Habs And Leafs

Just like the old days. Habs and Leafs on a Wednesday night. I grew up with this type of thing. But back then, the Leafs were almost good.

Toronto’s in 7th place in the East with 24 points, which is ridiculous. It’s almost March and they’re sort of still in it. Must have something to do with the short season.

Starting tonight, the Leafs begin their annual spring collapse. It’s the way of the world.

Random Notes;

Michael Ryder’s number will be 73, which means Brendan Gallagher, because he’s a snot-nosed rookie, forfeits it and takes on number 11. Previous Habs number 11 guys include, of course, the legendary Scott Gomez, along with Saku Koivu, Kirk Muller, Ryan Walter, Yvon Lambert, Marc Tardif, Rejean Houle and so on, all the way down to Clayton Frechette during the 1912-13 season.

Approximately 73 Habs in all have owned number 11, which is more than any other.

Number 11’s a nice low number and I feel Gally’s lucky to have it. Same with Brandon Prust with number 8. Considering numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, and 12 are all hanging from the rafters.



3 thoughts on “Habs And Leafs”

  1. DK, I always liked Ryder & could not figure out why they got rid of him, nor can I remember who we got in return. Glad to have him back, not sure whats up with Cole it’s like he decided to fill the void when Gomez left!

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised Michael Ryder comes out with both guns blazing and has a great night. A hat trick would be really nice.

  3. Hey Dennis,Great game,Patches and Gallagher scored nice goals as well as Emilin,Gionta’s was an empty netter so it wasnt anything to brag about.The Habs played a good game ,Colby Armstrong stood out in front of his old team,probably played the best this year I think.Still on top,keep her going guys.

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