14 thoughts on “Hab A Habby Halloween”

  1. Well he makes a darned fine looking man! He’s also surprisingly good at hockey too. It’s just the goatee I think that’s wrong with this picture. If he wanted to really sell the look he should have dyed it red. Or just cut himself shaving.

  2. Tyg, after their last pre-season game in Quebec City (against the Isles) the team spent some quality time together at a retreat in Quebec’s beautiful Charlevoix region. That would have been around Oct. 3rd to 5th.

    I’m guessing the costumes were part of a team-building exercise at the retreat.

    Or maybe that’s the just way they dress on their days off.

    That’s perfectly fine by me.

    I wonder if Plekanec sang “I’m a Lumberjack and I’m Okay”?

  3. I’m hoping he busted out “Sweet Transvestite” instead! Transylvania must be kinda close to the Czech Republic after all… Maybe he’s a distant cousin to Frank-N-Furter!

  4. Danny, I swore years ago that I’d never dress up again for Halloween after a traumatic experience when I went to a Halloween party and I was the only one in costume. I said never again and I’ve stuck to it.

  5. What on earth kind of halloween party is costume-free?!? I don’t blame you one bit though, that must have been thoroughly uncomfortable. And I’m guessing that Murphy’s Law must have ensured that it was something sufficiently complex or distinct that there was no pulling back from being clearly costumed!

  6. in toronto children in school are not allowed to call halloween, halloween for fear of ofending some ones religious and cultural beliefs. it is called black and orange day which is very offensive to habs fans. no costumes that are scary or imply violence ie. fake blood, or long flowing costumes are allowed………… perhaps you were invited to a politically correct party in which case you should be proud to have dressed appropriately.

  7. Hobo, I find that quite ridiculous in Toronto. It was okay for a hundreds of years to be called Halloween but not now. C’mon Toronto, don’t be silly.

  8. Dennis, I was in the fine city of Salem, MA on October 30th and attending a Halloween party at a famous hotel. While in line with 900 other revelers, I look up and saw a Habs fan with official jersey.

    Tears would have sprung to your eyes knowing Habs mania is all around us.

    Me, I was a gypsy for the night.

  9. Cool story, Diane. Did you start up a conversation? Maybe asked why Gionta isn’t scoring? And you…a gypsy. Would’ve liked to have seen that. Do you live in Salem or Boston?

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