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At the World Championships in Sweden, P.K. Subban ended up joining Team Canada for a game, Raphael Diaz’ Swiss team captured silver, and Alex Galchenyuk copped a bronze with the Americans.

On the home front, Michel Therrien was snubbed as a coach of the year candidate, which I disagree with, and Toronto’s Mikhail Grabovski has admitted he bit Max Pacioretty on the arm during the Feb. 9 Habs-Leafs tilt.

Good thing it was the arm and not Max’s hand, Grabovski. Pretty sure I saw Max reach down into his pants, adjust his jock strap, and scratch himself, just seconds before the bite.

And yesterday I gave B.C. Ferries a letter informing them I’m retiring on June 8.





19 thoughts on “Habs And Home News”

  1. Congratulations on your retirement! Might one assume the flag bearer job opened up at the Bell Centre?

  2. Thanks Mike. I’m still waiting to hear from the wives about making them comfortable.

  3. Congratulations on the retirement from BC Ferries! Enjoy your summer! .. and then .. well, I bet you won’t stay ‘retired’. Believe me.

    Hope the weather improves for you soon. Nothing worse than retiring to the rain

  4. Congratulations on the retirement, Dennis! May it bring you nothing but peace, quiet and contentment!

  5. Hi Randy, I agree with you. I’ll need to do something other than sit on the couch. Working on things as we speak.

  6. Congratulations Dennis and all the best to you and Luci!

    Enjoy your l-o-n-g weekend! πŸ˜†

  7. Thanks Danno. Maybe we’ll be able to see you guys at some point in the near future if you’re going to be around.

  8. Hey Dennis,Great news my friend,a step in the right direction.I hope all goes well for you and Luci.Enjoy your retirement to the fullest.

  9. Thanks Derry. It’s a tad scary, and also totally exciting. Gonna have to watch the nickels though. (I’d say pennies but they’re no longer).

  10. Does that mean there’s nobody left to give those travellers that 140% they’ve come to expect?

  11. I hope the Captain hoist the flag of the Montreal Canadiens on the ferry’s flag pole for your last day at work.

  12. Good for you Dennis, enjoy some down time While you can!
    @ Danno, saw your tweet while checking sites about the elevator strike in Ontario, thanks for the support & even the Loaf fans said thanks!!
    Cheers from the East!!!!

  13. Beatnik, with me not there, no one will give 140%. Maybe 40%. It’s a damn shame. πŸ™‚

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