Habs And Rangers Back A Bit

Mike Wyman posted the clip below on his Facebook page yesterday, which is a minute from a 1932 playoff game between the Canadiens and Rangers.

The title reads – The Lightning Game – Canada beats America in Play-Offs for Stanley Trophy. And in the spring of 1932, both Aurele Joliat and Pit Lepine were injured and didn’t play. So we beat the bastards that night even with key injuries.

At about the 41 second mark, you can see Howie Morenz (number 7) making one of his spirited dashes up ice. A quick sampling of the man’s talent, and so great to see. We need some of that flair on Thursday.

George Hainsworth is in goal for the Canadiens, John Roach is the Rangers netminder, and  Ching Johnson is the big, balding Rangers defenceman rushing near centre ice. Ching trips, like a Ranger should.

Roach’s nickname was “The Port Perry Cucumber”. For Henrik Lundqvist, I like “The Swedish Squash”.

Number 12 for the Habs that you see a couple of times is probably Dunc Munro, who was playing his lone season with the Canadiens, but teammate Georges Mantha, who usually wore number 6, also wore 12 at times during this era.

Toronto won the Cup that year but that’s certainly not interesting.

8 thoughts on “Habs And Rangers Back A Bit”

  1. New York, New York.

    Bad ice, lousy lighting and crappy camera work.

    Not much has changed in 82 years.

  2. Chuck and Danno, I’d love to see a full game from then, to really see Morenz and Joliat.

  3. LA beats Chi 6-2. See people?? This stuff happens. We CANNOT be down because we don’t have Price and are down two. Everything is possible.

  4. I ditto Marjo’s comment!

    I predict the Habs will beat the Rangers tonight by a score of 4-1.

  5. And Danno, I ditto your ditto. I like the 4-1 score, but because it’s yours, I’m going to say 3-2.

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