5 thoughts on “Guy Lafleur Enters The Three-Ring Circus”

  1. Hi Dennis

    Just wanted to let you know that I do read your page sometimes…but I don’t know anything about hockey and have nothing relevant to comment…ever!!

    🙂 Megan

  2. Geez, you would think with all his legal problems, Lafleur would deem it judicious (pun intended) to shut up his pie hole for just this once.

  3. When I was a kid I loved Lafleur, but ever since he retired whenever there was some kind of controversy you could count on Lafleur to wade in with his “Hey listen to me I am the Flower and I know so much and is that camera on?” I’m not surprised he sides with Kovy and Rails against Carbo. He relates to Kovalev because they are both artists and can not relate to Carbo because he was a foot soldier who sacrificed to win. Guy Lafleur you were a great player but try to follow the example of Cournoyer and Belliveau and show some class.

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