Gut-Wrencher At The Bell

It didn’t go exactly as planned.

A Habs-Leafs barnburner to be sure, but three or four things soured the occasion. Oh, the agony and ecstacy of watching your favourite team.

George Parros, in his first game as Habs enforcer, lost his balance while tangling with Colton Orr, his face smashed to the ice, and it was the gut-wrenching sight of the stretcher coming onto the scene.

George has been taken to hospital and now we wait to hear.

Another thing that kicks a good Habs fan in the gut is the fact that the team lost the home opener to those despicable Buds, a 4-3 heart stopper that saw the Canadiens play reasonably well, including Carey Price, who may have faltered a tad on some plays but overall was fine.

But the old gut first took a boot when Max hurt his wrist, had it taped up and came back, but we don’t know for sure how he really is. All we need is for our guy to endure wrist problems over a length of time. He’s one of our top guns. We need him locked and loaded.

And Andrei Markov lost the puck in the opening seconds of a Habs’ power play, the Leafs’ Tyler Bozak burst in on Price, and presto, the blue guys had a 3-2 lead. It’s not something I was going to dwell on. The talk will be about how Markov is slower now, and I was going to defend him and say most defensemen get slower when they’re older and they get by on smarts instead. They’ve been doing it for a hundred years.

But then I checked and saw he’s only 34 so he has no excuse. How come you’re slower, Markov?

Lars Eller isn’t slower. He was outstanding on this night with two goals and an assist and was a dangerous Dane all evening. And linemates Gallagher and Galchenyuk showed flash as well.

There were fights throughout, with Parros and Orr into it for the first time in the second frame, followed by a Moen-Fraser card, and in the third, Jarred Tinordi walloped Carter Ashton. And near the end, Brandon Prust and Fraser got into it.

But the second Parros-Orr encounter came just seconds after the Tinordi-Ashton clash, followed by the stretcher, and we wait.

A glorious night sunk like a hitting of an iceberg. Fun and frolic until disaster struck.

It’s going to be quite a season.

Random Notes:

Toronto outshot Montreal 38-37.

Next up for the Habs – Saturday, when the Flyers show up.


12 thoughts on “Gut-Wrencher At The Bell”

  1. Being a “glass is half empty” kind of guy, I was very disheartened by the game, except for the play of Eller, who was an absolute beast last night. Carey Price played very well in the first period; after that, well, meh. The short-handed breakaway goal was one I’m sure that he’d love to have back (bottom line: he did nothing to silence his many doubters), as would Andrei Markov, who looked like he was 44, not 34. The injuries to MaxPac and Parros were frightening, in very different ways, obviously. The number one concern is to make sure that Parros is okay. It says something that even his longtime antagonist, Colton Orr, looked scared and immediately began signalling for medical attention. Early reports are that he has a concussion, which is no surprise, though the severity has not been determined as of yet. The MaxPac injury is frightening in a different way, because a wrist injury for a sniper is a bad, bad thing. It can linger.

    Ultimately, this was certainly not an auspicious start to the season.

  2. Price didn’t do a lot on that shorthanded goal for sure. But for me, I compare him every night to his games last spring and so it was okay last night. Just a few things here and there that I wasn’t crazy about. You’re absolutely right about how a wrist injury can linger and that’s what I kept thinking when I saw Max taped up and later on grimacing. As for George, what a horrible way to start a new life with a new team. I thought we were going good and I was happy until a number of things took place, then it all changed. Being a Habs fan can be a very trying experience.

  3. Even worse, Parros’ kids were at the game. Can you imagine having to see your father carted off the ice like that?

  4. What a downer to watch a game riddled with that amount of fighting. Even before Parros dropped to the ice, this UFC show was not why I turned on the TV. And we still have Boston and Ottawa to face up to.

    You know what broke my heart the most? Watching Moen fight. He knows like we do that he had to step it up this season and play the role he didn’t play last season. He has a few more years in him and then he’s done. Travis has a baby (maybe a toddler now) and another young kid at home. Is it worth having your brains spilled on the ice? All this fighting for what? To not enjoy your family when you retire at the young age of 38?

    I’d really love to watch a hockey game someday. The kind of hockey that was hinted to us last night with the EGG line. The Golden EGG line. Now that’s hockey. However, it appears to be the trailer now instead of the movie.

    So goodbye Parros, Murray and maybe Max. And it’s October 2nd.

  5. Am I alone in thinking this was not just an unfortunate accident?

    Watching the replay it appears to me that Colton Orr had a hold on George Parros and as he was going down Orr flipped Parros over his body and onto the ice in a martial-arts style move.

    I just hope George is going to be OK soon. We’ve had enough of these gut-wrenching incidents and I hope this is the last one.

  6. Something has to be done about this goon fighting in the league….I know my Leafs have Carlyle as coach and he plays 2 goons on the fourth line. This all came about for the Leafs 3 years ago when the Leafs coached under a run and gun coach like Ron Wilson was being brutally physically beaten up by the Bruins when we went into Boston. With a good PK Bruins are able to get away with this Lucic, Marchand ,Thorton dirty crap hockey….
    Now LA,St Louis,Leafs and even your Habs have had had to goon up on the fourth line….

    Thank god for the Hawks and the Red Wings and their clean winning style…

    I did enjoy the resulting score last night Habby fans ..hope Parros is ok

    Here’s to a long fun season ……..

  7. I loved our energy in the first. Eller looked amazing and he should be on the first line, not DD. The EGG Line is going to be fun to watch for sure.

    I feel so bad for Parros. I had flashbacks of Max watching that. I do wish the Bell Centre would announce to the crowd what’s going on. Those people sitting there probably didn’t know what was going on (heck, I remember most of us thinking Max might be dead that night!)

  8. Besides the play of the kids, for me the highlight of the night was the opening ceremony. Chicago may have been able to bring out the Cup, but Montreal still had a better opening. The Canadiens are by far the best when it comes to celebrations, even just celebrating the upcoming season.

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