Habs Beat Penguins, And Figuring Out Where Elmer Lach Probably Was

Yes it’s good the Canadiens beat Pittsburgh 4-3 in exhibition play. But probably more important then this is that a captain is emerging from the non-captained team. Brian Gionta has been a star in this pre-season, like he was destined to play for the Canadiens, and has shown leadership and exhibited a serious danger factor while on the ice. He scores, he assists, he hits posts, he talks to his linemates, he’s all over the place. He’s a delight.

He should be captain. No one else has come to the forefront the way Gionta has.

Canadiens now don’t play until Thursday when they greet the Bruins for a rematch. Players are now being sent down in big numbers, and so this upcoming Bruins game, along with the the final one against Buffalo on Saturday, will showcase more of an example of the team which will open the season. We’re getting down to the nitty-gritty.

It’s also time to relax a touch, get away from the rink, don’t take wins or losses too seriously in this pre-season, and say a nice farewell to summer before we welcome hockey season for real. So let’s join the boys on a fishing trip.

An Algonquin guide takes Gerry McNeil, Doug Harvey and Maurice Richard fishing in this mid-fifties photo. Elmer Lach went too but is nowhere to be seen. But after some serious deductions, I’ve figured out he was probably taking the picture. I should maybe think about working for CSIS or the FBI.


11 thoughts on “Habs Beat Penguins, And Figuring Out Where Elmer Lach Probably Was”

  1. Fishing from a plane? Never heard of that. Oh well.

    I dont care whos captain, as long as the coach doesn’t feel pressured to pick one. He should just send out 3 A’s every game until a natural leader emerges. I don’t really have an opinion on who should be captain since I have no idea who the leaders are. I only hear about who the leaders are from somebody who knows somebone whos friends uncle guessed who the leaders are. In my opinion, Martin should either wait, or if he feels that the team needs an official captain, take a vote. Let the players chose among themselves who their leader is. That was originally how Koivu became captain, and nobody could say those players made the wrong choice.

    I missed tonights game because i assumed that a hockey team could only play so many games in so many nights. I assumed wrong. Keep this up and they’ll have a longer season then the MLB.

  2. I agree with Gillis, the Habs should plan on going the season with three A’s. Although Gionta may be the most deserving, 5 pre-season games is just not enough time to make a decision. Maybe before the playoffs they can poll the players if they want a captain and who.

  3. Methinks Gainey/Martin will make their choice at the team teen ranch retreat in Caledon and that it’ll be Gionta.

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