Habs ‘A’ Game Gets Lost On Way To Rink

This was the team with four losses in five games. The team with cap problems which on some nights was forced to ice less skaters than it should.

This was the team that shut out the Montreal Canadiens 3-0 on Thursday night.

My wife mentioned to me during this sad-fest that the Devils’ goalie was both lucky and good, and I explained that it was Martin Brodeur, a Montreal boy whose father Denis had been the Canadiens photographer for years, that young Martin had grown up a Habs fan, and he had plenty of family and friends in the stands watching once again as he did well against the good guys.

My wife then asked why he wasn’t playing for Montreal and I told her these players, when they’re young, don’t have a choice where they end up and he’s stayed in New Jersey, the team that picked him, for all of his long career. If they did have a choice, maybe Mario Lemieux would’ve been a Hab too.

It’s not fair, she added quietly.

But enough about the enemy. What about the Habs?

They didn’t bring their A game. Maybe their B game. Maybe even C. Was it too many days off (four and a half)? Could it be the Devils’ stifling system? I don’t know. The puck bounced around, passes missed the mark, pucks missed the New Jersey net, penalties disrupted any momentum.

Whatever you can think of is fine with me. It was probably all there. They had their chances to be sure but that’s where Martin Brodeur came in.

Whatever. We wait all week for this game and thud, it hits us like a safe dropped on our heads from a balcony.

Random Notes:

Montreal scorers were – the guy three rows up with the blond, the short fellow with the freckle-faced girl in the nosebleeds, the two brothers dating the top-heavy twins, the tall guy getting the redhead drunk in the luxury box, and maybe a thousand or so others scattered about. Other than that, there was no scoring on this night.

Shots on goal – 29-20 for the Habs.

Next up – in Ottawa where the Canadiens attempt to get their shit together.

8 thoughts on “Habs ‘A’ Game Gets Lost On Way To Rink”

  1. La troisième étoile, the turd star…. Carey Price!


    Now that the fans can pick the three stars on their phones or online could it be some of them are having some mischievous fun?


    I don’t blame Price for the loss. But giving him the third star is a bit of a joke.

    He was brilliant on some saves and stopped 17 shots. But of the three that got by him, two were soft.

    I don’t know what it means but the fans have spoken.

    And democracy is their new whoopy cushion.

  2. Sens will be out for blood come Saturday, especially in their own barn. Pity the Habs can’t seem to find any home ice advantage at the Bell.

    Meanwhile Marty, Theo, Jose and Jean-Sebastian all seem to find plenty of home ice advantage at the Bell. It’s my pet peeve of the day. I like to rotate them, so as not to get rusty.

    Glad I missed the last half of the game because of work. New Jersey Devils is a total joke for this team. New Jersey Turnpikes maybe.

  3. The Senators will have their 19 yr old prospect Lehner in net Saturday. He looked great in the preseaon as opposed to Elliot and Leclair.
    The Habs have the fact that Ottawa managemet really screwed up letting real D-men Sutton and Volchenkov go last year.. Their defense is a bit of a joke defensively speaking but they do have solid four lines
    not withstanding Spezza who I simply cannot figure out as many Ottawa fans cannot..

    p.s Leafs lose second in a row to Rangers this time … pathetic effort ..
    Oh well .. it was a good 4 win streak …

  4. Hi Danno, my thinking is the three stars shouldn’t be just a popularity contest but a true gauge of the top three of the night. But I guess it’s nice to get fans involved. I’m with you, Price didn’t have one of his better games. The whole team was off in one way or another. I guess at times they looked to be getting it together but geez, a shutout Guys like Gionta and Gomez have to get going, not to mention some others. That was a bummer of an evening for sure.

  5. Hi Tyg. The Turnpikes looked like Stanley Cup champions thanks to our guys. We were just off and I don’t know why. Can’t be the turkey, that was last week. Maybe it was the time off. But if they play like that often they’ll sink in the standings and even the Leafs will end up finishing higher. How embarrassing would that be? And basically, not enough of the guys are getting it done. There’s just way too many who haven’t punched the clock yet, not just last night but in six games so far. Thy’re definitely late for work and the boss should deduct from the pay cheques. But it’s still really early, although two points is two points. In general, you’re lucky you went to work.

  6. Leaf Fan, that sounds good about the young goalie and the depleted defence, but against Montreal this young goalie may end up looking like the world’s greatest and the defence will have their finest game. It’s tough being a Habs fan. And I suppose it’s tough being a Leafs fan too. Maybe we should take up cricket.

  7. It’s not fair. Brodeur lives to shut out the Canadiens in Montreal. Someone needs to pay his family in Montreal a visit and tell them enough already.

    Lehner did look good in his few minutes of action against the Habs. Although when Montreal starts misfiring, they can make a career backup/minor-league goalie like Michael Leighton look like Ken Dryden.

    A sign of how things have gone. Gorges is tied in points with Cammalleri for 3rd on the team ahead of Gionta.

  8. Hi Chris. I think slowly but surely all the guys will get it going and we’ll be able to relax and the beer will start tasting better. We demand perfection and that’s what I’ll be demanding of them when I own the team and you’re upper management.

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