Habs Beaten By Blues

The Canadiens were in St. Louis Tuesday night where the boys blew a two-goal lead (Paul Byron and Tomas Plekanec), and lost 3-2 in overtime.

But that’s all I can say about this. I’m waiting for my enthusiasm to return. It’s been gone for several games now.

But I would like you to know that I’ve lost 8 pounds by walking a lot and I now look like a friggin Adonis.

And if that isn’t interesting enough, there’s this: The decision to separate opposing players in the penalty box came after October 30, 1963 when Montreal’s Terry Harper and Toronto’s Bob Pulford fought on the ice and then continued their disagreement in the box after they’d been sitting side by side.

And if ALL THAT isn’t enough, Rocket Richard once said in a questionnaire that the one man he wanted to meet in person was actor John Wayne.

12 thoughts on “Habs Beaten By Blues”

  1. A disappointing finish to a strong effort. Hard for me to believe the Habs finished that trip at 2-2-1, it seemed like a disappointing trip. We”l, they’re in first place and in two weeks I see our heroes play in the Bell Centre…

  2. Delete that message it came out all screwy! They blew it is what I was saying and it was not because DD was injured. Two goal leads should not be blown. Go figure. etc.
    Goodnight Adonis! hahaha

  3. Mike, you said you’d comment when Pleks scored and you did! Have a great time in Montreal. Do you have snow tires? It’s the law there this time of year.

  4. They’ve always been good at blowing leads, Bill. It’s one of their best things. And along with several of the boys needing to play better, I’m now including Weber in this bunch. Damn.

  5. Because my car’s not registered in Quebec, I’m good on tires. However, if the Habs are really in need of a centre, I could stay on and buy a set!

  6. Yeah Mike, I was thinking about that later. A visitor wouldn’t be affected. One of my brain farts in action.

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