9 thoughts on “Hab Ads Part 2”

  1. Randy, I have one too! This is fantastic that another has cropped up. The picture on the program comes from me. Lynn Jones (remember him?) heard I had a Habs scrapbook and phoned and asked if I would have a picture of the Rocket that he could borrow. I said yes, he came over, and there it is!

  2. Wow, I had no idea you had a direct connection to that program! Very cool. I’ll have to mention that to Carol. I don’t remember Lynn Jones. But then, I don’t remember a lot from back then. 😀

  3. Randy, he must have used the same pen to sign those programs. He was running out of ink on mine, and the same thing on the one you sent.

  4. Good for you, Mayo! Always good when one finds something one loses. I’m still looking for several million brain cells.

  5. Randy, Lynn Jones (a slightly unusual name for a man) worked for the Packet and also refereed many games. I remember once when we had to stop the game and look around for his contact lens on the ice.

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