Guy Lafleur Not Headed To The Big House

The Flower has dodged a bullet after the Quebec Court of Appeals decided he meant well when he helped son Mark break curfew a few times by driving the young man to a hotel to see his girlfriend. Guy failed to mention these hotel details and was charged with giving contradictory testimony at Mark’s sexual assault and forcible confinement trial.

Guy could have spent up to 14 years in the slammer for this but instead was ordered to donate $10,000 to a drug rehab centre and pay a hundred dollar fine.

So all’s well with the Flower. Just hoping his son is getting his shit together.

Chalk this one up to serious bad judgement by number 10. From now on, the only time we want to see Guy Lafleur’s name in the news is when he’s criticizing the Habs.

13 thoughts on “Guy Lafleur Not Headed To The Big House”

  1. Dennis, was justice blind or was Guy given preferential treatment because of his being a hockey star?
    Would another father who was an ordinary Joe have gotten the same verdict after breaking the law, even if it was done out of love for his son?
    I just wonder about these things…

  2. Hi Danno. I doubt very much that you or I would’ve gotten off so lightly. The Court people must be Habs or Nordiques fans. But having said this, I’m really happy he did get off. I can’t imagine him in prison, he’s not a criminal, but he made some bad mistakes. I don’t think Flower would ever be mistaken for Einstein.

  3. Danno I agree with you also. I posted about this when the story first broke, at that time I felt in noway could his wife have condoned this cover up ! I to am glad he’s not going to jail but we sure seem to have a two tierd justice system!!
    Cheers from the East!!!!

  4. Don’t get me wrong ’cause I love The Flower as much as the next Habs fan. I’ve seen him play when I visited the Old Forum as a kid, and BTW the first one to make a crack about my age gets a voodoo doll trophy that I promise to torture incessantly. I just wonder how suddenly ignorance of the law is an acceptable justification for breaking it. I do smell favoritism and it stinks. He should have gotten some minor jail time, which the court could have suspended, and perhaps a fine or some community service. And there’s my 2 cents entirely unsolicited and uneducated legal opinion.

  5. Thanks Tyg and Mike. It is favouritism, or it sure seems like it. I like the idea of suspended jail time or something like that, or community service would’ve been good. I think his kid has been big-time trouble for him and Guy made some blunders for sure. Even a several hundred thousand dollar fine would have been fine. I just didn’t want him behind bars, that’s all.

  6. it’s a simple case of a father protecting his baby, a perfectly natural thing to do. we don’t have a 2 tier justice system we have a multi tier system. a system where someone can cut the head off an innocent person on a bus and go virtually unpunished. # 10 is not a criminal and should not be punished as one.

  7. Hey Dennis, Well even though I’m from the same town as Guy,I’m not impressed with his actions on this one.I know that you can have concern for your son or daughter at times but to lie and cover up is not right.I idolized Guy as soon as he came into the league,but he should still be subject to whatever the other guy would get for doing what he did.

  8. Does this mean that he is no longer even required to pay his fines? I can’t believe the incompetence of these judges. I hope they have teenage kids to use Guy’s argument. “It’s OK Dad that I was out all night with my girlfriend. I was obeying my curfew while at the party.”

    I agreed that he didn’t deserve jail time. Prisons are for criminals, not for people making stupid mistakes. But he still knew what he was doing was wrong when he helped his son break his curfew and when he lied in court to cover it up.

  9. Hobo, are you saying it’s ok to lie in court about your childs breaching of bail, &knowing full well your not providing a truthfull answer to a prosicutors question. Guy’s son is not a baby he’s well into his 20’s!

  10. mike

    no. i don’t condone what he did. to me what he did does not constitute a criminal act. all this talk about jail, suspended or not is bullshit. yes he lied, he didn’t hurt anyone, he didn’t even steal. on one hand everyone is happy he didn’t do time because he is our hero but are not happy because we think he is privileged and should receive harsher punishment. that’s a contradiction. that is allowing him the same privilege the courts are accused of giving him. we’re concerned about what the “other guy” as in regular schmucks like us would get. i suggest the “other guy” is sitting on a tropical island living like a queen waiting to get a full pardon for committing one of the most disgusting, heinous crimes this country has ever witnessed, the abduction, rape, torture and murder of two little girls…. no privilege there….. it is all comparable. for her to get the criminally lenient sentence she got for what she did, the flower should get a $5 dollar ticket…………….. it is a flawed system……. remember, make your money first so you can afford the privilege of breaking the law

    so how are you doing mike

  11. Hobo, I can see you agree with me up to a point & I also can agree with you up to a point. I guess enough said on this unfortunate incident. Doing well & hope your big project is moving closer to a forseeable end! Still trying to find time to get out your way,talk soon!
    Mike—Les Canadiens Sont La !!!!

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