Habs And Bruins Agree To Disagree

Montreal, normally a low-scoring team, scored six big ones against the Boston Bruins Wednesday night.

Unfortunately, the Boston Bruins scored eight.

That wasn’t a 2011 hockey game, it was a Habs-Bruins tilt from the 1970’s, a Habs-Nordiques battle from the 1980’s, a senior game from small-town Canada. It was scoring, hitting, and fighting throughout, including a weird goaltending disagreement between Carey Price and Tim Thomas and a lovely smack in David Krejci’s mug compliments of Benoit Pouliot.

It was old-time hockey with blood spilt. But the Habs lost a game which would have seen them catch the Bruins for the Northeast division lead and they didn’t get it done. With absolutely no help from Scott Gomez and Andre Kostitsyn who just couldn’t find it within themselves to play hard and give all they could give. I know what I’d like to give them. 

These two slugs were on the ice for four Boston goals before they rode the pine for most of the second half.

For some reason, and it wasn’t a full moon on this night, the goalies couldn’t stop the puck. And because it was a big game between two old rivals, with standings on the line and with Boston having lost the last five straight to the Habs, bad blood was the order of the day. Just like the old days.

If only the boys could’ve won this, I would have said it was an excellent night. But it wasn’t to be.

Have I mentioned that I despise the Boston Bruins?

Random Notes:

Finally it was heard out loud – Pierre McGuire said before the game that PK Subban has become a legitimate contender for Rookie of the Year.

Max Pacioretty had two goals, and the Wiz two assists.

Shots on goal – 34-33 Boston.

Next up – Thursday when the Islanders visit the Bell.

11 thoughts on “Habs And Bruins Agree To Disagree”

  1. After Price and Thomas “fought”, it seemed as though they were both like, “wait a minute… I don’t want to get hurt, and why would I want to fight you anyway? I only ever see you when we cross between periods”

  2. Yeah, Gillis. The goalie fight seemed silly. I wish Price would’ve nailed him about five in the chops for that skate down the ice.

  3. I am in Victoria and only caught the third period. What a weird game. Habs treading in dangerous water by playing the Bruins game. That is stupid. They need to be smarter and keep their cool Pyatt paid for it at the end. They could jeopardize their season by dumb games like this. This proves they need to get bigger or play smarter. Price pretty classy by what he didnt do to Thomas. He hit Thomas with an overhand right. One commentator says he ‘didn’t have a clue’ while fighting. What an idiotic comment. Price apparently is quite the athlete and obviously knows how to fight.

  4. But then again, this could be a team building exercise. This is the best time for the young guys to bond – in battle. I give the habs credit for showing the courage. They may have lost this battle but they have just faced the worse of the worse. Good for them. Now beat them with skill and speed next time. They have nothing to prove. The loss doesn’t feel so bad after a game like that.

  5. Mayo, when I heard that comment (from Craig Mactavish) I disagreed also. I thought Price handled the situation well and didn’t look lost like Mactavish said. I also enjoyed tremendously the Pouliot punch to Krecji. Is Pouliot a tough forward and just forgot tell us? I know people are going to say this game was ridiculous and all that, but except for the loss, I kind of enjoyed it. Hockey nowadays can be so predictable and so much the same every night. But this one harkened back to another time. It’s not something I want to see all the time, but I thought it was good to see two old rivals acting like two old rivals. Just wish the boys would’ve won.

  6. I’ll bet if someone would have told you that the Habs were going to score six goals agains the Bruins, with Price in our nets and Thomas in theirs, you would have assumed that we would win that game.
    It surely was one of the weirdest games ever.

    Because of my new shift I watched up until the Habs narrowed the gap to 6-5 and was full of joy and hope that we were going to defeat the Bruins. Only to have my hope snatched away soon after when the Bruins responded by making it 7-5.

    At that point I said: “Goodnight Irene.”

    A weird game to be sure. But it certainly was entertaining.

    Too bad Price’s stats took a beating as a result.

    Might as well file it and forget it.

    Next up — the Isles tonight and the Leafs on Saturday.

  7. Danno, you’re going to have to train yourself to get even less sleep so you can stay up for the entire game. Read a Buddhist book or something and train yourself to need about three hours sleep every night. That way you won’t miss the third period.
    The game was old time hockey for sure. Who would have thought that with Price and Thomas in nets there would be 14 goals scored. And I was surprised to see such a donnybrook. I thought Bettman had squeezed that right out of the game. I’ve decided to name the baby Little Benny Pouliot Lewis, just because he shocked me with his great right hand into the guy’s face. Maybe the team should look at making him an enforcer. He’s not scoring goals.

  8. It’s true. Sleep is over-rated. I can catch catnaps here and there to make up for my three hours of sleep. It’s a plan.

    The end of that third period was a dandy alright.

    After 60 minutes of hockey 180 minutes of penalties were served…


    Watching the action at the end of the game it occurs to me we could use a good man like Larry Robinson again.

  9. Dennis I watched parts of this game and after Boston scored the first, I knew it was over for us. You know that inkling most fans get? Yeah.

    In my opinion that goalie ‘fight’ was Carey and Timmy trying to take the attention away from their players. The fighting stopped after they took off. Had it been a serious fight Carey would have won since Thomas didn’t seem to have much balancing ability.

    But here’s the good news after a few days of digestion and reflection: the Bruins aren’t that big and bad. They just got crushed by the Red Wings. So I guess we can rest assured that they won’t be winning the Cup…as long as they play Detroit.

    And for what it’s worth, the Islanders had a huge win over the Pens so at least we were able to escape with a point.

    A win over the Leafs would help us mentally and prepare us for a surging Buffalo team. It would bring us closer to 5th place and 3rd. I think we should forget about trying to get the division lead. I mean it’s nice and you get home advantage in the playoffs but the way this team is playing, they should just stick to getting a spot between 4th and 8th. Just get a foot in the playoffs. And win against teams that are worse than you! No more losing to the Devils or the Thrashers or anyone below 6 in that conference table.

    I caught a Red Wings game the other day (the one against NYR) and I really had to wonder how you feel watching the Habs now. If they used to play with as much skill as the Wings do now (they were probably better though), I can understand if you feel frustrated or disappointed in the current team after watching years and years of beautiful playing. For me, I just hope they can make people happy by going to the playoffs and trying their best. You can call it blasphemy but I don’t think this team has it in them to win a Cup this year. It would be nice if they do, but really all I want is for them to try their best every game. It seems that some days that’s too much to ask. Well, of everyone except the goalies and Plekanec. The dude plays like 2 people but we need more people playing like him.

    For the sake of all Habs fans in Leafs nation, I hope the Habs win tomorrow.


  10. Habby, it’s shocking for me to say this. I’ve been alive for 18 of the 24 Stanley Cups won by the Habs. Although I was only three for one of them so I don’t remember it. And everyone tells me I look much younger than 60 and have a young spirit. In my mind I’m a rocker.
    It can be difficult after having been spoiled for so many years. Some of those teams would make Detroit look very ordinary. The five in a row from 1955 to 1960 had the Rocket, Beliveau, Harvey, Moore, Plante, Geoffrion, Pocket Rocket, Tom Johnson etc., all Hall of Famers. With Toe Blake behind the bench. And the teams of the late 1970’s when they won four straight might have been just as good as the 50’s teams.
    I miss this feeling very much and it’s frustrating to worry whether they’re even going to make the playoffs or not. It can be very sad. But I was proud of them last year in the playoffs and it reminded me then of the great feelings felt when they’re playing great. And wishing so much for a great team makes me upset and impatient when I see underachievers on the team underachieving.
    I miss something else too, almost as much as I miss a Cup-winner. I miss the Canadiens having a special player – a Lafleur or Beliveau or Rocket. I miss having this player that others talk about, that other teams would dearly love to have, one that we are so proud of. Like Crosby in Pittsburgh. It’s why I want PK to become special. He and Price are the only ones who have a shot at something like this and I’m hoping like crazy we get a superstar out of one of these two, or both. I also wish we had a French-Canadian 60-goal scorer, but I guess I shouldn’t wish for too much at once.
    It’s hard to see the Montreal Canadiens struggle. I think it breaks my heart. So this year, like every year, I wait for a Stanley Cup. The power of positive thinking.
    Thanks for your interesting-as-usual comments, Habby. Hope you have a great weekend.

  11. Dennis, comment #10 says it all. It’s like the silent prayer we say every day and you said it so beautifully. I think millions of Habs fans share your feelings. This team has to stop breaking our hearts.

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