Guy Will Not Be Doing Hard Time


Guy Lafleur will not be going to prison Guy Lafleur Beats The Rap.
He will not be going to Kingston Penitentiary, Dorchester, Gravenhurst, San Quentin, Sing Sing, or Guantanamo Bay. He may at some point visit Alcatraz with his wife. He won’t wear a black and white striped suit with a little striped hat, or a gaudy orange ensemble with shaved head. Tattos? Nope.
Guy got off with a suspended sentence, a hundred dollar fine, and $10,000 to charity.
So that’s over with. One less horror story from a year that ended with a thud when the Canadiens were swept by Boston. Now it’s coach in place and the Lafleur thing done. Now it’s the selling of the club, free agents, and improving the mediocre defence by adding Jay Bouwmeester.

Little by little the team, with a little help from us, will right this good ship Canadiens.

8 thoughts on “Guy Will Not Be Doing Hard Time”

  1. Actually, it made me laugh, because I’m originally from Attica NY, home of the Attica State Prison riot in 1971. My mom and I travel for 2 days to get to NB and what do we see? A freakin’ prison. LOL

  2. Dennis,

    I heard Lafleur is appealing his sentence, im just curious if you know anything more on that.

  3. He’s not a criminal. He just makes some bad decisions, especially with his mouth. We don’t want Flower in the crowbar hotel.

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