Habs Beat All Odds And Even Series

Those wild and crazy Montreal Canadiens! They came from behind and beat the Pittsburgh Penguins 3-2 to tie the series. What drama, what suspense. What officiating.

It just didn’t seem fair for some reason. Montreal was only allowed to put six players on the ice at a time, while Pittsburgh had one goalie, two defensemen, three forwards, and two referees playing. But regardless. The Canadiens stormed back after it looked like they’d never recover from a first period 2-1 Penguins lead, found their legs in the third, and with a beautiful grinder goal by Maxim Lapierre and a shot from the side by Brian Gionta that had eyes, the tide was turned.

Suddenly, the Bell Centre was exploding, the crowd sensed that victory could be snatched from the jaws of defeat, and the deafening noise could be heard almost to Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia. I couldn’t hear it on the west coast, though. I was too busy cheering like crazy to hear anything anywhere else.

I’m very proud of my heart. It didn’t stop once, although it came very close. And I’m so proud of the Montreal Canadiens. They fought through adversity, put a blanket once again over the big guns (mostly), and I’m left blissfully brain-dead with almost nothing left to say. You saw it, your heart took a beating, and we come out smiling.

Wow, what a night!

On a more downer note, I’m guessing the officials of tonight’s game, who will remain nameless, grew up with a real hate-on for the Habs.

Even Don Cherry, who normally doesn’t defend the Habs in any which way, said the calls against Montreal were ridiculous. “I tell it like it is,” said Don.

Yes they were ridiculous. CBC also showed a montage late in the game of about ten different occasions where Pittsburgh got away with murder. Obvious infractions. These zebras should be hauled up on the red carpet.

But I digress. Even though Pittsburgh’s two goals in the first came as a direct result of the referee’s ill-timed decision to drop acid before the game began.

Random Notes:

Montreal’s first goal came from guys we’ve been harping at to get more production from. Tom Pyatt was the marksman with help from Travis Moen and Glen Metropolit. We need more of this.

I think I need to go and lie down now for a few minutes. My pulse is still racing. This was another fine example of hockey being the world’s fastest and most exciting game.

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  1. simply amazing. reffing was simply amazing (hope they get confronted by some fans while eating dinner – they deserve at least an earful). Montreal was the betterr team tonight and it showed. MAF is nothing like Halak. He was weak and overmatched. Best game I have seen in many many years. We get at least one more home game. I seen Malkin go down twice so I think hes pretty beat up right now. YAY!!

  2. It was never in doubt Dennis.

    Okay, maybe for a minute or two. But that’s the Habs for you. Gotta make it dramatic and all that…

    These refs don’t deserve to remain nameless. I want their names. I want to know where they live.

    They stole a shutout from Halak as far as I’m concerned.

    But I guess that makes the victory that much sweeter.

    Now crybaby Crosby’s going to wet the bet worrying about how come the refs couldn’t fix the game for him. How dare they let a lowly 8th place team win like that?

    Expect even more brutal officiating in Pittsburgh. If that is even possible.

    I think Jacques Martin must read your blog Dennis, because as you know we had game #3’s loss all figured and provided him with the solution he needed to win this one. Play more of your lunchbox carriers!

    We are the giant killers!

  3. Well Dennis, (changed my intro a bit) that was probably the best game I have seen in years,imagine ten minutes in the first period without a whistle,I was tottaly in awe of this contest.Let me steal a page from your post a few times ago if I could,the reffing was just …not fine.Well if I can say this without explaining what the letters stand for,the reffing NFG.I really cant believe that they missed all those calls because they were looking the other way. I am not going to dwell on a terrible thing this was,the Habs came through,I was just a screaming through it all.Montreal defence played superbly,Josh Georges,Roman Hamerlic,P.K Subban,Ryan O’bourne and lets not forget Marc Andre Bergeron who played a very responsible game on defence.I was impressed,tottaly.Now t get myself psyched up to go to work next Monday,oh the humanity of it all.

  4. Dennis, you need to do those report cards more often… they sure do the trick hey, just a thought…could you maybe do those same kind of report cards on the officials? Not just the ones who are “working (it)” in the eastern division either. You know what I mean.
    That was one friggin’ excellent game ‘o hockey, my friend. I think that I did hear the family of Malkin in the distance, far…far away, sounded like cursing in a strange language, when he missed the breakaway chance to tie it up. I sure do like to watch your Halak in action.

  5. After the game Elliotte Friedman asked Gionta about the officiating. He replied with a simple “No comment”, but you could see in his face he was holding back a tirade of curses and a smirk because they overcame it.

  6. Sorry to prattle on and on but we just passed an important milestone. We won our sixth game. Only ten wins to go. It has to get a little easier at some point. especially after that has happened these past 3 weeks. I just believe … 🙂

  7. Sometimes I think we let the final outcome of a game skew our opinion of the whole game. Despite the lack of whistles, both penalty and play stoppage, we were not that good through the first and second periods but that was a much better third than I’ve seen in a long while. It didn’t seem that we were falling back into a defensive shell trying to protect the lead as we so often have done in the past. Anyway it was still a very satisfying win and is there a Habs fan out there who isn’t excited to see PK as a regular on the blue line next year?

  8. You got it, Dis John. We palyed the best third period maybe of all year. Usually we try to weather the storm. And yes, seeing a brilliant young rushing defenseman in the Habs lineup is a wonderful and refreshing thing.

  9. Chris, we overcame every obstacle. And when I say “we”, I mean it. All Habs, players and fans, are in this together.

  10. Jan, I’m all giddy. Thanks for your support and may the Canucls do well also. Imagine – Habs and Canucks. Right now, after four games, I’m in heaven.

  11. They came through, Derry. And thanks for mentioning Bergeron. He was good, and I’ve been hard on him. Thanks.

  12. Habs win 2 games straight and move onto the Conference finals. Period.
    Habs want it more, Baby Crosby can’t find his game so he cries to his mommy and says that the Habs are “super mean” and that they hurt his feelings.
    Halak has risen to the occasion, and will bring our team to the cup. (Never thought i would ever say that this season.) The playoffs, what a beautiful thing.

    Who knew that, being the 8th seed would be such an advantageous thing?

  13. what a win! what a game! what an amazing 3rd period!!

    Subban!……….what a game he had……Larry Robinson reincarnated maybe even better

  14. It sure looked like the ref’s have been given a mandate from the league to give the Pens ample opportunity to knock off the Habs’, and I say fine…
    Now the Habs can have the mentality of Us against the World, blatant calls missed, no matter, our team rose up & showed character, resiliancy and the will to overcome.
    I am extremely proud of this group, man, the Bell Centre was rocking after
    Gio scored the eventual winner.
    What a game!

  15. One of the refs was Paul Devorski. $5 says he and his partner are done after this series.

  16. d – they’ll probably be underdogs all the way to the night they hoist the Cup. They may or may not get ample respect.

  17. Devorski’s been around a long time too. It was a sad night for officiating. Brutal.

  18. It was a really terrible display of officiating…. or… a great display of terrible officiating.

    What I really liked is that knowing calls were not going (or gonna go) their way… the Habs come out in the 3rd and play hard. Never quit…. tied… took the lead.. and kept working.

    And by the end of the game I heard more comments by Don Cherry and other folk that were rather positive towards the Habs.

    Up until last night, I noticed that (nearly… often) everytime time something went the Habs way… Bob Cole referred to them as being lucky.

    You don’t shut down the Caps with luck.
    You don’t tie the Penguins 2 games to 2 in the 2nd round with luck.

    Luck wins 1 regular season game.

    The officiating almost prompted me to fire my tv out the window…. from what I hear the same scenario almost played out with my neighbour.

    Lot’s of passionate Habs fans out here.

  19. Hey Dennis,

    If you include the non-call against Malkin (tripped a defender) in the last game when Pittsburgh scored on the power play, all of their last three (non-emptynet) goals have been due to bad refereeing.

    The Habs won in spite of the reffing again, and all the pressure’s on Pittsburgh.

  20. CheG – The Habs fought through the Pens and refs and they did it. It’s been an unbelievable ride so far and we need much more.

  21. Hey Yves,
    At some point they’ll get respect but it just hasn’t happened yet. And we’re all so proud of them. What a playoffs so far!

  22. The worst part? Gary Bettman comes out a few days ago and says the officiating is fine. That’s what I don’t get about the NHL. The NFL will come out and say the refs made a mistake, and a touchdown should have counted or something like that. Why can’t the NHL just issue a press release, say there was a mistake, mistakes happen, and move on?

    I almost turned off the TV after Pittsburgh’s second goal. I told my wife that if the refs want to decide this series, I won’t watch anymore of the playoffs, and all it will take is one more bad call that leads to a Penguins goal, and I’m done with hockey for the year. I don’t put all my time during the regular season following a team just to watch them get screwed in the playoffs. What’s the point of that?

    The scary thing is, as bad as the refs have been in this series, they’ve been 10 times worse in the Detroit-San Jose series. That means it is possible that it will get worse.

  23. And Tom, I wonder why it’s come to this. Does it have something to do with the two-referee system, or is it increased pressure from above because of American TV rights? Something’s definitely out of whack with all the non calls and quick calls and weird acts. It was never this bad in the past. (or maybe it was). But through it all, the Canadiens got it done. Wow!

  24. I don’t want to be a “Crosby” about the ref’s, but the missed calls were
    blatant, and the calls made, were iffy, making it seem like there is an
    ulterior motive in place.
    I understand the Champs may get benefit of the doubt calls…but there
    comes a time, when you have to call “Shenanigans.

  25. All I can say, d, is the referees better not blow a game for the Habs from here on in.

  26. I officially nominate Paul Devorski and Eric Furlatt to the NHL Referees Hall of Shame.
    Those two are a strange breed — The Striped Whistled Penguins.

  27. DK, Cherry was spot on & evan showed clips to back up the double standard. The one he missed could have spelled disaster for us, the Pen’s first goal was scored due to a Pittsburg Steeler line backer tackeling PK at the blue line creating a 2 on 0 scoreing chance & they did just that!! Never mind this to be their last series, that should be it for those twits as of last nights display of how not to ref a game!! But GREAT to see the 3rd. period come back.
    Les Canadiens Sont La !!!!

  28. It was a comedy of errors by the officials to be sure.
    Here is just a small sampling of what Paul Devorski and Eric Furlatt missed:

  29. i guess the officiating was lucky too, eh bob cole……. another guy who should make it his last series.
    go habs

  30. Dennis, Montreal sports radio (Team 990) is reporting Andrei Markov is traveling with the Habs to Pittsburgh and that it will be a game-time decision as to if he is to play.
    Were the Habs exaggerating the extent of Markov’s injury as a playoff ploy?
    Or is the radio station just putting out baseless rumours?
    One thing is true. Markov did get on the bus with the Habs.
    Stay tuned.

  31. hey danno,

    can you recommend a sports radio station in montreal that’s heavy into covering the habs.

    i will log on using web

    (english pls)


  32. Update. I’m watching RDS and they are reporting Markov will be out for the duration of the playoffs…

    Why would he travel with the team in that case?

    To cheer them on and encourage them is the only reason I can see.

    But he’s had no surgery yet and he is walking around…


  33. doug
    being tv less i listen to all the games on CJAD with rick moffat and #17 murray wilson. very entertaining. it is worth turning down the tv sound and listening to them. wilson is of course very knowledgeable , altho a real homer which is ok for habs fans, and points out a lot of little, important things the tv jocks miss.
    go habs

  34. thanks hobo,

    will try it out tonite

    did you notice if there is a delay between the audio and the broadcast?

    tv less…..awesome

    i am trying to figuure out how to get all programmng thru my computer and tell cable and the rest of ’em to go to hell.

    go habs!!

    seems like every game is bigger than the previous in importance…tonite being no different

    just think a win tonite and crosby et al go back to the forum (check that bell centre) for game 6 and face THAT hysteria once again!!

    camallieri, gionata , subban, lapierre, halak………who are these guys!

    hiope they have another great game tonite….if they do, we win!

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