Habs And Sabres Midday Matinee. And Hopefully A Little Help From My Friends

Add one, subtract three. This is Montreal Canadiens mathematics, and it’s the way it’s been for most of this first half of the season. Paul Mara’s back, but erase the Kostitsyn’s and Ryan O’Byrne from the equation. Whatever. Throw everything you can at the good guys. Even the kitchen sink. We’re all used to it now.

The Habs had more chances to score in the first period than Brad Pitt at a drunken bridal shower. They hit a post, stormed in like stormtroopers, had a couple of power plays, and overall outplayed the Buffalonians. But the score remained zero when the siren went. They couldn’t finish, but the future looks bright because eventually the puck’s going to find its way past Buffalo’s Ryan Miller.

At least it should. It might. It could.

The puck is also bouncing around like a tennis ball. Why is that? Was there a circus at the Bell this morning? With a state-of-the-art ice cooling system, conditions should be perfect every game. Fans demand this.

In the second, the Canadiens weren’t quite as impressive as in the first, but still, they had some fine chances. Unfortunately, Buffalo found their legs in this period and managed to tap one home behind Carey Price, who, I believe, thought he had it.

That was that. Buffalo 1, Canadiens 0 after two periods……….

And this is where it gets complicated. I have to go to work now.

So I was wondering (and hoping) that some of you might finish this writeup for me. If you write the third period summary in the comments section, I’ll simply copy and paste it unto the post later on. One of you or several, it doesn’t matter, I’ll put them all up. It also doesn’t matter if it’s long or short. However it happens, you’d be helping a poor guy out. This marathon stretch of evenings shifts (12 in a row) is beginning to wear on me.

But if no one wants to do it, I understand, but I won’t be able to finish the story until I get home and watch the rest. But it’ll be in the wee hours when the game is almost a distant memory. And there’s no guarantee I’ll be completely sane, or sane at all, at this time.


Not much to say other than the only two players who showed up were Ryan Miller and Carey Price.
The odd thing is Buffalo won even though Montreal had the better scoring chances.
But chances don’t win games. Goals do. And no team has ever won by scoring zero goals.
And I knew it was going to be one of those games after we failed to capitalize on the two power plays in the first period.
Sure enough, the lone goal Buffalo’s Tim Conolly in the second was the deciding factor – Markov and Jorges were caught deep in the Buffalo zone and could not race back in time to stop the damage.
As for what happened in the third period, Buffalo remained locked in a stubborn defensive shell and Montreal played very uninspired hockey with nobody providing much of a spark of any kind. Most of the team lacked energy and coordination throughout 60 minutes.
The final four minutes provided the only real excitement, but it was too little too late. We came very close as Price was pulled from his net in the final minute of play. Cammaleri almost tied it in the final seconds on two shots. Close but no cigar.
Frankly, neither team played all that well – We were simply robbed by Miller. So Buffalo got off lucky.
I’m just glad I didn’t pay big bucks to watch this like the poor fans at the Bell Centre.
Maybe the Habs are feeling tired after the long road trip. All I know is they will have to kick it up a notch when they face off against Washington on Tuesday.


6 thoughts on “Habs And Sabres Midday Matinee. And Hopefully A Little Help From My Friends”

  1. Dennis,

    You didn’t miss a thing. Yawn, Sabres won 1-0. Miller was amazing. I’m suggesting a trade, Halak & Price for Miller. At least that would stop the effen goalie controversey and the favoritism from the two camps. Blech, I’m so bloody sick of it.


  2. Danno’s terrific third period writeup is now posted on the main page. He did an excellent job. Thanks, Danno.

  3. Moey this is something I admire about you. You’re not afraid to speak your mind, whether it’s about Koivu and the Ducks, or the new players, or the goalies. Good for you.

  4. Dennis,

    Thanks, it doesn’t always make me popular *shrug*. Somethings just get really irritating after a while and I have to vent.


    Nicely done! Also, an interesting comparison is the 2007/8 edition had trouble winning at home too, but it didn’t stop them from finishing first in the East that year.

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