Habs Almost Score!

The Canadiens were blanked 3-0 by the New York Islanders on a balmy Thursday night in Montreal, and although they lost for the eighth time in ten games this month, there were plenty of great things to rave about.

There was that time when one of their passes went tape to tape. That was a fine moment. I remember once when somebody outraced an Islander for the puck, which was awe-inspiring. And those few seconds when they seemed interested touched my heart.

They’ve only been shutout four times in these ten games, which of course is fantastic, and the new addition at centre, Homer de la Thorn, could very well be the missing piece of the puzzle!

So many great things indeed. They make my heart soar like a squealing, constipated seagull at the local dump.

Now the Leafs have to face our mean, lean machine on Saturday. It’s gonna be magnificent. Poor Leafs.

Hopefully we’ll see another tape to tape pass at least once, and at one point in the game I’m expecting somebody, Paul Byron probably, to outrace a guy in blue. And because they’re in Toronto, they could possibly look interested for at least a minute. Maybe two.

It’s all so darn exciting. Go Habs.



13 thoughts on “Habs Almost Score!”

  1. Right on Dra58, with Scotty’s philosophy the best defence is a great offense. Can’t score if we’re in our end all night,enough said!!

  2. Marc Bergevin is going to have to pull off a miracle to pull this team out of its funk. Too many players are not showing up any more. And that plaster Homer doll moves faster than Emelin and Weber did last night on that goal by Anders Lee. The coach might have been part of the problem, but there are many other issues that need to be dealt with. To lose on a night where Claude Julien is being honoured for his 1,000th game is just another example of the lack of character that has plagued the team.

  3. Complete lack of character, Danno. So many nights of boring hockey. It’s like a bunch of robots out there, on the ice and while being interviewed.

  4. Julien is a nice guy now….the players say so. I wonder when the lid will pop and the “nice guy” gives a “speech” to wake them up. Don’t think too many chins will be up right for long. Grow beards team, make for floor mops when Julien has some words.

  5. Same old same old . what’s there to say? take apart the whole nhl system which includes the media, rebuild from the bottom up. Close down the media who play along, and many in good faith honest people who think and believe they know what they’re doing. Habs and other Canadian teams are just showing how colonized hockey has become by big market capitalism. I know it sounds awful to say! but the money and the rest of the machinery has ruined it. It’s not just the Habs, but what’s happened to the sport. And that’s just starting withthe Habs. It’s happened across the board. Anyone who knows anything about the terrible awful bleak horrendous conditions hockey was played under and how the men of the earlier eras fought precisely against system of money above winning, understands what I am getting at. I’m not saying it’s only money nor to reduce the real achievements of the players on the ice over the decades, but in a sense it’s become a function of something rotten and foul, the stink of money. Forgive my cynicism. When Bobby Hull got his first million it was the peak in a sense of an era, when the players started making good money it was wonderful and necessary. However I think it’s become a merry go round. And it’s a damn shame cause good kids and young me and women are going out there giving it their all, and cups remain to be won but alas it won’t be in O canada not as long as the machinery of caps, and massive salaries dominates the market. God knows we all love the game and most of us love Carey Price but they’re talking about 10-11 million bucks a year in the next contract he’ll be getting if he stays with the Habs. Would that really motivate him to remain with a team that’s not going to win a cup? Or will he pack his bags and say ah screw it, I can get all kinds of money elsewhere and the cup and retain my sense of self respect as a goalie and athlete. What choice will he have if he’s a man who really wants greatness in hockey? And how on earth can this team make gold out of dust when the competition i.e. the money is limited. Otherwise it’d become like baseball and the disgusting millions guys there can
    ‘command.’ what bs! but it’s true, how can anyone any longer imagine Galchenyuk becoming the great player they all imagined? If he’s not great now he won’t be, at least I don’t tink so. The young man hasn’t got that in him.He’s not great in any true sense of the word anymore than Max is great. But they are good, damn good, and even better than that, and were money and prestige not the main motors pulling this boat along, I believe they and many other lesser athletes could and would pull off better results and win better games and even when they lose, they’d lose with something that used to be called honour and true pride of sportsmanship. Christ I don’t need to say or tell anyone how the greatest players did it all for almost nothing and even Gretzky was great in spite of the money but things were in that era not as rotten with capitalism, and believe you me I hate that word, as they are now. I have no real ideas about how this can change except by taking it apart and starting all over again. Back to the rink back to the game with a feeling strong enough to drive a player and his coach all the way and not barbecue one got fired and hired in the same week. The greatest athletes should be paid and well paid, but really the amounts being dished out now could feed families and nurture new players for decades. For Christ’s sake , and the cost of a game and the endless bullshit of having to listen to t he talking heads and the commentators and the radio, and the websites and this quiz and that prize and this code all of it has become really an uproarious bloody Roman circus. And that’s not too far off the mark, because players are still getting hurt badly and having their lives half broken, but for what? for having a wild card spot? for the pleasure of the media and fans? and not any real solid achievement in t he arena of sports? Think of Sawchuk and those guys and Roy and others, the roll call of hundreds of players, goalies, forwards, wingers and defencemen goes on and on from the totally unknown to the great and famous and legendary back one hundred years now and what’s it become a gaudy circus mostly about billions of dollars and arenas yes! a Roman bloody word. Go to the bell center like a robot and pay 10 bucks for coffee just for the cheapies! and having to listen the god awful clamor of crappy music! A shame a shame a sham a bloody shame! And then there’s twitter and the game there! and the various hundreds of followers all kissing the asses of some dumb ass that in real you’d laugh at! Big shotism! haahah Man, I wish I had a way to make it all real again for everybody , especially in Canada.We bloody invented hockey! My rant yes, but I do believe something has to be done, or hope something can be done to bring the game back down to earth, where winning and losing means something.

  6. PS I love your writing and your honest and I hope you keep it up and write some real satire because that’s what this blood fiasco of a scene needs, a great satirist to rip it apart. And I hope you become famous doing it and then get out there and tell all of these bloody suits and capitalist what’s the score. Regards from this very upset fan of true hockey and other sports but hockey above all. And long live Captain Beefheart! haahaha ‘I love ya big dummy quit asking why!’ ha a line from one of his songs in this instance meaning I love real fans and real hockey.

  7. And fk Tomas Vanek, he stank back then and he’s gonna do nothing if the ‘rent’ him! what a disgusting term! christ! can you picture renting Toe Blake, or Beliveau, or others, what a sham it’s become!

  8. Bill, there’s nothing I can add, but only to say what a fantastic rant you gave here. It’s all about money. Money, money, money. Can’t thank you enough for this terrific piece you’ve written here.

  9. They need to show some character, Peter. Hard to cheer for a team that so often looks to be only going through the motions.

  10. Christopher, it might take a completely new third and fourth line and a third pairing. And possibly a couple of heart transplants.

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