappointed about the Habs that it’s like a breath of fresh air to dump on another for a change.

It just goes to show that although a team can have some dynamite in their lineup, like Steven Stamkos, Vincent Lecavalier, and Martin St. Louis, you need so much more than a few stars to be a contender. But that’s all they have, and I’m not feeling bad about this.

Montreal was simply the better bunch on this night. Their passes were sharp, especially Peter Budaj’s nice set-up to Lecavalier, who, unfortunately, was on the other team. But regardless, it was a beautiful pass, right on the tape. Very impressive.

Alexei Emelin, with his third of the season, opened the scoring, and Erik Cole and Max Pacioretty would notch two apiece, giving these two 34 and 32 goals respectively, which is nothing to sneeze at. And David Desharnais once again kept the line moving at a splendid pace and now has himself a nice 60 point season (16 goals, 44 assists), after setting up Emelin and then Cole’s first marker.

Frankly, I can’t wait for next season to see these three sparkle. If only Tomas Plekanec can find the elusive chemistry potion to form a formidable second line. Rene Bourque was supposed to be a piece of this second line puzzle, but alas……

I watched the game with my Russian son-in-law and he exclaimed in his thick Russian accent that it’s too bad the team couldn’t play like this all season. It’s a good point but frankly, to bring things back to reality, it was only Tampa Bay.

But still, I agree with him.

Random Notes:

Shots on goal – Montreal 25, TB 16

Did you notice the extremely lovely lady behind the Tampa bench?

Stamkos came into the game with 58 goals and left with 58 goals. He’s going to have to get his 60th against Toronto, which seems right to me.

Canadiens travel to Raleigh to take on the Hurricanes Thursday night.

7 thoughts on “Habs’ Big Line Big”

  1. That drops us to the 3rd pick in the June draft. I still want to end the season with a win over the Leafs this weekend so all these other sad-sack teams better start winning.

  2. I’m already drooling over the start of next season. Molson’s press conference was good one and it’s gotten me really pumped for next season. Sadly we have to wait a hell of a long time for it. Way too long.

    I think we’ll be a more dynamic team next year for sure. We may not be perfect yet but I think we’ll see a team that’s actually exciting and better than we’ve seen in many years.

    There are many lovely ladies in Montreal Dennis. Best thing about summer by far.

  3. it just dawned on me. only teams shitty enough to miss the playoffs have a chance at finishing the season on a winning note. along with the starley cup champs of course.

  4. Ditto what Christopher said, I hate the the Laff’s & want to be 1 point better!

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