Habbing Fun

From Ryan White’s Facebook page – him and the gang enjoying some pops.

A happy bunch, taken following Saturday’s game (I think).

Someone who was there overheard many of the wives and  girlfriends asking, “Where’s Dennis”?

(Addendum – Marjo’s right, it might not be after the Pens game because their mustaches are even more feeble than they are now).


10 thoughts on “Habbing Fun”

  1. You mean they went out after last night’s game? I was tired and went to bed– where do they get all that energy???

  2. Dear Marc Bergeron “Ask NOT what you can do for Dennis, BUT ask what Dennis can do FOR YOU!!” Sir , you will be surprised what the ‘ole coot–habs fan BEFORE your mother wiped your nose on her apron— would bring to the table , bench,the room AND The Bell! Just let him bring all his rouwdy buddies from the years to one home game a month and the passion will lites-out the other guys.

  3. They had every reason to be happy after the last three games. Let them enjoy themselves, and Montreal is certainly a great city in which to do so!

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