Habs Almost….


Imagine how good it’s going to feel when they win a game!

Don’t forget, they set a record for most wins in regulation to start a season when they racked up nine straight, so that helps, right?

A goal by Montreal’s surprising Daniel Carr closed the gap, but the hometown Minnesota Wild held on for a 2-1 win as the Habs’ ridiculous slump continues. And Lucifer rubs his hands with glee at his incredibly nasty joke on us saintly Habs fans.

The Canadiens have lost a lot of games lately. No need to rehash numbers.

Good. This part done. Now a fresh regrouping until Boxing Day, when it’s on to Washington to play the really good Capitals.

And with the Christmas regrouping, and some serious shit from their wives, we’ll see a new team. An upset, fed up, dried up, beat up team that will rise from the wrath of their wives and kids and dogs and neighbours and grocery store clerks and destroy Ovechkin and crew and boot the Zamboni as they leave the building.

Starting soon, they’re gonna kick this slump in the nuts. And they’re gonna start scoring.

4 thoughts on “Habs Almost….”

  1. On the wonderful bright side of things I took my daughter Charlotte – she is 18 – to this game last night in Minneapolis. Her first ever Habs game! This is going to get expensive as she is already asking “where are we going next.”
    My thoughts from watching the game live…
    – a big shout out to the Wild team as they always allow a crush of Habs fans to take over the lower bowl near the Hans bench during warm ups. Not sure if all home teams allow visitor fans to do this – but it’s awesome !
    From my standpoint at the game…
    – no panic visible on players or coaches
    – Desharnais was kind enough to toss a few pucks to Habs fans during warm ups
    – Galchenyuk hustled his tail off all night.
    – Pacioretty is clearly consumed with his captain role trying to play hockey while shouldering the leadership role. He was very fortunate not to have been called or worse yet injured a Stars defenceman near the end of the game with a very obvious and deliberate knee on knee hit
    – I thought Eller and Plekanec were healthy scratches. They were that invisible folks
    – nerve wracking each time Tinordi touches the puck and is challenged by opposing forwards…but he held his own as the game went along
    – it took until 9:43 left in the game for a Habs player – in this case Plekanec – to finally give Condon a tap on the pads for making a good save. Very indicative of a team blaming the goalies…which is highly destructive
    – then there is PK Subban….world class talent but his showmanship is so difficult to accept sometimes.

  2. Pat – terrific recap. You were paying attention, that’s for sure. Interesting what you say about Max. But did he play well or look lazy? Too bad you didn’t see a better game and a win from the boys. Hopefully you guys had a great time anyway. In Vancouver they let Habs fans down close to watch the pre-game skate, and the first time Lucy was able to do this she was so amazed at seeing the team up close. Right now their confidence is probably shot. You saw them at the lowest they’ve been in years, but you also saw a team that, if they can get it together, can make a long run next spring. Thanks for your input. Great stuff.

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