Habs And Caps Square Off At The Bell

Almost to the minute after the siren sounds to end the Habs-Caps game today, I have to rush off to work and help keep things going while the rest of you eat, drink, and be merry. So I need to have some sort of game recap all wrapped up before I head out the door.

I guess the only way is for me to babble on during the game, a game where questions linger. Can Montreal win? Will they blow a lead? How many breakaways will Tomas Plekanec get? Will Gomez score? Will PK slew-foot anyone? Will Alexei Emelin send fellow countryman Alex Ovechkin into the third row? What about the lousy power play? And will Molson’s ten-dollar beer sales be up or down?

How will they do? Only Mike Milbury and PJ Stock know for sure, because they know pretty well everything there is to know.

Back in a bit.

The game is underway, Peter Budaj is in nets for Montreal, and the way he plays today will go a long way in deciding whether I fire him or not when I own the team. So far so good.

Both teams are feeling each other out in these early minutes, and yes, I feel it. The Habs will win the Cup. They’re playing that well. Gomez, on a line with Lars Eller and Mathieu Darche, didn’t score on his first shift, in case you were wondering.

Washington’s Dennis Wideman sent a fluff ball over Budaj’s shoulder to give the Caps a flukey 1-0 lead. Budaj couldn’t see it. At least I’m hoping he couldn’t see it. If he could see it, he’s fired. Wideman’s shot reminds me of mine.

Please bear with me. It’s tricky to watch the game and type with two fingers at the same time.

The game’s first penalty goes to Emelin, a bit of a chintzy call, but the Canadiens kill it. It’s one of the things they do well. We have at least that to hang our hats on.

Period’s over, it’s 1-0 Washington, and I feel it’s only a matter of time before this Canadiens juggernaut starts smoking and explodes into a fireball of net-filling.

Period two underway and the Cole line puts the pressure on. I’d like to divide Gomez’s 7 million-plus salary into three and give it to Cole, Pacioretty, and Desharnais. Is that progressive thinking or what?

Gomez takes a shot. Crowd goes ooh and aah.

Habs almost score – Desharnais, Cole etc, then at the other end, Peter Budaj throws his stick which leads to a penalty shot. STOPPED by Budaj. Still waiting for that Habs fireball of net-filling. Should be anytime now.

Montreal’s first power play of the game. Should they decline it? Can they score? I’ll let you know in the next sentence.

Nope. Of course not. What did you expect?

That’s it for the second period. Still nothing from the Canadiens. What a sad sack bunch. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry but I’m leaning towards laughing.

Final frame;

Five minutes gone, still no Habs explosion. Not even a trace of smoke.

2-0 Washington. Kaberle plays soft and gives up the puck. Kaberle’s a bum.

At least they’re not blowing a lead, if that’s any consolation.

Gomez rushes, over to Eller, and a 10 mph backhand is stopped by Vocoun. It just doesn’t get any more exciting.

Kaberle f**ks up, which leads to another penalty shot. This time it’s a goal, it’s now 3-0, and did I mention what a bum Kaberle is?

That’s it. I’ll just fast forward the last few minutes and be done with. Shut out 3-0. It’s disgraceful.

Now I’m off to work, which will feel like a holiday in Hawaii compared to watching this bunch.













9 thoughts on “Habs And Caps Square Off At The Bell”

  1. Hey Dennis,You might enjoy going to work more then watching the game, it may be more fun. Check out your email,I sent you a couple of pics.

  2. DK, can you see Gomez’s home town in Alaska from where you work at BC Ferries? If so do they have a sign erected that says “This is the Home Town of Scott Gomez, you know the guy who makes 7 Million and hasn’t scored a goal in a whole frigging Year. We’re hometown Proud!!”

  3. Dennis,

    It’s freezing in London, the snow is settling and I had the chance to watch the Habs live on a Saturday evening. It felt like proper hockey time, Canadian if you will. I was so looking forward to it.

    I’d just settled down when the telly broke, so I had to let my little girl watch a magic show, which is her Saturday night treat, on the computer instead, so I missed half of the first and second periods.

    Then when I did get to see it they gave up 2 goals in the third, just when I was hoping they might spark a comeback.

    So disheartening. I’m going to wander out into the freezing snow in just my pants. I may be some time.

  4. It’s getting hard to watch this bunch. Even knowing that they’re not really this bad, wait check that maybe they really are this bad a team. How many shutouts against at home this year? In a nutshell; even Plecs can’t seem to do anything right, Subban is having a typical sophomore slump, Price while still playing well often lets in a stinker each game and usually early, too much money to players not doing what they are paid to do. Hopefully what? Better next year? Who can save this team from a repeat of this year? I really thought Gainey could bring the glory back but it’s not happening.

  5. These bums don’t even care about the fans anymore. There was a a lot of little kids at the Bell Centre for this matinee game and you would think they would put in a good effort if only to leave the young fans with a good impression. But no. The kids went home thinking you can make millions without even breaking a sweat.

    What a bad example the Habs are to the youth of today.

    Shame on most of them for just mailing it in.

  6. I really don’t care anymore. I’m at the stage now where I just watch the games with a morbid curiosity.

    They’ve now hired a psychologist for the team. Imagine that! Our beloved Habs now have had to hire an actual therapist to help the team. Incredible.

    One the bright side at least Gomez made it to his anniversary. One full year without a goal. What I am looking forward to is seeing when and if he will actually score this year. That’s kind of fun. Who will be the goalie that will live with the infamy of letting in Scott’s single goal of the year after a year (or more) without?

    So….I guess it’s go Leafs go? Go Hawks go?

    I’ll root for the Leafs. Why not? I like Reimer and I get a kick out of Brian Burke.

  7. Well DarthAlexander rooting for the Leafs is not for the faint of heart as the Leafs are still just 2 points from falling to 9th even with their current good play. League parity is strong.
    I am perplexed by the total collapse of a player like Gomez with is past history of great play in his career. I cannot believe someone collecting 7 million a year is not putting out 100% for 20 mins of work night 3 times a week. I think its total clean house time for the Habs on the management level…..

  8. Darth and Leaf Fan, I’ll cheer for the lovable loser Buds too. Though if I had any money to bet, I sooner put it on Montreal to go .750 to make the play-offs than Toronto to go the .550 that they’ll need.

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