Habs And The Assassination Of Ferdinand

I just want people to know, especially fans of other teams, that the Montreal Canadiens are connected to the beginning of World War 1.

The First World War came shortly after the assassination of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand, who had expansion on his mind. Much like Gary Bettman. The Serbs didn’t care much for this type of expansion behaviour and shot the poor bugger. Franz, not Gary.


Franz Ferdinand, if he hadn’t taken a bullet, would soon become ruler of Habsburg!

Habsburg was an Austrian and Spanish Royal House beginning sometime in the 11th century, and remains an important European Royal House to this day. There was a Habsburg castle, Habsburg throne, an Archduke Otto von Habsburg, and now, Karl von Habsburg carries on to this day.

I’m just saying. Was there a Bruinsburg, or Leafsburg, or Canucksburg? Otto von Bruinsburg?

No way. But there was a Habsburg!

For more on Habsburg, click here – Habsburg


14 thoughts on “Habs And The Assassination Of Ferdinand”

  1. Thanks for this Dennis.

    I’ll bet there are a lot of kids out there who think Franz Ferdinand is nothing but a rock group…

  2. You’re welcome, Danno. Yes, good old Habsburg. I think Scott Gomez should maybe visit it for awhile. But now I’m depressed after learning there’s a Bruinsburg.

  3. Sorry to break your heart Dennis. I say send Gomez to Bruinsberg like Typhoid Mary visited the States. That would please the pleasant villagers in Habsburg quite well.

  4. There is no Mayor of Habsburg. But they do have a Count…


    From the Encyclopedia Britanica:

    “The first mention of the countship of Habsburg is in a document of 1099, where the name Werner, count of Habsburg, occurs in connexion with the consecration of the monastery of Mari as confirming the grants of the pious foundations made by his ancestors.”

    Werner Count of Habsburg step aside. It’s Count Jacques now.

  5. Dennis, maybe there will be an end to the mediocrity with the imminent return of Andrei Markov who will play alongside his fellow countryman Alexei Emelin Markov is likely to resume his role of quarterback for the Habs power play which has been abysmal when they face the Ducks tomorrow night.


    Also the Habs have called up Louis Leblanc who could provide some offensive spark.



    Ryan White was seen practicing on his own and his return would add much-needed grit and grind. However he is not joining the team for the Western road trip. I really miss him and hope he comes back soon and plays as hard as he did before he was injured with what has been called a sports hernia.

    Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

  6. Thanks Danno. Finally, the Markov injury is coming to a close. Yes indeed he’ll help, especially on the power play. And he should help Emelin too, as you say.
    It’ll be interesting to see Leblanc and how he does. There’s a guy here in town who raves about him but I’ve always said he’s not ready yet. Wouldn’t it be great if Leblanc fit in nicer than nice?

  7. I hope Leblanc is awesome but with Martin he’ll get 4th lines minutes at best and if he screws up once he’ll end up getting his butt nailed to the bench.

    There’s even an idea that he may not play at all. With Markov coming back, Weber may be shifted to the fourth line as a forward. Sigh.

  8. The Habs vs Ducks game is a 10:00 pm start – for those of us in the Eastern Time zone. That’s too late for me so this will be the first game I completely miss this year.

    God knows I need my beauty sleep! 🙂

  9. Don’t worry, Danno. I’ll fill you in. It’s a 7 o’clock start here, even though I have to get up at 3:30 am. But you should tape it in case something cool happens. (I was going to say Gomez scoring but he’s not playing).

  10. Can we play with the fantasy that Serbian Milan Lucic is the reincarnated Gavrilo Princip?! Good thing we don’t have any Austrians on our team…

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