Habs Better At Least, But No Ole in San Jose

Certainly for the Canadiens it was a much better effort in San Jose than it was the previous night in Anaheim, but the scoreboard still showed another loss, their fourth in a row, and California Dreamin’ has quickly become California Bummer.

But they looked better, for what it’s worth. And they gained a point, if it’s any consolation.

I must give full discloser here. I forecasted this. But no way am I to blame. Is a weatherman to blame when he forecasts rain?

In the second period, with the score tied at two, my wife Luci asked me how I thought it would turn out. I answered, because I’m feeling slightly depressed about the team right now, that Erik Cole would score in the third period to put the boys ahead, and late in the game, San Jose would tie it. Then I added, no one would score in overtime and the Sharks would win it in the shootout.

So what happened? Cole scored in the third period to put the boys ahead, San Jose tied it late in the game (with 1:26 left on the clock), no one scored in overtime, and the Sharks won it in the shootout.

My wife is now blaming me for this loss. But it wasn’t rocket science. Cole was as good a bet as any to score for the Habs, and we know one-goal leads aren’t safe with these guys. And Carey Price hasn’t exactly been stellar in shootouts.

So I’m not responsible for this loss. No way. Maybe a little negative, but not responsible.

Random Notes:

David Desharnais had a goal and two assists, plus a goal in the shootout, and played a fine game. And both Cammy and Cole had a goal and an assist.

There were two bone-rattling bodychecks to speak of, one dished out by Alexei Emelin, who is showing he can punish with the best of them, and Erik Cole was on the receiving end of another when he had his head down and bell rung. But to his credit, he got up and carried on.

Shots on goal – Sharks 41, Habs 32

Now it’s back to LA to take on the Kings in what I think is a 3 pm ET game but you might want to double-check that.

15 thoughts on “Habs Better At Least, But No Ole in San Jose”

  1. This team kills me.

    Before the game began I figured it would be a loss. The Sharks will kill us, I was sure of it.

    Then we get the first goal. Wow, maybe I’m wrong and they’ll win this one just to confuse us all. Then the Sharks score. Dammit!

    We go ahead again and my spirits soar. Then they score. Down go the spirits.

    Then we score again and once again spirits soar. Then with just 90 seconds left they go right down the drain.

    Overtime comes and I’m thinking: maybe, just maybe we’ll do it. Nope.

    Right after that I thought: ok, this will be another loss. Hopes up for nothing.

    Talk about toying with your emotions. This team needs change. The general belief around the league is that the team stopped playing for the coach against the Ducks. Then last night they look like they do, but then he puts Moen and Subban on the shoot-out.

    He needs to go and I hope it’s quickly because we will not make the playoffs. I hope Molson realizes that!

  2. I agree with Darth.
    – They did play better.
    – Weber is not playing well and will be in pressbox when Markov gets back and hopefully Emelin is in.
    – Cammy was the defensive screw-up on the late tying goal. He may have scored but he is still a liability on D.
    – Why the fuk are Subban and Moen in the SO? Is JM just plain stupid?

    I was hoping to wake up and hear JM was fired. Are the Molson’s just plain stupid too?

  3. I feel like I am you guys personal shrink…


    Habs are 4th in PK and 27th in PP

    Your team is in neutral ……

    Markov on the PP will really help big time because the Habs

    play tight to the vest hockey with the worlds #1 goalie ….

    An offensive stud like Markov on the PK will tip the balance in

    these tight games ….

    Cole is a great acquisition ….

    Its all about great goaltending and the Habs have it

    Now do I dare mention who is 1and 2 in league scoring

    “Phil the thrill” and Lupul …..ooops I may have just jinxed


  4. Not much else to say about the game. Plekky should have been in the shoot out. Price played well but he looked exhausted and frustrated by the shoot out. I agree Martin seems a little disoriented but I still don’t think he should be canned!

    Saturday’s game is slated for 3:30. Quick is probably the best goalie in the league. I’m calling it 3-0 for the Kings. Blame me all you want.

    -David out

  5. How depressing is this?

    For once, I’d for them to actually hold onto a lead, They get the fans happy for a few minutes, then fall flat later.

    Price played a great 65 minutes. But it’s the shootout that was the killer.
    I don’t know what’s up with him and shootouts lately. But it didn’t seem so long ago when a younger Carey Price stood between the pipes and was an absolute stud in the shootout during the IIHF to lead Team Canada to the gold medal.

    The team played pretty well overall, but obviously “Pretty well” isn’t enough for them to capture a freakin’ win. If the team doesn’t bounce back next game and Martin is still behind the bench, I will be shocked.

  6. Hobo, c’mon. I like Leaf Fan’s comments. He’s probably the only fan of another team that comes here and doesn’t raise shit. He says good things, he’s an oldtimer like us, and he’s welcome here anytime.

  7. Phil, I thought overall they did look okay, but they’re still missing that killer instinct. And the power play is patheitc. But I’m still hoping to see them turn it around. I just wish they’d hurry up.

  8. David, yes, Pleks should’ve been there. Just another head-scratcher in a long list of head scratchers. And yes, you’re to blame if the Habs lose. especially if it’s 3-0.

  9. They don’t have killer instinct because Martin can’t instill it in them at all. He’s never been able to get him to have that and it makes me think of our series against Boston. We had them by the throat, up 2-0 in the series then we let our foot of the gas…and we all know the rest.

    GO FOR THE KILL! Run up the score! Don’t be shy!

    You think Boston, Toronto, or any other team would do this? No, it has to be us doing it. Can’t be too aggressive now or score too many goals. Wouldn’t be proper.

  10. Thanks for the support Dennis … Oh so Hobo is the same age as

    us … I though he was a snotty nosed young dude … I wanted

    you to give him a cuff upside the ear to show some respect for a

    beat up old warrior Leaf Fan….

  11. a snotty nosed young dude? with good nature i shall except that as the insult it was meant to be………. LF makes many good points but that does not qualify him to think himself our personal shrink and assume we need one. thus my comment, albeit a bit crude…………. leaf fan, let’s kessel and make up.

  12. “Kessel and make up” ?

    Phil does have that cuddly Teddy Bearishness to him … a player all mothers would be proud of…Thats why the Leafs need Bobby Ryan…

    Make up accepted hobo

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