Guy Lafleur Was A Stand-Up Guy

Remember a few years back when Guy Lafleur was a spokesman for Viagra?


Lafleur was an excellent choice for this role. He never had any trouble getting it up. He would burst down the right side, make the goalie scramble like some kind of panicky bug, then simply raise it up over the top.


He was tremendous at getting up for the game, rarely fired blanks, and always played hard.


He was a guy who walked softly but carried a big stick. When needed, he would simply rise to the occasion, and instead of always firing the big shot, could also have great wrist action.


Sometimes Lafleur would sulk because he couldn’t get a raise, felt he wasn’t loved and was getting the shaft, and would say things like nobody was going to screw him.


He would threaten to not perform, basically telling his team, “Not tonight, dear, I’ve got a headache.”


But in the end, this legend would always come through magnificently. And being a hard-core smoker throughout most of his career, you can be sure he enjoyed a nice smoke after an evening of using his stick.


He was a hard man to keep down, and was definitely no softy.


He was an excellent choice for Viagra.

4 thoughts on “Guy Lafleur Was A Stand-Up Guy”

  1. Guy Lafleur was my favourite player as a kid playing for the Habs.
    Funny how I met him about 12 years ago for the first time in Hamilton Ontario at a charity function. I sat with him and we enjoyed cognac and DuMaurier cigarettes together! We both had the same taste!
    Now I’ll drink cognac but the smoking habit I stopped many years ago. I hope Guy quit the habit as well!
    A true gentleman and ambassador!

  2. DK,

    Ginseng has been the `rage’ for a loooong time – ask the traditional Chinese healers.

    Yeah, Lafleur was/is a class act. He was a great player because he didn’t get intimidated by the hockey `trolls’. Ironically (& sadly) he’s put his head on the block for a Troll.

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