6 thoughts on “Guy’s Swollen Feet”

  1. Not as good as the Viagra ad though.

    What I need is a wallet booster since the holidays really did a number.

  2. Darth, you could always try smuggling of some sort but some people frown on it. Probably excellent money though.

  3. It didn’t show up? Damn UPS! They’re going to hear about this I can assure you.

    Ok fine – I’ll send you the models from the Victoria’s Secret Catalogue to keep you occupied until the car shows up. UPS told me that Gomez would deliver it right away since he promised that he’d be more on target this year than last. I refuse to be believe he missed your town – that’s as silly as thinking he’d miss a wide open net.

  4. DK, I wonder if Guy uses it also to sooth his swollen member after ingesting Viagra???
    Happy New Year to ALL who visit this site!!

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