Hab Night In Cowtown

My son will be at the Habs-Flames game in Calgary tonight, and I’m glad he’s going. I did my best to teach him to be a strong and faithful Habs fan, and I feel I did my job.

We were at a game at the Saddledome in the early 1990’s and sat down low for the pre-game warmup, just beside the players’ walkway to the dressing room, and when Patrick Roy came off the ice, he gave his stick to a father and son right in front of us. I still haven’t forgiven Patrick for that.

I also can’t believe that tonight neither Mike Cammalleri nor Scott Gomez will be in their respective lineups. Talk about getting ripped off. All those paying customers, shelling out big bucks, and no Gomez and Cammalleri. It’s like seeing the Habs and Detroit in the 1950’s with Rocket Richard and Gordie Howe not playing.

Below is an ad from a 1981 Flames program, with the yet-to-be-built Saddledome. At that time the Flames were still in the old Corral, a place where I finally met and chatted with the Rocket at an oldtimers game in the early nineties. He was the referee that night, and he came out of the dressing room during intermission to say hello. Jimmy Mann had yelled at him that there was somebody out here who wanted to meet him – me. He was as friendly as can be, and truly one of the big moments in my life.


7 thoughts on “Hab Night In Cowtown”

  1. What a great memory – unfortunately despite my best efforts – my son is a Leaf fan. Habs could not compete with Sundin et al. Oh well – I love your stories.

  2. Man, it would have been nice to meet the Rocket. I know my uncle saw him all the time when delivering Cigars. He said he was a really nice guy. Nice change from some of the modern jerks we get now.

    The fine people may miss out on Gomez, but they will see the thrilling return of one Rene Bourque. I bet they’re all on the edge of their seats dying to see how many goals he scores tonight. My bet is 5. I couldn’t be wrong right?

  3. Darth, I think I have a photo in my scrapbook of the Rocket smoking a cigar. Maybe that cigar was delivered by your uncle.

  4. If the pic was taken in the 80s then I’m pretty sure it was him. Small world if it was.

    I think Price is injured. Oy, this season is a nightmare.

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