Habs Add An Older D-Man


The Habs have acquired veteran blueliner Mike Weaver from the Florida Panthers in exchange for a fifth round pick in the 2015 NHL draft.

Weaver, 35,  isn’t big at 5’10”, 183 lbs, and has seven goals, 79 assists and 213 penalty minutes in 586 career regular season games. He’s also suited up with Atlanta, Los Angeles, Vancouver and St. Louis.

So what does this mean?

I’ve no idea. Maybe the youngsters Beaulieu and Tinordi, or one of them at least, aren’t ready. Then there’s Drewiske gone, Markov staying or going, Murray carrying on for now, injuries that could happen in the stretch.

I’m not one to speculate. I’m usually wrong.

Regardless, it’s the old adage – you can never have enough defencemen.


12 thoughts on “Habs Add An Older D-Man”

  1. Well, I guess that we can plan out the Stanley Cup Parade now!

    Seriously, I’m not sure what, if anything, this does for the team. One of my friends speculated that this is a prelude to a Markov trade, but I’m not sold on that theory.

  2. We got Mike Weaver for practically nothing. But it is puzzling why Bergevin picked him up.

    Goalie trades!

    Ilya Bryzgalov and Roberto Luongo have been traded. Luongo is now a Panther and Bryzgalov is a Wild. This explains why Luongo sat out the horrid and wrongly-named Winter Classic.

    Maybe the Panthers got rid of Weaver to make room for Luongo’s contract.

    Price hasn’t played since the Olympics. I hope that doesn’t mean anything other than he’s still nursing a groin injury.

  3. Hopefully he can fill in as a second pairing defenceman, especially if Markov is traded. Even after getting rid of Diaz we still have way too many D fighting for that coveted seat in the pressbox, Murray, Bouillon, Drewiske, sometimes Emelin, Tinordi, Beaulieu and several others. Most of those barely made it in the bottom pairing. He doesn’t have to score, just keep the puck out of our zone and away from our net.

  4. Christopher, I don’t understand but maybe it’ll come clear shortly. I just want Beaulieu and Tinordi up as regulars and have a veteran to mentor them.

  5. M/B trades for Character players that remind him of himself. He is trying to reshape the team with all defenseman who are journeymen with character much like he was so when he watches the team play it is like reliving his playing days. Not trying to be mean just an observation. At least he is not mortgaging the farm yet and most of his trades have been expiring contracts so his plan is still in place. Draft well my friend.

  6. I too want Tinordi and Beaulieu as regulars. The problem is only one is on the team at a time and even then they only get a few minutes per game paired with Murray or Bouillon. I want to see Tinordi playing a major defensive role with Gorges and Beaulieu with Subban or Markov 5-on-5. He at least got some power play time because everyone else sucked.

  7. Maybe Weaver and Emelin can “horizontalize” some opposing puck carriers as they try cross our blueline!! That would be music to my ears.

  8. I want that too, Christopher. Them blending in with regulars. Bobby Orr said one of the reasons defencemen take longer to mature is because they’re not overly trusted when they’re rookies and so don’t get much ice time.

  9. Maybe he does prefer those guys who punch the clock, Dra58. It’s a valid point. Guys like that are as important as the flashier players. But hopefully he’s working on a mix of both. My dream is to see a league leader in goals and points. Another Lafleur. It would bring back some magic.

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