Habs And Those Bruins – Live Period To Period

It’s 3:30 pm Pacific, and in just over half an hour the Canadiens take to the ice in Boston to meet those dastardly Bruins. I’m going to be doing what I did last night, and that’s a sort-of-live blog after each period has ended. Vanhouse said he liked it and that’s all I needed to hear.

So welcome to the pre-game show.  If this was the 1970’s, Guy Lafleur would have already smoked half a pack of cigarettes after being at the rink about six hours early.

A good way to make a bunch of easy money is to bet on the Habs now when oddsmakers think they still stink, and there’s no shortage of places to plunk your money down at. The Canadiens get no respect in the media, and no respect with the bookies. But we’re used to it, right?

If you want to see Zdeno Chara in a pink bunny costume, you can see it here The Bruins Blog. Although this time the overgrown lad deserves kudos because it’s all about making kids in the hospital happy. Every team makes these visits and it warms the heart, but I’m not sure anyone has ever dressed up in a pink bunny costume before.

It’s not necessary to say how much we need this game. Maintain the momentum earned from last night, keep the warm and fuzzy feeling, grab two beautiful points, and send Bruins fans home cursing and mumbling about how much they hate the Habs.

First Period

A brief sequence of events ruined what was a decent, hard working, slightly conservative first period for Montreal, and I know Carey Price is a relaxed type of player, but sometimes he has to be slightly less relaxed.

It began with a Petteri Nokelainen interference penalty. Then, with the faceoff in Montreal’s end after Nokelainen went to the box, Tomas Plekanec did what he had to do. He won the faceoff and drew it back.

Unfortunately, Cary Price for whatever reason, wasn’t quite set, or was too relaxed, or didn’t expect Plekanec to win  it that way, but the puck skirted by him and the Bruins now lead 1-0 as both teams sit in their stalls and wipe sweat from their brows and think about the goal.

What a shame. And equally bad was their penalty taking. PK Subban punched a guy in the face for no apparent reason, and was sent off. And interference was called on both Nokelainen and Plekanec.

Price will suck it up and take full responsibility for this, and because he’s such a cool cucumber, he won’t let it bother him, and he’ll continue to be relaxed and terrific. But he needs his team to start scoring.

Second Period

Such a crazy mother of a period. Erik Cole continues to snap out of the slump we were mad at him about, and the big guy tied it for the Habs by deflecting a Spacek shot from the blueline.

But the biggest sub-plot on this entertaining night where folks are getting their money’s worth, is the feud that has developed between P.K.Subban and the guy that makes me grind my teeth just typing his name, Brad Marchand. These guys were apparently friends off the ice, but maybe not now. Their third scuffle in just minutes resulted in a free-swinging affair that went on and on, the crowd seemed electric, and both fought a warrior’s fight.

I believe it’s the first time I’ve seen PK in a full-tilt bout like this, and he almost ended it quickly by just missing with a haymaker. He almost fell on his rear end while doing it, but didn’t, and that’s the main thing. And now I know that he handle himself when called upon. I wasn’t sure before.

I wonder how these two will behave in the third.

Montreal has taken 9 penalties to Boston’s 5, and this has to stop. We’re not going to win if we have to keep killing penalties.

Shots on goal to this point Montreal 24, Boston 19. A real barnburner at the OK Corrall tonight.

Third Period:

A goat in the first, a hero the rest of the way through as Carey Price stands his ground, he and his team knock off the Boston Bruins 2-1 in Boston, and that’s two in a row on the almighty ride back to respectability. They’re returning from the doldrums, and to quote that fat man, comedian, bus driving pool player, Jackie Gleason…”How sweet it is!!”

Tomas Plekanec scored the big winner as he rang it off the post and in, and they held the fort after that. I’m exhausted, and my wife said she was going to have a heart attack. I said not now dear, the game’s on.

Price was excellent, and him being the cool cat that he is, didn’t let his early gaffe distract him from the business at hand. He robbed the dangerous Bruins many times, especially Nathan Horton with three minutes left.

Once again, very proud of the boys. They’re answering their critics, and watching the Habs is so much more fun when they’re playing well.

Saturday the two teams meet again, this time at the Bell, and imagine another win under our belts. I’m already visualizing it.

Props to Travis Moen for skating like the wind and showing pure toughness in the face of adversity. Pk Subban for showing flair and character and moxy, and also skating like the wind. It was a big night for PK.  As it was for Gionta, Eller, Desharnais, the defence et al.

Final shots on goal tally – Montreal 35, them 30.

I’m going to celebrate with a cinnamon bun. Where the heck did I put it?

43 thoughts on “Habs And Those Bruins – Live Period To Period”

  1. Danno, I wonder if they will. That would just be so wrong. I think a lot of them believed Mark Recchi.

  2. At 1.29 to go I believe I detected signs of agitation in the body language of JM. I think he cares!

  3. 2 in a row. Who’d have thought it? Flyers and Bruins in consecutive nights. Those whom the Gods would destroy, they first let them win Hockey Games!

  4. Habs just beat the Starley Cap Charpions

    What do you know about that?

    So glad Travis Moen didn’t damage his golden hands on Lushit’s ugly face

    Great road victory and we’re on a W streak.

    The Price is right!

  5. Danno, I thought Travis Moen was excellent tonight. I’ve never seen him skate so hard. And thanks for the Price Is Right sign. I finally got to use it.

  6. Blue Bayou, it’s a fine night in Habs Universe. I think you should go for a lager and a pack of crisps! In fact, I might do that very thing tomorrow. Thanks for checking in my friend.

  7. I am impressed. Two strong wins against tough competition in the East. Lots of great stuff happened these last two games, I was worried to consecutive games against big times might wear them out; and I’m very relieved. Cole is earning his big bucks, and Price is looking like one of the best in the league, which we all know he is.

    I think Weber is off to an amazing start. He looks confidant and clearly someone the team can lean on to handle lots of ice time. Having Gorges and Spacek back is also really patching up a lot of holes the boat was showing the last year that I was worried might be permanent. Imagine if we had Markov again!

    Great team, great game, great night.

    Lots of smiling hockey fans north of the border tonight I think! 9-8 Jets? My oh my.

  8. Hey Dennis, Great game,I only saw the last period as work was in the way again.I noticed that ,in that period the Habs were having troubles gettting shots on Thomas,it didn’t matter though.I really hope that this can work into something even bigger,like Saturday nite,not saying anything more.

  9. Right on, David. Cole is starting to play the way we hoped, and Subban seems to be coming on more. It’s amzing ho things can change. You bet, we’re a happy bunch.

  10. This was an amazing game! Almost had a playoff-game atmosphere.

    Carey stood on his head and made some amazing saves.

    The game itself just flowed so well, continuous waves of offense back and forth mixed with some good ol’ physicality.

    I never knew Subban was so hated, but I do have to say. If you’re getting booed by the other team’s crowd, it means you’re doing something. the 29 others team may hate PK, but would be beyond happy if they had someone like him on their roster.

    all around great effort from the team, and it’s nice to have the boys back to their old selves. Let’s all hope they keep this up, because it is fun watching them win!

  11. So does this mean it’s safe to come out? It was really starting to look like the sky was falling. Is it possible that the two Randys can have this much impact so soon after Pern is removed?

  12. I must say though, I seriously don’t understand how Bostonians support a team like the Bruins. They’re such pests. If they’re frustrated, they have to go start picking fights.

  13. Yup Dennis, I think we’ve avoided Friedman’s curse and with another win over the Bruins on Saturday we can condemn them to golfing during the play-offs.
    As for the Sens, they’ll be bug splat on our windshield as we race up the standings. Hell the Bruins will mosey past them on the way to the greens.

  14. It did have a special atmosphere, Phil. So interesting to watch. Some games are duds but not this one. I’ve heard people complain before that Subban won’t drop his gloves but he did last night and was fine. Just needs to work a little on his technique. I thought Moen was good last night, Price, Cole. Just a good, all round night. And I don’t think anybody got hurt!

  15. @31, I knew it woldn’t bother Price after that happened. I guess he just wasn’t set. What a great game and can’t wait for Saturday.

  16. Hi Didhonest John, it’s weird that the changind of assistant coaches would change things, but I think, along with that, they just decided enough was enough. It began with the Weber goal and they’ve been a different team since. How great would a win be on Saturday. And when is Ryan White due back?

  17. Yes, Chris, it’s only a matter of time for Ottawa. It’s just silly to see them so far up. It’s not natural. Get back to where you belong, Sens, and take your fans who used to be Habs fans with you.

  18. Price was really good but Diaz save was amazing.
    He deserve the win last night.

    Ok I really love to hit that big Brad’s nose, but he is to small for PK to win any kind of respect. Maybe Desharnais or Gionta can?
    If Gionta give this guy a shot, now Habs (and a good part of NHL) fans will be real proud of the little G.

    Maybe with White on the 4th, it will be a good reason to put them with 1 min 40 seconds to go in a one goal game…

  19. Your “stud” came through between the pipes….

    Now bury the “bully” Bruins on Saturday….3-7-0 would look good on them

    Also love the 9-8 Jets win over “jerk” Flyers…

  20. Dennis, I’ve got a feeling that Leaf Fan in Ottawa is going to become Habs Fan in Ottawa before the end of the season.

  21. Conversion by a citizen of Leaf Nation is an “impossibility”….

    Hatred of the “bully” Bruin and the “jerk” Flyer fans is deep due to the fact

    their teams are not Canadian and therefore by default are “NOT” true

    hockey fans …. They are irrelevant wannabe’s,phonies and ignorant in their

    hockey “souls”..

    I loveeeeee beating the pain in the butt pesky Habs …

    Now please go beat the crap out of the bully Bruins Saturday night

  22. I really loved this win last night. Completely unexpected but do I ever love it. Now THEY are at the bottom instead of us. I just hope we keep it that way.

    Saturday should be a hell of a game.

    The only thing I regret is that we haven’t missed Gomez at all. When he comes back he’ll probably ruin any chemistry we have now. We really don’t need him.

    Sadly after Saturday we’ll have to wait till next Friday for another game.

  23. Darth, the other day the same thought occurred to me. What if Gomez changes the chemistry. I’d also like to know when Ryan White is due back.

  24. Leaf Fan, it’s not an impossibility. I know several old Habs fans that became Sens fans when Ottawa got a team. I still haven’t gotten over it.

  25. Danno, we should find out where he lives in Ottawa and you and Christopher can over there and make him an offer he can’t refuse.

  26. Leaf Fan, I am so hoping that the Flyers still have goalie problems like they’ve had for so long. Didn’t they pay this guy 50 million or something?

  27. You’re right, Vanhouse. Diaz made a game-saver. He’s been good so far. I thought it was good to see PK in a big scrap like that. He needs to fine-tune it, but I’m proud of him. Many critics said he’s never dropped the gloves and he did in a big way. Now that he has a taste of it, we might see him go at it again. It’s all part of getting experience.

  28. That Bryg…whatever his name is, has some kind of contract. And then he stinks. But I guess we can’t talk, we’ve got a contract nightmare too, with an Alaskan.

  29. Dennis I think White won’t be back until December. That’s as far as I know.

    I think the Flyers are in big trouble. Ha-Ha!

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